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I enjoyed watching both of them one episode at a time, as I originally viewed them as they went up on the site. It may be a bit hard to watch the same gameplay twice in a row, but each run brings its own hilarity and is worth seeing. They do start out being pretty similar, but eventually, Brad's terrible game-playing skills puts them pretty far behind Vinny.

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I'm curious about the ps4 version, but considering I already own and have played a ton of the game on PC already I'd really want to try it before I buy it. Would suck to buy the game again only to realize that it's just an inferior version.

There is no reason to get it on console if you already have D3 and the expansion.

I've played the PS3 version of D3 and now the expansion on PC and apart from playing with a controller there is no difference to speak of. It used to be that the console version was superior but since they patched loot 2.0 into PC earlier this year there is no longer any difference. The only other thing would be if you play couch co-op, that is only on console, but most people play co-op over the internet.

Sure there is: if you want to sit on a couch and play it with a controller. It isn't that different, sure, but I feel there is a more laid-back feeling to playing console games over PC games.

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I've bought it twice (well, received it on PC for "free") and am considering a third purchase. I enjoyed what I played of it on the older consoles--it actually feels pretty damn good, if not better, on a controller. I like mindless games that I can listen to music with or watch shows or something, but ARPGs require a bit too much focus to split my attention sometimes. The only thing stopping me is spending another $60 on something I already own on PC, especially considering the pretty bleh endgame with D3. I dunno.

I'll probably end up buying it on impulse on Tuesday, when everyone's talking about. Ugh, I hate my inability to not spend money on a weekly basis.

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@belegorm: It really depends on what you want, in terms of style. CNBLUE and Alexandros are a bit pop-rocky, Scandal is a punky girl rock group, visual-kei groups like D=Out have a pretty interesting sound (and visual style), and I really like Spitz for some softer rock. And of course, there's always Babymetal. I don't listen to as much rocky stuff, so my recommendations are a bit limited. Sorry.

This week, let's do a few songs that are a bit mellower (and stranger).

Girlz.reteru.talk - The Nanbatatin

Here's a bit of a weird one. It's from a very small group with a plainly miniscule budget. The video isn't really anything special (although I do like the design of the girls' outfits). Even with the lack of flair, I will say that I have an intense fascination with this song. For reasons I can't explain, I love it to death, listening to it time and time again. Something about the rhythm and the cadence of the voices is immensely pleasing to my ear. Odds are, this won't be to everyone's tastes, but I suggest at least giving it a shot.

Sushi de sushi - Phenotasu

I think I might love this song solely because of the main riff--it's so catchy and entertaining that I can't enough. That isn't to say that the rest of the song is bad, necessarily; it just lacks oomph from the vocalist. Even saying that, I think her carefully-paced singing style can be enjoyable throughout this song.

Shh - After School

Here's one from way back in the year (actually, the end of last year). After School is a predominantly Korean group--and a pretty good one, at that--that has attempted to branch out into Japanese markets, like many other groups before them. Their first attempt featured some really terrible Japanese pronunciation, but they practiced and came back for round two with Shh. This song is a pretty excellent one, especially once it gets going. It has a fantastic beat and energy that keeps building until a superb release.

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@shapeofdespair: I've listened to some Drunken Tiger. I really enjoyed The Cure from last year (the song, not the album), but I don't like most of their other stuff. A little too intense in the rapping department for my tastes.

Secret's back with a sexier video for I'm In Love. As someone who prefers their cutesy stuff, I'm not really a big fan of the video--at least it does the "sexy" thing a tad more tastetfully, I guess? The song is pretty good, but I really get turned off when it slows down.

Shinee's Taemin is doing his first solo album--the video for Danger off it has been released. It's an interesting style, very spartan in instrumentation until the chorus and then fading back out again for the verses. I think the beat is pretty great, but it has a few weak points. Still, overall it's a decent debut.

Fans of the Peppertones rejoice(?)! They just released a whopping five new videos on CJEN's channel, my favorite of which is probably Good Morning Sandwichman. A nice and easy song to listen to with some pretty awesome bass playing (as seen in the video). I think these are all off an album they just released, for anyone who's curious.

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Those reactions seem to be mostly kneejerk, fear of change for a franchise that many people really love. I don't think that design is terrible, but it isn't great either. I would want it to be more distinguished from the typical Link design--although I would also not mind that type of overhaul for a male Link either.

I personally would love this in a future Zelda game, as a person who always plays a female character when given the chance. It would absolutely interest me more in the game, because it would (could?) be the biggest change the series has seen to date. I can't really define why I feel that way, other than to say I just find female protagonists immediately more interesting.

Also, I really fucking hate that name.

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I don't think that's indicative of any lack in quality. I can think of other games that have been discounted like that before release that I enjoyed. Your argument that waiting means you don't get it for cheap is correct, but at this point, you can wait about two months and get a deal on just about any game too.

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I also say to wait. Destiny is a bit of a mystery and might not have as much content as some people are hoping (based off a small beta, but hey, you never know?). The Evil Within also seems a bit iffy potentially. I don't know anything about Guilty Gear Xrd, but I doubt there are any preorder bonuses that make it worth it (?). I very much am a person who think pre-ordering anything is silly, because you never know when something might bomb.

Of course, if you don't feel the need to go off reviews telling you if you will like something or not, feel free to pick the one that seems most exciting to you. As individuals, we often know what we like better than others do.

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@johncallahan: Glad to hear it! My whole point for starting this thread was that I wanted to expose at least one person to a song (or multiple) that they really enjoy, as that's what happened to me with the KPOP thread (and in fact, that thread sparked my desire to get into JPOP as well last year). It's great knowing someone is legitimately enjoying this thread.

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Not too surprising, in my opinion. GB and GS cater to very different gaming crowds, with GS being much more mainstream and pristine. I'm not at all shocked that the tone of GB videos completely turns off a wide section of the GS audience, most likely those who don't realize that this is just the tone of the website.