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In terms of story, I think Transistor is the only thing that comes to mind as being quite strong; however, one has to play through the game more than once and really fight to understand what's going on there--something I enjoyed but I'm not sure the guys will mention. In terms of games with interesting story bits that most of the crew has probably played, this is probably it.

In terms of games they didn't play? Lightning Returns has a very interesting world and some great characterization (which is actually made stronger by the insanity of that series' twisted narrative from game to game), but the actual plot is pretty standard--heroine saves the world. I think Drakengard 3 has some fantastic ideas (which it admittedly could have done a bit more with) and characters, but I'm sure NO ONE on the staff even played ten minutes of it.

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With this week's announcement of their new album releasing in February of next year (the 18th, to be precise), I figured that now would be the perfect time to talk about Capsule. This group is an electronic "shibuya-kei" duo comprised of Yasutaka Nakata and Toshiko Koshijima. Nakata is a god among music producers, creating the music behind many hit groups such as Perfume and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and helping on tracks with countless other artists. Capsule is his own project, what he works on in between other artists' music with his longtime friend Koshijima. His style is very distinctive and extremely skilled, making for some of the best electronic beats you will ever hear. I am unbearably excited for February, especially after hearing (from some advance tracks heard at live shows) that the group may be returning to the intense and frenetic form that they are known for.

I've picked out a few tracks I enjoy from Capsule. These are three very different tracks, showing the different focuses each of their past albums have had (and there are a LOT of them). I hope you enjoy and feel free to tell me what you think!

Reality (from 2007's Sugarless Girl)

I fucking love this song. It features one of the most intense beats from the group and a slick synth line that I never get tired of. This beat gets even better on the "chorus" of the song, picking up in severity and making it literally impossible for me to not nod my head along with it. I also particularly like the last instance of this chorus, where it somehow manages to get even more intense and BETTER. This song is also notable for actually featuring Nakata's vocals instead of Koshijima's, a rarity.

Also, the art for this album is possibly my favorite album art ever. Just saying.

Love or Lies (from 2009's Player)

Here's something a bit more mellow (although not really THAT mellow). I love the distorted vocal track that the song opens with--and repeats throughout the song. The verses that follow are beautifully melodic before returning to that great halting bit for the "chorus." There's even a great rap-esque vocal part that flows pretty damn well and sounds great at the same time. It's all held together by the superb beats of Nakata, mixing things up just enough to stay interesting for the entire song without also stealing focus from the vocals. It's a great track.

Control (from 2013's Caps Lock)

Last year's album was quite different. Instead of the intensity usually found in Capsule tracks, Nakata opted for something a bit more subdued and thoughtful. The album still features some great beats and instrumentation but in a much different style than in albums past. Control is a great example of this, feeling more like a musical journey than just pure intensity. The vocals are light, used only when absolutely necessary (and to great effect), and the instrumentation features a lot more care than one might expect from the group. I certainly didn't like this album as much as the more intense albums--mostly because I'm a sucker for a good intense beat--but I will say that it has a personal feel that makes it very worth listening to, if only to get a bit more into Nakata's genius mind.

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@wemibelec90: I don't know if the rubber coming off a stick rendering the entire controller completely unusable is "a small issue"

I guess I meant "not extremely widespread" instead of "small" in this case. There don't seem to be that many people with this issue, but I admittedly have a small pool of people to ask about this. And does it really make the controller unusable? I would assume there is something under the rubber that would still work, if not be less comfortable.

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Is there any recourse (or self-fix) for the rubber coming off the sticks the DS4s? Has Sony issued any official replacement program for that?

Replace the sticks with the ones from the Xbone controller.

Why would you put worse sticks on it? The X1 sticks are terrible, almost as bad as the DS3. The rubber thing is a problem, sure, but that's a very small issue that doesn't ruin great sticks.

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When I was playing MMOs (clean for about a year now, thank you), I dabbled in other games just for something new, hoping to rekindle some of the magic of WoW, my first MMO. None of them really changed things in enough ways to have me switch permanently--TERA had great combat but poor story, GW2 played like absolute crap, FFXIV was just a bit too repetitive, etc. That was why I stuck with WoW from beginning to end and why stopping my WoW playing meant stopping MMOs entirely.

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I haven't missed a Bombcast in literal years. I stopped watching Bombin' after a few episodes. Pretty clear where I stand.

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@bbalpert: I guess you could say there are three "big" moments in the story, then--I had forgotten about the other two. That isn't to say that more doesn't happen in the story, but I feel that those moments are the ones that are things that are able to be spoiled, momentous things that will make you feel like you missed out on the surprise. The one I mentioned originally doesn't happen until the literal end of the game; the other two are around the halfway mark, if memory serves. From the preview coverage, all of these moments likely take place after the events of Persona Q, so I think you'll be safe.

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The only reason I'm playing it now is because it makes a good podcast/GB video game--I play it on one monitor while I get caught up on content on the other. Doing my bounties for the day, the daily story mission, and maybe a few games of Crucible is just enough time to make it through that every day. Without that secondary action, I wouldn't bother. Also, I bought it digitally, so I can't get rid of it--otherwise, it would have been used for something else by now.

There is no way in hell I'm paying $20 for the piddly amount of content coming in the expansion, particularly considering I have no interest in raids or Weekly Strikes that don't have matchmaking. The content doesn't seem worth it, and I'm not giving Activision my support for such a shitty DLC plan.

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I would argue that Persona 3 doesn't have much in the way of spoilers, barring one HUGE thing that doesn't seem like it's a part of PQ due to time travel shenanigans. In fact, both parties from those games seem to be brought in before any of those major events even happen. Furthermore, if you find anything in P3's story as able to be spoiled, I would be surprised. It isn't quite like Persona 4's story, with its murder mystery and slowly unraveling plot.

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This week, I'm going to do something a little different. With the release of Hatsune Miku Project Diva f 2nd this week (which I'm enjoying VERY much), I thought I might post a few of the songs I like from the Vocaloids in those games. Note that these all come from the Project Diva f games (three from the first one and three from the second) and that these games comprise all of my knowledge of Vocaloids. Also, these videos are all just the animations used for the games as that was the easiest way to find all of them. Enjoy!

Senbonzakura - Hatsune Miku

From my limited knowledge of the whole Vocaloid scene, I feel this may be one of the most well-known songs. There are countless covers of it from various JPOP groups--and for good reason. It's a great upbeat pop song that has a very catchy flow to the lyrics, particularly in the chorus. The Asian-theme instrumental parts shine on the instrument breaks, with the solo being particularly memorable.

Tengaku - Kagamine Rin

Here's something with a bit more oomph from my favorite Vocaloid, Rin. The vocals in this song demonstrate the interesting rhythm that the robotic-sounding voices can bring, suiting particularly well to songs like this (and rhythm games, for that matter). I particularly love the bits in the lead up to chorus. Instrumentally, this song is pretty damn awesome as well--ripping guitar throughout and a fantastic drum beat underneath it all.

Remote Control - Kagamine Rin and Kagamine Len

If I had to pick a song from the first game as my favorite to play, this would have to be it. It has a really fun beat that suits the gameplay quite well, particularly the chorus bits. It doesn't hurt that it's also quite awesome to listen to. The lyrics sync with the beat so damn well, making a sound that I can't help but nod along to no matter how many times I hear it. It picks up in intensity at the very end, making for an even greater sound (and stiffer challenge in-game!).

Two Breaths Walking - Hatsune Miku

This song has truly fantastic instrumentation. It's a catchy and exciting riff that grabs you from second one. It's so damn simple, but it works beautifully. The chorus is the best part, working in tandem with the harsh vocal track in a way that is quite memorable. It all works so well together.

Knife - Hatsune Miku and Kagamine Rin and Kagamine Len

After four really upbeat songs, here's something a bit slower that shows off a bit of the range of the Vocaloids (and those who create songs for them). This song uses a much more subdued instrumental track, but it packs a great punch while also staying out of the way of the vocals. I really enjoy the songs with multiple Vocaloids, as getting to hear control of the song jump between them is a treat. I also love when they pair together, making something that harmonizes quite well.

Wintry Winds - Meiko and Kaito

Finally, another slow song. In fact, this one takes quite some time to build in energy. It's a very traditional Asian sound, paired with an almost ballad-type song with both Meiko and Kaito, two of the older Vocaloids. It works surprisingly well, even in this slow state, with a hauntingly beautiful sound even with its robotic nature. When the beat finally picks up--first about halfway through and then again near the end--the song gets really great. The voices sync together and it's just breathtaking to hear. Make sure to give this one a chance.