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I missed a week! For some reason, I didn't think last week was the two-week mark between my posts and completely forgot to update. Let's take care of this right now.

For this week, I've picked three songs that speak to the general tone of JPOP, in my opinion: groups instead of individuals, cheerful costuming and choreography, and a musical style that is common for the medium.

Living Alone in the City - Cute

This type of song--a group of young women singing and dancing to upbeat music--is easily one of the most popular in JPOP. While it would be slightly more accurate of me to post something from a bigger group, such as AKB48 (which is HUGE in Japan), I really don't enjoy large groups due to a lack of individuality. Instead, I opted to post something from a rather generic 5-girl group: C-ute. This group's releases often fit a very basic style in terms of composition and video, almost as if the company is just following a checklist with each new single. In fact, this's group's label (Hello Project) is known for several groups just like C-ute: Berryz Kobo, Morning Musume, Smileage, etc. While I feel songs of this type can occasionally break out of the typical patterns (such as this one, albeit just barely), most of them sound eerily similar and bland when compared to one another. Living Alone in the City lacks energy, yet it fits perfectly into this archetype.

Come On! - Dream5

You simply can't have a JPOP music video without some kind of choreography. After all, how can one enjoy a JPOP video without cheerful teens/young adults gyrating to the hyper beats ? Good choreography is something that can turn an average song into something memorable, forever reminding you of the video anytime you hear it. This is the case in many of Dream5's songs for me. While their songs are typically predictable and unexciting, I always get a lot of enjoyment out of the choreography in their videos. It's not the most technical, sure, but there is an excited commitment to the routine from each member that I love. This is why I still return to the video for Come On!, my favorite song of theirs, over two years later.

Yuwaku Rhapsody - Guild

While girl groups do seem to be far more common and popular in Japan, there are a good number of boy groups as well. There are groups which basically mirror girl groups like C-ute, singing upbeat pop (or occasionally ballads, much more common with boy groups) while dancing around and looking cute/hot. Far more common, however, are the "visual-kei" groups, almost always made up of entirely boy members. For those who are unaware, "visual-kei" refers to a style where band members often dress up in flashy outfits and makeup, attempt to look as androgynous as possible, and utilize typical band instruments to create music. While the specifics of costuming and music type can change heavily from group to group, there is a common aesthetic and sound that ties them all together. Guild's Yuwaku Rhapsody is a perfect example of this style.

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I bought it a long time ago on Early Access and have been playing it here and there since then (around 60 hours since my original purchase). As you noted, it has many of the same issues that the original Audiosurf had. The UI was actually much worse in Early Access, with this new redesign being far superior--if not still a bit clunky. I also kinda hate all the new modes and am annoyed that Mono Classic is something you have to get from the Workshop instead of being standard. It sounds like you had some weird issues that I have never encountered in my time with the game, almost as if your files were bugged somehow. It's been a bit buggy and crashy for me over the course of its Early Access status, but it's never given me the issues you had with it.

All in all, it's not really much of an improvement from the original. It looks a lot better, with some of the included skins looking fantastic (particularly the newer ones), and the song building feels much more dynamic overall. Other than that, it doesn't really do enough to warrant a purchase over the first game, unless you really like one of the new modes. I'm fine playing it since I already paid for it, but I don't think I would recommend it to anyone either.

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I think that was mostly a problem in the first game, if I remember correctly. There will eventually be an option to shut down the romantic side of things (again, I think I remember this correctly), but until that point, some of the dialogue can seem a little too friendly and romantic. It's kinda dumb that you have to do it in that way, but I don't think there is much of a choice in the matter if you want to hear everything they have to say.

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Kinda weird how they're basing it off the ESRB's AO-rating, something that barely even gets used in the US. Don't really understand why 18+ games from other countries don't count either.

Still really annoyed with the whole rating system thing in general, for several reasons: unequal feelings on sexual content versus violence, the absurdity of having a 17-year old rating and an 18-year old rating when one would suffice, etc. Been tossing around an idea for an essay on the topic for awhile--maybe this will be the catalyst that gets me to finish it.

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Understand why it's coming (probably easy to port, considering how similar it is in engine/style to REmake), but boy do I hate RE0. Easily the worst "main" game in the series. It'd be nice if they maybe add some kind of mode that fixes its biggest issues, but I sincerely doubt that will happen.

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This thread is pretty dead, huh? Don't really blame people--the last few weeks were a bit empty. Luckily, this week has been quite a bit better.

Shinee released a video for View, and it's pretty damn incredible. The main beat and chorus is absolutely fantastic: mellow, addictive, and catchy as all hell. I've liked some Shinee tracks in the past, but this song blows everything else they've done out of the water. In fact, it's likely one of the best tracks of the year so far.

I also wanted to post Fly High from Sweet Revenge, even though it doesn't quite gel with the typical songs posted in this thread. This track has a great trancey feel throughout, alternating from mellow verses to powerful choruses. The vocalist has a very unique vocal cadence that makes the song pop, standing out in a genre filled with similar sounding artists.

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Absolutely. I get too uncomfortable if I sit for too long, so I usually get up once an hour or so. If I'm really into a game, it might stretch all the way to two hours but never any longer than that. My breaks are rarely 15 minutes--I usually just get up to walk around and get a drink/go to the bathroom--but they really seem to help.

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I would say that you should base your decision on the combat styles of each game. Divinity uses a turn-based system with action points, while Pillars uses a pause-and-plan style of tactics exactly out of old games like Baldur's Gate II. They are fairly similar in style in everything but combat, so this is the most important thing to look at when comparing the two.

Even though I've never played Pillars, I would still give it the edge over Divinity. As someone who really likes the Infinity Engine style of game (Pillars), I just think PoE plays better than Divinity. I never liked its style of action, although it's possible that would have changed if I had given it more time. If you're a fan of old-school games, it's likely you might enjoy Pillars a bit more. If you prefer newer games, Divinity might be more your style. This is a bit of generalization, but it's hard to offer more without any idea of your tastes or preferences.

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My name is the same one I use pretty much everywhere. I don't really need to explain its origin, as it's quite clear if you stare at it long enough (and in certain ways).

The picture is something I've changed pretty frequently. Currently, I have it as a pic of Wata Megumi, a fairly new and quite interesting indie JPOP artist. In the past, I've used other JPOP artists (such as Yasuha Kominami), the feMC from Persona 3 Portable, and Lumina from Lightning Returns. I like things that are cute or colorful, and I often change them up when I'm in the mood.

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@sterling said:

I'm still super bummed out by the last episode. I couldn't save Kate. I fucked up. I didn't know it was possible until the stats at the end. This is on my early game of the year list so far.

I also messed up and caused her to jump. The last (I think) question about the Bible verses was one I just couldn't answer, as I had forgotten which had not been crossed out. I'm sticking with my decision, though, even if I would rather she was alive. Gives the coming investigation more weight, I think.