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I say no. For me, the X1 controller is FAR INFERIOR to the X360 controller, even with the better d-pad. Everything feels too small, buttons and sticks, and the bumpers are just as inconsistent as everyone says they are.

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@onimonkii: That's an...interesting style for a music video. Very manic.

Let's do some songs that aren't focused on intensity and craziness this week, shall we?

Memory of Fragrant Summer Wind - AAA

This song is absolutely gorgeous from top to bottom, both in instrumentation and vocals. The chorus is immediately memorable from the first time you hear it and manages to stay catchy no matter how many times I put it on repeat. It's one of those songs that makes it impossible for me not to smile every single time I hear it.

Dream - Shota Shimizu

Passion and emotion drips from every single line of this song. Surprisingly, it manages to remain beautiful while also being quite catchy, keeping a rhythm that has me tapping my foot. It manages to avoid that frustration I feel with many slower songs, aching for something to happen. Dream features the perfect pace to keep you listening while retaining every ounce of its power.

Last Word - Jasmine (non-Youtube video)

A relatively new song from this year (actually, it isn't even out yet for purchase). This is another breathtakingly powerful song, one I was enthralled with from the moment I first heard it. It's a much mellower song than the other two I posted above, having a bit of an R&B feel, but it still manages to grab me so powerfully from beginning to end. It's a stunning show from the vocalist--and it features a large amount of Japanese I understand, making me like it even more.

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Again, a bit slow this week.

Here's Jay Park's newest video, So Good. I noticed this video last week but decided not to post it, mostly because I didn't care much for it. I still don't but I think it's worth seeing at least, if only for its intense attempt to mimic MJ is both sound and style.

Verbal Jint returns this week--with Eddy Kim guesting-- for I Smell Autumn. This song is a bit odd, with a sound I can only describe as lethargic, but it also packs some FANTASTIC harmonizing between the two rappers and some excellent flow during the "choruses." It's worth a listen.

Finally, I have a song from Wax called Fly High, featuring the band Bebop as well (as actors, not actual performers). This is an interesting pop-rocky sound that doesn't sound much like anything I've heard from the genre before. It has some good energy without sounding too "hard rock" at the same time, something I really like.

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I think the flicks are really inconsistent on Button Mode, particularly on the FMS stages where you have to hit it at the end of a Slide--I've heard some tricks on how to circumvent this difficulty, but it never works every time for me. This, plus the fact that I put a lot of time into the original, means that I play exclusively in Stylus Mode. While it's slightly annoying holding my monstrous XL in one hand (yes, I'm a weakling), I find much more consistency when playing this way.

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Not on just look, but bad UI kinda bugs me. I can't play through the old Infinity Engine games because I CAN'T STAND the UI in those games.

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I wouldn't mind a mode that removes supers, special abilities, and normalizes all weapons to the point where everyone spawns with the EXACT SAME preset weapons. Basically, I want my Halo-esque multiplayer mode. However, I don't need all multiplayer modes to do this--I just want the choice.

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Coincidentally, I think my earliest Web memory is having my dad go on eBay and buy a copy of Metal Gear Solid for me to play a couple years after it came out, since I was obsessed with playing it after seeing the demo at a friend's house.

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@hailinel said:

Even without a gaming PC, I'd buy all three all over again.

I'll be waiting to purchase until I'm sure the port isn't butchered, but I am absolutely on board if they all run great. It'll be great to play through them all again (minus the tutorial-y part in XIII) with improved graphics (and frame rate?). Fingers crossed that Nixxes is handling the port job, because they've done fantastic work in the past (Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Tomb Raider, etc.).

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Everyone always makes the argument that this would leave no one in the control room, but why can't Drew just switch with him every so often? I really like Drew and enjoy the games he chooses each week, but I wouldn't mind giving up a week every here and there to see a bit of Jason.

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The Vita game was terrible (at least, for what I want out of a Ys game) and this looks kinda similar to that in design, so I'm not sure I'm in. I'll have to wait and see.