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Of course! How else could I possibly patch my copy of Dink Smallwood. I'm pretty sure that's the only time I ever used a floppy disk though. Least as far as I can remember.

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I didn't even think about the fact that there might be a choice, considering how you don't really run into non-combatants in a combat situation at any other point. So I shot them all.

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Nope. Never used to and I especially don't like to now, what with the wiring on my power button going out and requiring me to reach inside the computer and touch two connections together with a screwdriver every time I want to turn it back on.

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Picked it up, but I owned a few of the games so heres free games for those who want 'em.


Capsized- FEL5H-AR0FV-LZK06

Little Inferno- VBTFE-TJXFV-2WVJW

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Holy shit! Yeah, it just opened itself up twice. weird.

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@mattyftm: Yeah, super weird and awesome. I just spent an hour exploring a destroyed Japanese elementary school. Everything from the bathroom to the gym was mapped, after guessing I looked up the location on google maps, apparently it was a school that was hit by the tsunami.

Nakahama Elementary School, Kune-22-2 Sakamoto, Yamamoto-chō, Watari-gun, Miyagi-ken, Japan - is the adress if anyone's curious.

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That's pretty awesome. Playing with it now. What is up with google street view though? Did they drive inside this weird old abandoned building, because it's basically just an adventure game now, where I'm able to explore every room inside this place.

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Is there any reason why someone SHOULDN'T charge for content they create? It's their voices, their time, they should be able to charge for something they are putting effort into, if they think they can. It's not greed, its business. They make it, you want it, so they ask to be compensated.

Just as a note I have zero interest in the product and am not donating. It's really just that simple.

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Agreed. This site does not have enough bird noises. Nor does it have enough horse bag or wizzzaaaaAAaaaard.

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I like the Gamespot guys and don't mind the two sites getting together, it's just... it feels repetitive. I don't know that I'm interested in seeing Defiance on the Wednesday show and then also the quick look. It's kinda weird.

I know, of course, I don't have to consume both pieces of content, but I'm crazy and tend to watch everything Giant Bomb puts out.