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While I'm not sure how necessary most of that information would be (saying this as both a veteran of FFXIV and of MMOs in general, though), tutorials on the VERY poorly-explained controller controls would probably be useful.

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Used to really like it, mostly due to everyone practically convulsing whenever they talked about it. Reached a point where I just didn't care anymore, which is where I still am. At this moment, for whatever reason, I don't think I could even stomach sitting through a single movie in the series, no matter which one it is. I don't even think it was those three movies that did it (although they are quite terrible); I just hit this point where I'm convinced there is nothing good to be taken away from the series except for a handful of great games and lightsabers. Like Lord of the Rings, it's just become one of those franchises I ignore entirely and only interact with when it's an unavoidable part of something I want to engage with (like Shadow of Mordor).

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Either the one with the least amount of bullshit, so they don't all kill each other by the end, or the one with the most amount of bullshit for maximum hilarity.

I can't decide which.

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@kumatose: Exactly. I mentioned this a bit in my original post. What you're looking for out of music can change, but I think that some of the base things you like don't change much. For example, I've always been a fan of bass and beats, but I didn't get into techno music until I was exposed to it through video games. Similarly, I believe that spending a lot of time with music you don't like at first can make you start to appreciate it for other reasons (ex. I hated rap music for a long time, but I've come to appreciate it for those artists with solid rhythm and flow).

In the end, whether or not someone likes a particular song is just a complete guessing game. I've been recommended songs that have things I like in them and sound similar to other songs I really enjoy, but I just can't into that particular song. It's an ethereal science, which is part of why I've gotten so intrigued by both my own musical taste and the musical taste of others in the last few years, as I've exposed myself to more music.

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Nah, I don't think so. Games may have introduced me to musical styles I hadn't heard before, but I believe musical taste is something innate. It can change as we grow older and expect more (or less) from our music, yet whether or not a song sounds "good" just depends on how it resonates with our musical ear.

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Unless it gets DRASTICALLY better after the first hour, I can't stand this game. Tried playing in October during my "month of horror gaming," but I could not enjoy it at all. The environment had no personality to encourage me to explore it (again, in the first hour). Combat has a janky feel that made it unplayable for me; considering I finished Rule of Rose and Haunting Ground, which each has frustratingly awful gameplay of its own, this is absurd. Ugh, just thinking about this game again makes my head hurt.

Admittedly, there are some cool things about it. I liked the setting, some of the characters seemed potentially interesting, and there are great little touches here and there (many of which you mentioned), but man, did this game rub me the wrong way. Even as a huge fan of survival horror games, I just cannot reconcile my issues with it.

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I'm a bit saddened to see interest in this thread die out a bit, but that doesn't mean I'm going to stop posting! This week's selection is a bit older and more diverse: some great tracks that I want to share with everyone!

Communication - Coltemonikha

I actually had to do a bit of research on this one. I knew that Coltemonikha featured the beats of Yasutaka Nakata, famous for his electronic work with JPOP stylings, but I knew literally nothing else about the group. A quick Google search reveals he joined forces with Kate Sakai, a model/fashion designer, to form thos group. Basically, he created yet another duo to give him more places to express himself creatively, something I will always welcome. The group didn't last long, just two albums, but there's some pretty great tracks to be found in those albums. Communication is one of my favorites, an excellent example of Nakata when he's at his best.

I Hate Your Popstar Life - Kuroyume

Recently, I was going through my vast lists of JPOP and KPOP music and remembered this track existed. Boy, am I glad I found it again. It has one of the best guitar riffs I've ever heard from a Japanese rock group. The rest of the instrumentation isn't fantastic, but this riff more than makes up for it: it's SO DAMN GOOD. The lyrics are fun too, screamy without being completely ridiculous and likely to induce ear bleeding.

Tokyo Night - Morphine Tokyo

Tokyo Night has so many things I like about a song of this style: dreamy female vocals, light instrumentation, and an unmistakable individuality that drips from every verse. It doesn't try to go for catchy beats or a pop hook that everyone can sing along to; instead, it focuses on taking the listener along for the ride. It's impressive how such a simple song can manage to fully draw me in, but I'm addicted to the evocative sound Morphine Tokyo managed to craft here.

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This album's pretty good.

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Just finished yesterday. Wasn't worth my time or frustration but I sometimes get obsessive about trophies and this was just one of those games. Some of those Chalice Dungeon bosses are no joke, AND you likely have to grind out materials in them to unlock the later ones. Even more annoying is the fact that ALL the other trophies are stupid easy to get except that one. Happy that I can now play more of that game on my own terms.

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MMOs can get to that size without too much issue. It's been awhile, but I think a current WoW client is over 50GB. I think Elder Scrolls Online is around 80GB.

ISPs really need to get their shit together in terms of bandwidth caps. I didn't think anything of it until my ISP instituted a cap (which I thankfully managed to get out of thanks to securing a better deal for more bandwidth), but it's fucking awful if you play a lot of PC games.