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Try and download, system locks up.

Try and download, store shuts down.

Try and download, system locks up.

Guess I shoulda just bought a box.

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According to PSN it's releasing at 12 am.


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A-mazing. SO much better. Plus I have the horrible memory for what level I'm on and having a reminder is fantastic.

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Vinny drifting between actually good advice and misdirection is my favorite part of this feature.

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Sure, I've been giving the daily challenge a go lately but don't have anyone to compare against.


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It's updating alot becuase there have been quite a few updates rolling out the last few days. You can look here for details on what they're doing.

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I think it would have been terrible either way, but Joel made it into the horror show it was, and for the first time I actually watched the VGA's all the way through. So a win for them I guess.

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Sure, I'd like to try out some of the friend stuff. PM's fine too.

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