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Wait, when did they delay it? I thought PC was day-and-date? I guess I don't really care, since I've already played it once and have no desire to do again, but I wasn't aware they had pushed the PC version.

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I'm really not interested in either. Assassin's Creed has been boring for years, and I only played last year's game because pirates were different (and I needed to play something on my PS4). Dragon Age doesn't seem aggressively bad or anything, but I'm really displeased that they are continuing in the direction away from Origins, one of my favorite games of the last decade. We don't really need yet another general action fantasy game.

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@bargainben: How is the Mass Effect script written for a man?

It actually wasn't at all. The writer has gone on record (I have no idea where, but I also have a Twitter reply from him saying the same thing) saying that the script was written for an either-gender character. I would call it neutral, not written for a man.

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Joyland by Stephen King. As a fan of his more down-to-Earth and less crazy stories, it's pretty good so far.

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@johncallahan: You have no idea. I spend several hours each week listening to most everything I can get my hands on, looking for things either I like or I think would fit in well here. Don't worry too much about it--this thread isn't going anywhere!

@asilentprotagonist: Considering that many anime openings are done by JPOP groups, you can certainly consider them to be part of the genre. You'll find that these often go against the natural sound of the group, often for the worse (Perfume's experiment with this last year is a great example, imo), but some are pretty good.

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Lightning Returns. Everyone shits all over that trilogy, particularly how dense and hard-to-follow it is, but LR is a miraculous melding of a bunch of different ideas that shouldn't work but somehow do. Sadly, no one is willing to give it a chance due to the extremely negative (and hastily-given) opinions and the backstory necessary to fully comprehend the gravity of the story. It's far from being perfectly, but it's easily the best RPG of the year for its entertaining combat and fascinating world and side characters. I've known since I played it in March that is was likely going to be my GotY--several months later, this fact hasn't changed.

Drakengard 3 is also being ignored, but I can at least understand that: it's not a very fun game to play, especially for its 20-hour length. The characters are unlike any other, though, and very much worth seeing.

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Off-hand, Zanarkand is the only piece of gaming music that comes to mind that can always give me shivers. It's such a supremely perfect piece of music.

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I haven't worked since I was 16 (24 now), but that's because I've been a full-time student from 18-24 (a long and complicated story that isn't that interesting). I live at home and don't feel the need to get a job, supporting myself and helping out here and there with financial aid money. Not looking forward to actually having to go out and find one, just because of all the horror stories I've been hearing.

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Lightning Returns is pretty divisive and in an interesting way: people either seem to REALLY like it (like myself) or REALLY hate it. Haven't seen anyone say, "Eh, it's okay."

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I prefer headphones for story-based games or things I'm going through the first time, to make sure I get all the audio details. For multiplayer or subsequent runs, I do either speaker audio or just no audio.