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Congrats! You have a lot more patience for this than I do, that's for sure. The only thing I've contributed is some info about Traitor's Gate, a really terrible late-90s/early 2000s PC adventure game that I only filled out because I knew NO ONE ELSE had ever played it.

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While I only dabbled briefly in The Last Story, I didn't think it was that interesting. Pandora's Tower, on the other hand, was a much more interesting experience and better gameplay.

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I usually get 7-8 hours, but I also live at home, don't work, and take online classes. If I wanted to sleep more I could, but I hate wasting any more time on sleep then is necessary.

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Odds are, it won't be like the first one, which makes me sad. I have no problem with action-y games, but I would KILL for another DA game exactly like the first. It made me finally understand why people liked the Infinity engine games a long time ago, as I felt that DA:O was the modern version of those.

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Chrono Trigger is absolutely worth playing, although the Vita version (which is the PS1 version) isn't the best one to get. If you don't have a choice, however, you may as well pick it up. I can't think of another JRPG with a tighter combat system.

I may be in the minority, but I really hate Chrono Cross, particularly in the way it plays. I think it has one of the most boring combat systems I've ever seen. I didn't play more than a few hours though, so maybe it gets better later on? It's supposed to have a good story, but good god I can't make it that far.

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The part of Breakdown (original Xbox game) I remember finding mind-blowing doesn't quite happen at the end, but it made playing through that tedious game totally worth it.

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It's hard for me to say. Lightning Returns was my most anticipated game and it became an instant favorite and classic in my eyes. For any game to have the same impact on me in the remainder of the year would be an extremely tall order.

Seconded, although I wasn't really anticipating it before I played it. It left me pondering things in the way that Gone Home (my GotY from 2013) did, plus it had some pretty excellent combat. If anything surpasses that, it will probably be another fluke indie game.

Mine would be Persona 5, if I thought that was coming out here this year. My Japanese isn't good enough to play an entire game in the language yet. I'm pretty intrigued by Destiny, as I really enjoy shooters with RPG elements, but that's a bit of an unknown variable.

I am certainly excited for Project Diva f 2nd though! I don't think I would have anticipated being most excited for a rhythm game, but I can't help myself.

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I have a hard time sleeping/working on my computer without my box fan white noise. I've had a box fan in my room for the last five years, so I'm too accustomed to the sound to have it go missing.

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I'm actually keeping track this year, so I know what the exact number is: 22. However, this is counting episodes of Telltale games as separate releases (20 without doing that).

It feels a little low, but I've been playing a bunch of longer games (FFVIII and IX, Lightning Returns, Dark Souls II).