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This only happened once to me, when I was middle school. While a couple friends and I were jumping on a trampoline, limbs got tangled up and one of us took a hard punch to the face. Sadly, tempers flared and we kidnap went at it for a minute before storming off in a huff. Things were never the same after that. It was a stupid thing to break a friendship on, our egos preventing us from apologizing, but that's how it happened. It taught me a valuable lesson, though: always be willing to apologize, as oftentimes the other person will be willing to as well.

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I really like my Astro A40s and the A50s are essentially the same model, but wireless, and work on the PS4. It may be a bit too pricey, though, at $300.

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Having not played this game, I think it goes just over the line between pandering and humorous. It's obviously trying to be funny--it's just trying way too hard and failing, outside of being really absurd. I can understand the appeal, I guess, but...

Of course, the combat is SUPER BORING, so I don't have to play it anyway!

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Great write-up! I am a huge fan of this game and have been playing disgusting amounts of it since it came out on Vita. I didn't care much for many of the songs when I started playing, but most of them have grown on me (I still HATE Rin-Chan Now!). If you haven't picked up the bonus pack, I highly recommend it as it contains my favorite songs in the entire game (although it also contains that aforementioned terrible song).

I found it interesting that you already trained yourself to alternate sides for strings of buttons. I didn't find that I needed to do that for any of the songs in Hard, a difficulty which rarely threw more than two notes rapidly together at a time. Your technique is one that seems absolutely necessary on some of the harder songs on Extreme, where you will get four or five rapid presses that are nearly impossible without it. Maybe your foresight has made the transition to Extreme easier?

I am extremely pumped for the next game. If you haven't watched the vid containing all the new songs for it, I suggest you do. It seems like the selection of songs is even better than the first game's.

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@demoskinos: I would love to, but my ISP holds this future back with its bandwidth caps. I can't download 50 GB+ games anymore.

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...and now the wait for the Android version, since I have no iPad.

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I'd paste my Speedtest results, but it's giving me really slow numbers right now for some reason.

Living in Central Iowa, I get 20/3 with my package, with a cap of 350 GB a month (a new addition that has me super-pissed). I think this is actually a bit higher than advertised, but I don't know exactly what package we're paying for (as I don't pay for the Internet where I live). I think what we pay is a little high but certainly not gouging. If the cap weren't part of the package, I think it would be okay.

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I'm just solving that issue by playing Diablo II for the first time. Works for me.

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@onimonkii: That AKMU song is pretty great. I kinda wish it was just the girl's voice, though.

Been a slow couple of weeks in KPOP (at least, in my opinion), but I have a couple things to post.

It's that time of year again--cherry blossom season. Apparently, it's a big thing in Korea too (?); therefore, High4 and (guest) IU bring us Not Spring, Love, Or Cherry Blossoms. This song is really just okay, with some excellent vocals from IU and some less excellent ones from the others. The main appeal of this video is that IU has never been cuter than she is in this video. It's enough to make your teeth rot and your heart clench in your chest.

As a (usually) non-fan of male KPOP singers in general, I was surprised by how much I like Eric Nam's Ooh Ooh. It opens strong with a great bass line--before transitioning into a somewhat plain song for the remainder of its length. Something about the beat is impossible to get out of my head, and the chorus is simply catchy. Maybe it's just the drought of other releases this week, but I really enjoyed it.

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You mean Endless Space?