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I bet the question "How does a two to three year break sound to you?" wasn't anywhere to be found.


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Drakengard 3 did this earlier in the year, but I'm sure most people don't remember that because no one played it. Sadly.

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I just received a survey in my e-mail from Ubisoft, asking me to complete a survey based on my experiences with Far Cry 4 (which I just finished). I was bored, so I decided to go ahead and do it. There was plenty of interesting information to glean from it--such as it asking me who the main character was, almost as if to trick me into saying I hadn't played it--but one part stuck out to me in particular: this image.

There are some interesting potential setup ideas for the next Far Cry game here, a few of which I would really like to see them tackle (such as sci-fi). I know we probably can't glean much from a survey like this, but maybe it will have some impact on FC5?

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0. The whole thing sounds stupid, and I'd rather just wait until the new year so I can start selling my cards on the Market again.

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What about XII?

After playing XII this year, and really enjoying it, this is what comes to mind. Remaster with the Zodiac Edition content for my Vita please!

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Sounds like it's without the nudity too (?), which is both not really that big of a deal--in terms of gameplay--and a bit censory, which isn't surprising coming from Apple.

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In my mind, it's because they both have good, generic, everyman voices. Add in the fact that they both get a lot of work--meaning that the industry kinda sees that kind of voice as a standard--and it's no wonder that they keep getting hired. Sadly, game developers seems to just want your standard voices 90% of the time, meaning that even talented guys like North and Baker don't get to use their entire range.

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I don't read a ton of sci-fi (for whatever reason), but I do remember Glasshouse by Charles Stross really sticking in my head. It has a lot to do with body dysphoria and impulse control, which I found extremely fascinating.

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Writer, certainly. I think in words instead of images, my drawing skills are terrible, and I've always been handy with grammar and spelling. Sitting down and cranking out a piece of writing is still something I really enjoy, even when it's paired with another annoying action (such as finding sources for yet another college paper).

In terms of what writing I see myself doing, I guess I would only say games writing or fiction writing, as those are the things I've spent the most time doing. Fiction is creatively rewarding and allows me to explore various things. Games writing hones my critical eye and makes me learn more about why I like certain things. I think these are the things I would--or will, likely--do with writing.

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Off the top of my head, the Hatsune Miku QL NEEDS to be on this list.