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@apolloj85: One of the best things about my lackluster experience is that I do now want to go play through those old games. It will be nice to see what a bit more craft and love could do with such a fun concept.

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I mean if you're that sensitive to spoilers I'd just suggest total media blackout until you feel that you've progressed in the game far enough that you're okay with seeing spoilery talk about it. If you muck about internet chatter of recently released games your bound to stumble upon a spoiler at some point.

This is what I do for those few games I really want to remain in the dark for. As silly as it feels to cut myself off from the world, it helps avoid any potential spoilers. Of course, most people can't dedicate 10+ hours to a game daily after it comes out, so I can understand being unable to stay away for maybe weeks at a time.

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@macka1080:Thanks! I entirely agree that Dishonored completely shadows everything about this Thief reboot. Maybe with better design it could have stood a chance?

@arbitrarywater: Parts of it certainly had potential; it mostly just felt like the developers didn't have the time/money to polish the rough edges. Better level design and a story that matters could have made it worth playing.

@shagge: It really makes me want to go back and play up to that point in Deadly Shadows. I've never seen it myself, just read about it. From what I remember, it seems remarkably similar to the Asylum level from this game.

@strathy: Ugh, no kidding. It all culminates in that terrible boss fight and a cutscene that falls so entirely flat that I was left shaking my head during the credits. It really feels like the developer just didn't get the time to work on it, but I guess we'll never know for sure.

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Have my copy reserved, whatever that means, but I don't know if I'll install it right away. For as much as everyone complains about W8, I enjoy having it on my PC and have grown used to it.

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If you like JPOP/KPOP, this current decade is a pretty damn good time for pop music. There's some great stuff on the main charts and a lot more to be found if you poke around in the lesser-known stuff.

As for US pop music, I tend to think you will always believe that the era you grew up in will have the best music. I fondly recall pop tunes from the late 90s-early 2000s, even if I know many of them aren't really that great today. It's too intricately tied to your development as a human being to not be influential, for the vast majority of people.

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I've actually managed to avoid most of those huge fumbles of the last few years. I don't buy many games at launch (only had Batman due to getting it free with my video card), so I tend to avoid any early problems with performance or stability. MCC was something I really wanted, but I would have had to buy an Xbox to play it and just didn't have the money to spend. My 360 only red-ringed once, and it happened at a time that wasn't really too irritating in terms of game releases.

If anything, I've had more issues with games that no one else seemed to have problems with. Both Saints Row 3 and Trackmania 2 were nigh-unplayable for me--with glacial framerates and constant crashes--for nearly a year after purchasing them due to a weird issue with an ATI graphics card I had. Switching back to NVIDIA with my next card fixed both those problems.

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For me, it's probably a tie between Rage and Duke Nukem Forever. Both those games send you through boring levels with boring guns over and over with little to no narrative hooks to keep you moving forward.

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While I hated actually playing Nier (which should be alleviated by Platinum designing the gameplay next time out), it was still a surprisingly amazing experience. That soundtrack, while always touted as being great, is so strong because it fits its world so well. Few soundtracks are able to so perfectly fit with the tone and place of a game's setting like the Nier soundtrack. It's so perfect that it almost feels like the soundtrack came first, with the world being designed around the feel of the music instead of the typical other way around. I may like other gaming soundtracks better, but none are as profound and image-conjuring (to sound pretentious) as Nier's.

It's also a bummer to hear people always talk about Nier and then say they never played any of the Drakengard games. Tonally, they are quite different from the somber and reflective plot of Nier, but they have that same artistry and depravity to their stories (even more so, in regards to the latter). Drakengard 3 certainly took a different focus than Nier, but I enjoyed it nearly as much due to its characters, writing, and overall craziness. It shares the same gameplay issues as Nier, moreso in a few instances such as framerate, but I still highly recommend it for anyone who played Nier and wants more.

Yoko Taro games are pretty crazy in general, I'm still getting my ass kicked by the final boss in Drakenguard 3.

That sequence is so fucking good. That sequence is one of the most frustrating things I've done in a video game. Both of these statements are true. I wrote an entire blog post on JUST this ending, because of how surprising and masochistic it is. The song from that sequence still gives me chills whenever I hear it, both for its emotional resonance and my harsh memories of it.

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@sweep: Yep! I probably put over 10,000 hours into that game (WoW) over the course of 7 years or so. Don't know for sure because of how many characters I deleted over my "career" but it was pretty much all I did for a huge chunk of time as a teenager with no obligations and the ability to sleep just a few hours a night and get by in school. Crazy to think what else I could have done with that time...

Anyways, here's mine. I tend to jump around games a lot, as I enjoy playing everything I can get my hands on to have a wide base of impressions, so none of my games are too crazy.

  1. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - 139 hours (which I feel I barely touched, honestly)
  2. Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition - 128 hours (all achievements, plus several challenge playthroughs)
  3. Marvel Heroes 2015 - 110 hours (most of that recently, as I got back into it)
  4. Borderlands 2 - 90 hours
  5. Final Fantasy XIII - 89 hours (all achievements, what a fucking nightmare)
  6. Path of Exile - 79 hours
  7. Dragon Age: Origins - Ultimate Edition - 72 hours (easily put in twice this number with a physical copy before getting this version)
  8. Fallout 3 - 62 hours
  9. Aion - 57 hours (only a month's worth of play, laughable to see it on this list)
  10. Sleeping Dogs - 57 hours (shocked this isn't higher)

I can think of a few games that should be on this list but aren't for various reasons: Deus Ex: Human Revolution, between the normal version and the Director's Cut; Mass Effect 2, which I owned physically and played TONS of; and FFXIV, due to my crazy insistence on always starting over each time I resubscribe. It's rare that a game grabs me enough to get me to play it a second time, so those games tend to be some of my favorites.

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As others have said, I got my copy free with my video card, so I wouldn't be able to even if I wanted. Also, I've already put 20+ hours into the game, so that prevents me from getting a refund as well. My issues with the game have been relatively minor, so I'm fine with waiting for some fixes. I'm expecting some kind of recompense from WB for the mess, which will make the annoyance worth it in the end?