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Everyone always makes the argument that this would leave no one in the control room, but why can't Drew just switch with him every so often? I really like Drew and enjoy the games he chooses each week, but I wouldn't mind giving up a week every here and there to see a bit of Jason.

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The Vita game was terrible (at least, for what I want out of a Ys game) and this looks kinda similar to that in design, so I'm not sure I'm in. I'll have to wait and see.

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It's pretty fun so far. The Quest Medley system seems much better than the Chaos Notes (I think it was called?) from the last game, and the soundtrack has some awesome new additions. I'll definitely be playing a lot more of it in days to come, in order to get my rhythm game fix until Project Diva f 2nd. It's a little weird how they have very few EMS stages anymore, and changed many old ones to FMS stages, but I bet they couldn't fit much video on the cart with SO MANY SONGS.

My only complaint--and one not with the game--is that I still hate how weak the 3DS' sound is with both headphones and speakers. It really bums me out not being able to blare some of these songs and enjoy them fully.

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Maybe it was a race that could survive in those temperatures? Evolution is a fascinating thing, you know.

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Does the P.T. QL count, even if it was originally part of a Spookin'? Cause that might have my vote.

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My bigger problem with them is how they seem to be inconsistent across players. Several times, I've run up to someone with my shotgun and hit them, almost killing them, just to be shot by theirs and die in one hit. It seems that something about the way the damage normalizes (probably based on stats like Impact and Range) means that it may take more than one shot at anything other than point blank range. This inconsistency seems like it could be a bit unbalanced in the long run.

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@hailinel said:

Lightning Returns. Not likely to be beaten regardless of what else comes out this year.

Pretty much this, at least in terms of how impactful it was for me as a game. I've maybe enjoyed other games more this year (Project Diva f, as an example), but it was the most striking overall, in that way that makes me rather certain it will end up on the top of my end-of-year list.

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I would like to think that the team's gotten better at optimizing, so I don't think they'll be THAT crazy (unless you want to run it at a higher than 1080p resolution, maybe). Even still, running a game that pretty at just Medium still probably looks fantastic.

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Overall it's easier than S-ranking DS1

You're crazy. I did it twice, with the first time taking a decent amount of time and effort just because I didn't know what I would need. With proper planning, however, my second run of S-ranking DS1 (PC then X360 version) took no effort whatsoever. I'm sure I could do it even faster if I wanted it a third time.

DSII is harder just because of the spells, as some of them have rather tedious requirements to obtain. I don't have any desire to ever S-rank it, just because of those.

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Considering it. I really enjoyed the original and the new one has a LOT of new songs. Trying to decide if I want to spend the $40 now or wait until I have some extra cash lying around.