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Technically, the new consoles are current gen now.

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Bug Vinny on Twitter. Maybe he'll do it.

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@aurahack: I'm glad I could inspire some good feelings! I'm not lying or trying to flatter when I say you (and @mcghee with his KPOP thread) have exposed me both more music directly and to the idea of finding weirder stuff out there. My Top 10 list for this year is going to be a much stranger and diverse one thanks to this and I couldn't be happier with the way my music tastes have been influenced by you. You are most deserving of a pat on the back in my opinion!

I also find it funny, and thrilling, that I posted a song earlier in the thread that you just noted (Beam!, which is pretty great) and that you posted another song (I Like Dat) that I had intended to post in the future! I, maybe nerdily, consider it something of an honor to have actually found something you would have likely posted on your music blog BEFORE you posted it; it makes me feel at least a little legit in the tastes and songs I try to post in this thread. I will be certain to check out the other stuff I'm not familiar with that you've posted--particularly that MAJO LP that seemed cool when you first talked about it on your blog months ago. Thanks for finding the time to post!

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This week, I want to do something a little special. For those of you who are unaware, @aurahack is a user here on GB who listens to a LOT of music, not just JPOP, and occasionally writes about it. His Top 10 Albums of 2013 list was my first fantastic exposure to this, introducing me to groups like Charisma.com (and everyone else here on GB, of course; including our own Jeff Gerstmann) and Capsule. In that list, he linked to a music blog of his, something I happily followed after my enjoyment with his picks for 2013. It's a great blog (which you can find HERE) that has sadly been left unattended for some time, likely due to a busy personal life. For this week, I chose some great songs from this blog to repost here, as a way of honoring his wide music tastes and excellent skill in describing music (something I still suck horribly at myself).

Hot Milk - spoon+

The first thing you may notice about most, if not all, of these songs is that they tend to sound a little...different. This song is a great example of this. @aurahack noted in his blog that this artist has an, "...odd and bizarrely captivating inflection in her singing..." that, "...lends itself well to the album's overall style." I won't lie and say that I find her voice a bit grating in spots, and I'm still not sure if I really like this song after several listens, but I can't deny that it is a supremely different song--and sometimes that's all you need.

Lack of Communication - KLOOZ

Some may call this cheating, since this is more rap/hip-hop/electronic than pop, but I deem "pop music" anything that appeals to a wide demographic--which I think this fits quite well. Fair warning given, however. I particularly like the chorus of this song, which has a nice laid-back riff to support the simple but catchy chorus. A favorite quote of mine from @aurahack's blog on this artist is, "There's a carelessness, almost giddyness, to his attitude that really captivates me," a quote which I feel comes through clearly in this track.

Zettaiteki na Kankei - Akai Kouen (non-Youtube)

This song comes and goes so fast that you can practically blink and miss the entire thing. This is another song that I'm not quite sure I like, even having heard it several times. There's an interesting energy to it, particularly in the fantastic instrumentation, but the sound of the lyrics rubs me a bit sorely in spots. It definitely doesn't sound like your average mainstream J-Rock song, that's for sure. @aurahack says it best, I think, with the assertion that this song, "...should be the new textbook-standard for 'short but sweet.'"

Apple - Towa Tei

A very unique and different electronic song. The instrumentation is fantastically varied in its sound, yet somewhat aggressive on my ears in a way that I can't decide how I feel about. Shiina Ringo lends her voice to the song, suiting the song surprisingly well: in fact, I would easily call it the best part of the song. @aurahack agrees with me, noting in his blog that, "The delicately edited instrumental is the perfect backdrop for her vocals. It's shibuya-kei at its finest and even at 4 minutes, it feels like it's over far too fast."

Zanarkand (violin cover) - Ayako Ishikawa

Okay, this last one wasn't actually featured on @aurahack's blog--but the artist, Ayako Ishikawa, was. While I was looking for potential songs, I was reminded of her went to Youtube to maybe find something of hers to include. What I found was a cover of the track Zanarkand from FFX, easily one of my favorite (if not my favorite) video game tracks to date. I was unbearably excited to hear what it sounded like, as both a huge fan of Zanarkand and of violin music in general, and I was not disappointed. Somehow, the artist managed to eke even more emotion and power out of the track, making me nearly tear up in response to its beauty. I LOVE the way this sounds and can't easily put into words how it makes me feel. Consider this an added bonus to my post!

Thanks again to @aurahack for bringing me, and others, so much musical enjoyment. Feel free to check out his blog for more music, JPOP and other, if you need some musical inspiration!

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@onimonkii: I somehow missed that IU song last week, but I'm not really too disappointed in myself for it: IU's voice doesn't really suit a song like that, in my opinion. Just heard the Vixx and Boyfriend songs this week and they are both pretty great (in fact, I was going to post both of them!).

All I have this week is the debut from the new Crayon Pop sub-group, Strawberry Milk, titled OK. It's definitely going for a very particular style: more cutesy and almost JPOP-y in its over-the-top nature. On my first listen, I wasn't too impressed with either the lyrics or the instrumentation; however, I will note that on subsequent listens (of which I expect there to be many), I find that this song is very catchy in a subversive way that needles its way into my brain.

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While I don't necessarily agree with the notion that every big gaming site out there needs to clearly spell out their stance on this matter--as most people who have been coming to GB for any length of time already know how the staff feels about this sort of thing--I guess it's still worth doing if it felt necessary to the staff. A nice write-up that will sadly only be read and praised by those who already feel this way, instead of by the asshats who refuse to listen to reason.

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That's just how the game coverage cycle works, really. A game gets talked about a bunch around events, goes silent until release, and then gets another boost of discussion when it actually comes out. I'm still very intrigued by it, but I don't really have it in me anymore to pine for a game release--not when there are dozens, if not hundreds, coming out every week.

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I bought an XL when I got my 3DS and have come to regret the purchase. Call me wimpy all you like but my hands get tired holding the XL, particularly with games like Theatrhythm where I need to hold it with one hand and use the stylus with the other. The bigger screen is nice but not nice enough to compensate for its heft. I plan to "downgrade" to the smaller model when the new ones come out here.

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@demoskinos: My one question is if it plays like the previous game (on 3DS), just in a 3D space. If so, I couldn't be less interested. Burst was extremely repetitive, took little skill (for the two or three hours I played, at least), and just was not fun to play.

I can't in honesty answer that question because I haven't played burst nor do I own a 3DS. Sorry. :(

Ah, no worries. The question can remain open for anyone else who may poke their head in here and can answer my question, at least.

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@demoskinos: My one question is if it plays like the previous game (on 3DS), just in a 3D space. If so, I couldn't be less interested. Burst was extremely repetitive, took little skill (for the two or three hours I played, at least), and just was not fun to play.