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Thanks you sir, that worked for me.
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Damn you Microsoft let me give you your SpaceBucks!

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The fact that I only realized that Wolfenstein was coming out (Or is out?) after seeing the contest video is a testament to how terribly this game is being marketed. Couldn't be less interested.

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You could always just rent it.

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No thanks. I come here for the staff of Giant Bomb. I can read blogs or the forums for the communities opinion.

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Ability to manually control party members? Sold.

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Sorry, you're going to have to speak louder. Their ears are stuffed with your money.

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I'll probably buy something when there's stuff that interests me. Like a pet zombie. Or a chainsaw. Or both and they can interact together.

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Rebel FM
Listen UP (If you can stand Garnett Lee)
Destructoid's Podtoid
Joytiqs Podcast
CAG Cast (If you aren't easily disgusted/ dislike random pointless stories.)
Drunken Gamers Radio- Cannot recommend this one highly enough.
Gamers with Jobs Conference Call
Gamesradar Podcast
Idle Thumbs Podcast
IGN's Podcasts - Three Red Lights/ Podcast Beyond/ Game SCOOP 
There's got to be something you'll enjoy in there.

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Thread has about as much of a point as the Bombcast Waiting Room thread. 
Also, ='[ every time the ER is late I realize I'm far too addicted to it and I'll go into a deep depression when it's over.