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I really can't wrap my head around the idea of commuting for over an hour just to go work somewhere. Sounds crazy.

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I eat mustard when it's already on things I'm eating (because I hate asking for things to be taken off my food), but I never ask for it. I don't really mind it every now and then, but I could easily live without it.

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As much as I like Vinny and Alex, I said no. I have a hard enough time as it is consuming all the GB content in a given week.

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I live with other people and like to be considerate about the level of noise I make. Using headphones allows me to be perfectly quiet and not disturb others, even when playing a loud game or blasting some music. I have speakers for times when I don't need to worry about noise (when everyone is gone), but I'm so used to headphones at this point that I want to hear things through them. Also, my headphones are much nicer than my speakers ($20 speakers versus about $250 headphones) so I like using those for the best sound.

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I still don't understand why people hold X2 in such high regards. I can't remember liking much of anything about that movie. For me, First Class is the best, even with that TERRIBLE (and sexist) ending.

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@basm321: I haven't done this process, but from what I've heard, it's rather easy. It's the same method used to install the firmware on a newly installed hard drive; I expect it to just wipe the data on your drive and restart from scratch. Unless there is a deeper problem with the drive, I would expect it to be fine--although I'm no expert, of course.

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@bollard said:


EDIT: Actually that might be the hardest Brad has ever laughed on a show.

I think I remember him laughing harder on the Hatsune Miku QL. Or during the camera mischief during the Playstation 4 reveal thingy.

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This may not be compare to some other Vinny moments, but it's one I remember rather fondly. The perfect mix of immaturity and hilarity.

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@jazz_bcaz: Personally, I didn't see the point. After I saw Alex tweet about them a few months ago, I figured everyone knew about them at this point. I have their first album and really like most of it, particularly the less screamo-y tracks (as someone who hates that part of metal).

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More songs!

fake!fake! - A Crow is White

Man, I love the way this video looks. The animation is extremely striking, full of life, and unbearably adorable (particular the main girl's look). It's great fun to watch, energetic and slightly insane. The song is pretty damn catchy too.

Oh Jane - Rina Katahira

I feel the best way to describe this singer is a Japanese Michelle Branch. As a huge Branch fan, this is pretty damn alright in my book. While Oh Jane is not my favorite song of hers, it still features everything that makes her work great: skillful acoustic guitar, a nice beat, and an atypical singing voice.

Dream Box - Yasuha Kominami

This has quickly become one of my favorite songs of the year. It is extremely sincere and absolutely beautiful. Sadly, the video cuts out much too early, nearly trimming two entire minutes from the song's length. Even still, it's absolutely worth listening to.