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I remember being enamored with the boxart for this game as a kid and rented it more than once. It was, however, one of those games I could never figure out how to play.

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I take notes occasionally for the purpose of reviewing games. Personally, I can have a hard time keeping things in my head that I want to say about a game if I don't write them down, particularly with longer games. The last game I wrote things down for the purpose of getting through it? Probably Legend of Grimrock--I had always been fascinated by the idea of mapping things in games and used that game as an instance to do my own maps in Excel. It was pretty damn fun.

Also, I have Divinity: Original Sin waiting for me and that sounds like a game where I might want to write down some things to make sure I don't forget them.

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@bigjeffrey: As much as I like P3 feMC, that would be a weird thing to do for the "canonical" storyline of the Persona 3/4 universe. I think it would be stretching a bit much. Nanako would be awesome but maybe a bit strange (who would hit someone like her?). Dojima should just be the first DLC character, absolutely.

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@bisonhero: That's a little harsh. They have to play as much as they possibly can in order to be "in the know" and informed about the industry and its newest directions. Every week, there are 5-10 (or even more) Quick Looks where they have to be at least passably knowledgeable about a game in order to have an informative video. On top of that, it sounds like they have forced meetings several times a week, especially Jeff.

I think that expecting them to have enough time to get truly good at every game before doing a video is downright unreasonable. If that were the case, we would get maybe one or two videos a week. None of them has the time to get good at a game because they have to be already going to the next one--except for rare exceptions for games they really like (like Brad's Dota 2 obsession).

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Here's that new Girl's Day video, Darling. Not really impressed. It's an okay enough summer song, with some decent lyrics and nice mambo-y composition, but it just feels empty and manufactured to me. I really miss that old GD attitude. Better than Something but greatly inferior to even last year's releases.

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@clonedzero: Already finished it! You're absolutely correct that the story is terribly forgettable. The rest of the game is pretty good though.

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It worked like absolute garbage for me at first: dropped frames, poor latency, and awful visuals. I just thought it was broken and didn't mess with for a long time. Finally, I wanted to see what the problem was. Doing some research keyed me onto a way to turn off the option for the PS4 to connect to the Vita via Wi-Fi and instead just connect directly. That fixed all my issues and it actually works quite nicely now. My router does suck, though, so maybe a better one would work fine with the Wi-Fi?

It plays pretty smoothly and looks decent. My one complaint is that the controls are a bit touchy, since one set of triggers AND the stick buttons are mapped to the back touch screen, which can be too easy to brush against. I won't use it often, but it's a nice option.

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This week, I’m only going to talk about one group--a duo everyone needs to know about RIGHT NOW. This duo goes by the name FEMM (which seems to stand for, bear with me, Far East Mention Mannequin’s Agency Syndicate), coming out swinging into the Japanese music scene earlier this year. At this point, they have released eight videos since February, and each of them is completely amazing. These videos are packed with loads of style, creative editing, sharply written lyrics, and some fantastic composition. I’m going to link three of their videos here (as embeds just this once, to encourage people to view them), but I urge everyone to view the rest if they like what they see here--each of them is worth seeing.

This is definitely my favorite song FEMM has released so far. It has SUCH a good beat, especially during the chorus. I just can’t get enough of it and constantly have it on repeat. The video is one of the simpler ones, but it still packs some very creative uses of perspective and choreography to make something memorable.

Wannabe is my second favorite song. There’s just so much to like about this music video: skillful lyrics, stylish editing and framing, great performances from the two women, and a really catchy song (particularly the chorus). It just barely gets edged out by Astroboy in terms of pure enjoyment but is still a phenomenal song.

This is actually my least favorite of the bunch, in terms of the song itself, but I couldn't neglect including it. I mean, just look at the title! While the title may make you think this song is about male prostitutes, the lyrics actually reveal it’s about women screwing men in order to get things they want. It’s such a bold thing to make your song about, and I love it to death for what it says. Also, the lyrics are superb, clearly having being written by someone who knows English fairly well. The choreography is pretty...special too. This is one of the best “what the fuck did I just watch?” JPOP music videos I’ve ever seen. Make sure to watch to the end for the best parts.

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After a few more listens of Red Light, I still absolutely hate it. I'm sure no one cares, but I just have to keep repeating it out loud or I feel like I'll lose my sanity; it seems like everyone else in the world likes it.

Every other song on that album, though? Amazing--just as good as, if not better than, last year's album. Still, it feels weird to actually hate the "main" song of an album.

Anyways, I have a few new videos to post.

First up is a video from G.O.D., a group that (apparently) hasn't been around for about a decade. They haven't lost their touch, it seems as their new video, Saturday Night, is pretty excellent. It features some genuinely funny acting and an actually understandable plot. The song is pretty catchy as well.

Always a Child from Evening has another fantastic video. It manages to capture that period of transitioning from a carefree child to an adult extremely well--and by using Bubble Bobble to do so! The song is just okay, but I like the video a lot more than I was expecting.

Joayo seems to be a group of Korean college students who make music and videos together. Their second video, You've Got Mail, features a guy in a Darth Vader costume doing some ridiculous, yet somehow adorable, things. I enjoy the song a great deal too, especially the chorus.

Finally, Henry is back with another video titled Fantastic. Even though he already impressed with his piano skills, Henry apparently wasn't satisfied and needed to show off his fantastic violin playing. It's a pretty catchy song that uses the strings beautifully.

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But visual novels aren't games. Why would they cover something that isn't a game?