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Bah, almost done with my backlog and now I have to add Dino Crisis 1&2, Legend of Dragoon, and Wild Arms 1&2 to the list. Man...

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Perfect? No. Even though I know why they are in there, I HATE the scenes with Anna Faris. They hinder an otherwise flawless movie. Even with those scenes, however, it is still one of my favorite movies.

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Been waiting for this! Eager to play more of Rogue Legacy, especially since I never finished it on PC, but was waiting on this version to do so. It took them A LOT longer than I would have expected to port it over.

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@fordroog said:

@wemibelec90: That's fair. What was it exactly that annoyed you with the interface?

A number of things, really: not being able to skip through dialogue very quickly, the game needlessly reminding you what an item is every time you pick it up, some sluggish menus, etc. It all felt too damn slow, especially for a modern game.

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I thought it was pretty good. Decent dungeons, some fun combat, and a neat story. My only real gripe with it was how poorly designed some of the usage and interface stuff was, almost insultingly so. Nintendo games need to have some pep to them, or it can be easy to lose interest.

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I really can't wrap my head around the idea of commuting for over an hour just to go work somewhere. Sounds crazy.

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I eat mustard when it's already on things I'm eating (because I hate asking for things to be taken off my food), but I never ask for it. I don't really mind it every now and then, but I could easily live without it.

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As much as I like Vinny and Alex, I said no. I have a hard enough time as it is consuming all the GB content in a given week.

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I live with other people and like to be considerate about the level of noise I make. Using headphones allows me to be perfectly quiet and not disturb others, even when playing a loud game or blasting some music. I have speakers for times when I don't need to worry about noise (when everyone is gone), but I'm so used to headphones at this point that I want to hear things through them. Also, my headphones are much nicer than my speakers ($20 speakers versus about $250 headphones) so I like using those for the best sound.

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I still don't understand why people hold X2 in such high regards. I can't remember liking much of anything about that movie. For me, First Class is the best, even with that TERRIBLE (and sexist) ending.