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More songs!

First up is Mellow Spring by Seo In Guk. This is a mellower song with a nice, easygoing chorus and a bright, sharp video. I don't like the guy's voice much until it reaches the chorus, but that part of the song is really catchy.

Next we have 8dayz by Meganlee, a debut video. This song immediately brings Taylor Swift to mind, with its acoustic guitar and pop beat. The video is bright and colorful in the same way. I don't this song is too impressive, but I like what I've heard of this girl's voice--and I'm eager to hear more.

Finally, another new group BTL released a video for Too-G. The vocals and choreography seems promising, but I think the instrumentation is absolutely all over-the-place in this song. It changes tempo and beat frequently, almost randomly. I like bits of it, but the whole thing feels a bit too chaotic.

Oh, and IU released a new video--My Old Story. It isn't that interesting because it's not an original work (her next album is a bunch of covers of older songs she really likes) and it's extremely slow-paced. Still, it's a great reminder that she has one of the most beautiful voices in KPOP.

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@steadyingmeat said:

How about just not drink alcohol

Yeah, alcohol is gross and leads to poor decisions.

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@jedted: It can take a bit of time before the enemies start to give any useful amount of XP. For awhile, you kinda have to slog through the encounters and struggle on the boss fights. As you get higher into Tartarus, the XP grows to a more adequate amount. Splitting the party is never necessary, in my experience.

Also, always be on the lookout for red, glowing enemies. These fights are a bit harder (as they are enemies from a higher level), but they give significantly more XP, especially when paired with an XP boosting card.

As for the enemy weaknesses, you can either wait for them to be displayed or (I think?) attack with the correct weakness first.

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I still think he is much better as a writer (as he tends to stumble over his own words frequently when speaking), but he is always a good sport and can be interesting to listen to.

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Let's say roughly 5000+ hours of World of Warcraft, since I don't know for sure. The next game isn't even close (maybe a few at 120-ish hours?).

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The one problem I see with this is if they include multiplayer for ALL the games. I feel that would segment the potential player pool for any individual game and make all of them (or some of them) not have enough players for active communities.

I still would have preferred just Halo 2, but I'm biased since it is my favorite in the series (for multiplayer, at least).

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How about Persona 4? It came out in 2008 and may as well be part of this generation, even being on the PS2. If that doesn't count, it's on the Vita as well.

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Avatar is the only movie I've seen in 3D, and it will be the last movie I ever see in 3D. Not worth the eyestrain, wearing two pairs of glasses, and the increased price.

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@humanity: I immediately went to a wiki and filled in all the information that wasn't plainly spelled out in the game (and there is a bit) or that I had managed to miss. It certainly helped.

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It's a bummer and a poor excuse, but being employees of CBS means they probably get a lot less time to do what they want to do. It sounds like they are in meetings every other day, constantly having to deal with bullshit corporate meandering, and have to use what little time they have as best they can.