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NG+ is hard for me just because I often don't want to start playing a game immediately again right when I finish it. I'm the type of person who likes to play a wide variety of games, moving to the next upon completion. Furthermore, I feel that if I don't play a NG+ right away, I tend to forget enough about how a game plays that I want to start it over again.

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@civid: I have found what I think to be all the Persona soundtracks, including P3P and Golden, on Japanese iTunes. It does take a bit of searching, however, since they are only searchable in Japanese (ペルソナ seems to do the job as a search). They are pretty expensive, but they at least they are all available? Also, the Bayonetta soundtrack does not seem to be on there.

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For awhile, game soundtracks made up the majority of my music library due to a few music bundles I got cheaply and my lack of desire to purchase music (instead of just listening to it on Youtube). Nowadays, JPOP/KPOP make up a far greater percentage of my (vastly increased in just a year or so) library. I really like some of it, like the Nier soundtrack, but I feel I get tired of game music if I hear too much of it back-to-back.

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@johnlocke: You're supposed to give them to friends. It would be kinda silly for them to give you three codes for just yourself when you can only redeem one.

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@humanity: Music taste is a very weird thing indeed. I can rarely predict if I'm going to like something, even from groups I really enjoy, so it's a bit of a guessing game for me too. I actually really enjoy music where I can't understand the lyrics (although I'm getting there slowly with Japanese). Likely, this is because I've never really cared about what was being said in a song and instead focused on how it was being said/sang. It's fascinating, really. I wish we understood what it was about a person's brain that makes them inclined to like country over rap or something similar.

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@monkfishesq said:

And nothing of value was lost.

Pretty much. DA: I may turn out to be amazing, but it still won't be what I want from a DA game. In fact, it sounds to be even less of what I want from a DA game. And is anyone really bummed out about Battlefield: Hardline after the mess that was Battlefield 4?

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Definitely one at a time. Lately, I've been only playing one game period at a time, instead of my old ways of playing like three or four at a time. I may, however, change this trend for Divinity (which I just started) because it feels like a game I can't focus on for long periods of time--it feels more like a game I want to play in two-three hour chunks.

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I worked on playing VIII, IX, and XII this year, since I had barely seen any of them before. I still haven't played pretty much any of the pre-VII games, except for a decent chunk of FFIV before I threw it across the room in a fit of rage (stupid hard DS version). I don't know if I care enough about those early ones to even bother, barring VI--I'll probably only play that if they rerelease in some way, though.

@truitt: You should! They're both great!

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Surprisingly, nope. I usually have a really hard time picking classes in games like this, but I fell in love with the Hunter pretty quickly. The combination of the double jump, knife throw, and the awesome hooded class items makes it my prime choice for sure.