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Pontypool, Torfaen, Wales

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First and only strip club I have been to was in Blackpool for my brother's birthday. I found it awful. The girl taking her clothes off was gorgeous but having a bunch of other guys around (all of them a lot drunker than I) all baying and whooping made it so embarrassing I just couldn't wait for it to end. The club itself was sleazy but nowhere near as bad I thought it was going to be (my mind is stuck in the 80's and what strip bars looked like back then). Having a pretty woman gyrating and undressing for me is a damn fine way to spend one's time, but having to pay for the privilege and then having a mob of drunken wankers screaming in your ear just ruins the experience.

Don't look at their eyes. I'm serious, don't do it. Also, if possible don't look at any other erm... "customers". It will creep you out.

I remember walking through Amsterdam (I wasn't even in a club) and some guy kept staring a woman dancing behind a glass cage (or something like that) and he was LIKING HIS TEETH. Seriously, like a horny cartoon character. Bah.

Went to Amsterdam when I was eighteen. I recall the whole red light district feeling sticky underfoot. My overactive imagination went to town

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Deepest and most heartfelt condolences to his family and friends. Never had the privilege of meeting the man but his wit and passion reached through his work and made it special. I recall the Space Marine quick view where he (hoping to God it was Ryan Davies thinking about it) shouted "Its British as shit, I love it!" which made me laugh like hell. Then there was the quick look for a Halloween dlc for a train simulator which was quite possibly the funniest thing I have ever seen and heard.

If I had the time and ability I'd make a video of Ryan Davies with Stan Bush's classic You got the Touch playing. Yes, he was that good.

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$14.99? What's that in pounds? £11, £12? I bought this a few months ago for £24.99 so that is a good price for what I found to be a fun game. I liked the freedom of choice for your character's development, I liked the world and the story behind it and I found the dialogue more interesting and less wooden and stilted than it was on Star Wars the Old Republic (which was odd because that was one if its biggest selling points). It fell into the same problems I have with all mmo's, a lot of the content I cannot do because I can rarely find groups at the times I play. After Age of Conan I was so negative toward Funcom that it took city of heroes shutting down and my apathy toward doing anything on Eve online to try the Secret World, but I was glad I did and managed to get a few other people into it. I go back and play it for a few days every now and then and I encourage anyone who wants to try something different to give the Secret World a go.

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Ever since the closure was announced I've only been on once, and that was for half an hour during which i got pretty bummed up that the game was doomed. I would love to log in to see it through to the final moments but god damn it, i will just be too upset. It was fun, got me through some pretty shit times and will remain one of my favourite games ever and in my top 2 mmo's (right up there with star wars galaxies). Now I honestly don't think I'll bother with another mmo. But I'm glad that folks are going to give it the send off it deserves

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I've been playing this game for six and a half years and its one of my favorites. Its easy, not demanding for a casual player like, has one of the best character creation systems, there's a lot of freedom and honestly one of the best communities I've encountered in an mmo as well as having an interesting and fun world to play in. I used to play it every day (time and job dependent) but since that annoucement at the end of August, I've been on there once and got so bummed out I couldn't bring myself to stay on. I said my goodbyes to the supergroup I had joined and gave a heartfelt speech in the general chat that incredibly no-one mocked or criticized. And that is what made city of heroes so special; its players. I truly loved this game and the time I spent on there, I love my characters (my superman rip-off mainly) and played regularly with a lot of good people. What was amazing was that so many players expressed not just sadness at their game being shut down but grief for the developers too who had put so much time and effort into making the game what it was.

From what I understood, Paragon Studios had a lot of ideas in the pipe-line and there always seemed plenty of players on when I was on, so it seemed incredible that NCsoft would shut the studio down and kill the game. When they announced its closure I couldn't believe it at first, then disbelief turned to sadness that it was going. I won't be logging in on the final day as it will just be too damn sad.

So yes, I will miss city of heroes and quite honestly NCsoft can go fuck themselves as I will never play another one of their games.

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Nice work. Felt really bummed out when I found out about this game, read up all I could about it and then discovered it had been cancelled years before. Keep hoping it gets developed

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Loved the story of Dragon Age Origins, did not like one little bit the gameplay. Prefered the gameplay of dragon age 2 over the story. So a happy blending of the two would be nice.

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When I first heard about this game I was so damn excited about it. Then as more and more information came out regarding it I began to lose interest. I played the beta and that confirmed my concerns about just everything so I just sort of gave up on it. But if its free to play then I may just get it. I liked the story part of the game so I may just buy it to play through the sith inquisitor, warrior and bounty hunter story-lines and treat it like a single-players as much as I can. Honestly, I, and it seems a lot of others, just wish they had done a third knights of the old republic game

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Damn. I don't like mmo's so this news does annoy me somewhat. On the plus side I guess I can save a bit of money not playing it. Like star wars the old republic. The thing I like about the elder scrolls series is the freedom and the fact that in this big world, I'm the hero and I don't have to bloody team up with people to do anything. I can do what i damn well want. Pretty sure an mmo would take all that away and charge me extra for the privalege.

I remember not long ago someone anncouning they had no intention of a multi-player elder scrolls game. Then I heard someone say it was. Not its confirmed. Booooo!