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@arbitrarywater: You should play Nier. You should read a Let's Play of the first Drakengard.

From the little I played of Drakengard, I tend to agree. The story beats in the original Drakengard are crazy and worth hearing about, but that game is pretty rough by today's standards. I would also say that about Nier, though. I HATED the way Nier played and had to lean pretty heavily on my desire to see the story firsthand to actually finish it.

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@hailinel: I don't know if I would say a lot of thought but certainly a lot of words! If anything, it just gave me a chance to talk some more about Drakengard 3, a game I feel too many people will ignore because of its issues--or just because they've never heard of it.

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Win 8.1 is fine. Aside from some file associations and the SkyDrive stuff, I didn't need to make any changes to be happy with it. I don't even use the "better" Start menu, because it really doesn't matter.

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@random45: Yes, $50 for the expansion. The final zone, Tanaan Jungle, isn't going to be fully complete by launch and a previously teased zone called Farahlon won't be in at all. There will be eight dungeons at launch (down from nine in last xpac), with one of them being a redone UBRS. Blizzard has promised more dungeons this time, instead of going an entire expansion without adding any like with Mists. The flying thing is because they want to prevent players from flying over everything and to actually "experience" the new content. They may add flying later, they've said, but it won't be in at launch.

The common theory is that this wasn't what they had originally planned. Some believe that the half-finished expansion (coming after this one?) was put on hold and this was made in its place for the sake of training some of the people planned to work on Titan. Of course, that could all be conspiracy theories.

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@wemibelec90: Whats so bad about WoD? It seems pretty cool.

Fewer dungeons at launch than even MoP, two zones that won't be finished before launch, many defining abilities for each class being taken away to remove "action bar bloat," no flying whatsoever (at least, that was the last thing I'd heard), a retread of areas from a previous expansion (likely redone, but still feels lazy), and all for an increased price of $50. I would also assume, based on past experience from previous expansions, an increasing trend towards dumbing down all non-endgame content to funnel people there and a large number of max-level dailies--which are the most boring content imaginable--that are crucial to success in endgame.

I'm sure it will all end up being a decent expansion in the end. Hell, I even expect I will end up playing it at some point, just out of curiosity. It's just that I, like many past players, have a very particular era of the game that they hold most dear with a particular feeling to the content that will never be recaptured.

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I guess I must be one of those crazy people who play with minimal addons. I use the default action bars along with ButtonForge as a supplement. DBM and Recount for raiding. That's it.

I did too when I played, even for some relatively intense PvP play and moderately hardcore raiding. Never really liked mods for or felt the need to edit my actionbars, unitframes, or cooldown timers. I just used TitanPanel for some extra info, OneBag for a (MUCH) better inventory, Recount and Omen for raid stuffs, and DBM for countdowns and raid warnings.

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Played them both, really enjoyed them, don't really feel the need to play them again.

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I would also recommend a bag mod (such as OneBag) to get rid of the terrible default bag system. I want all my inventory in one window and you should too.

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I would have to estimate, as I've deleted a lot of characters (even some max-level ones), but I have always guessed somewhere around 5000 hours. I hopped characters a lot, so even my most-played character (a hunter) never cracked 100 days played. Also, I didn't sit around in-game to chat like I know many people do--if I was online, I was actively doing something. Played pretty religiously from mid-2005 to around mid-2011, with some smaller spurts here-and-there in the years following. I haven't gone back since the early months of MoP, and I really don't think the overall shittiness of WoD will bring me back.

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Those are both "deluxe" editions with extra content. Dragon Age and Battlefield both have standard editions that retail for the regular $59.99 USD.