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An HD rerelease of the updated Final Fantasy XII release with all the new content would be pretty nice. I know the original version has English voices (and fan patches to fix the rest), but I just want a nice version I can play on my Vita.

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@korwin: That would be the part most publishers don't think about until it's too late. As evidenced by countless examples of it happening in the games industry in the last decade.

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My idea for the next Farcry game is not to make a next Farcry game for another 5 years or so. Give a franchise a break for a change and let it's absence build both anticipation and genuine radical change. How is it that all of like 3 studios on the planet understand this concept.

Because all of those other studios are owned by publishers with shareholders who want to make money, creativity be damned. I'm not saying it's right or I agree with it, but it's obviously the reason why it keeps happening. Coming up with new ideas that are both profitable and creative is hard. Cranking out another version of a game a lot of people liked is likely going to make a good deal of money AND be easy to build on the engine from the old game. Win-win for those shareholders.

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I prefer to play adventure games with a guide, mostly because I don't like dealing with stupid bullshit. The most important part of most (not all, mind you) adventure games is the story, which you still get by just playing through that way.

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Really slow lately. It always seems like December is the month when every group releases a bunch of slow, boring, and disinteresting songs that I have a hard time liking. As such, I only really have one thing I enjoyed this week--Dia's Paradise. It's pretty slow-paced as well, but it has a nice rhythm to it and some very pretty vocals that keep it moving a bit moreso than those other songs.

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I just finished it. It was fun but definitely felt a bit too similar to the last game. The new stuff they added is fun but isn't really enough to make it feel that new. As such, it didn't make as much of an impact on me this time. Also, I had some issues with the aiming that I didn't have with the previous game, feeling like I missed very clear and clean shots frequently, but that might have been a side effect of going from PC aiming with a mouse to a PS4 controller for this game.

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@lysergica33 said:

I bet the question "How does a two to three year break sound to you?" wasn't anywhere to be found.


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Drakengard 3 did this earlier in the year, but I'm sure most people don't remember that because no one played it. Sadly.

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I just received a survey in my e-mail from Ubisoft, asking me to complete a survey based on my experiences with Far Cry 4 (which I just finished). I was bored, so I decided to go ahead and do it. There was plenty of interesting information to glean from it--such as it asking me who the main character was, almost as if to trick me into saying I hadn't played it--but one part stuck out to me in particular: this image.

There are some interesting potential setup ideas for the next Far Cry game here, a few of which I would really like to see them tackle (such as sci-fi). I know we probably can't glean much from a survey like this, but maybe it will have some impact on FC5?

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0. The whole thing sounds stupid, and I'd rather just wait until the new year so I can start selling my cards on the Market again.