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Seeing as how RE2 is one of my favorite AND most nostalgic games, I'm gonna have to go with that. It's the only one I could imagine perfectly in my head before listening to the video for it.

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Man, that's fantastic. And it looks about the right dimensions to stick on my phone as wallpaper!

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I really like the vibe and think the premise is great, but holy shit is the writing forehead-slappingly awful at times: egregious usage of the word 'hella,' mentions of e-cigs and Kickstarter just for the hell of it, and just a bunch of teen speak that feels forced or out-of-date. That, plus the very inconsistent voice acting, makes it a hard game to love at times. I'm certainly onboard until the end, but I'm a bit disappointed in how much like Remember Me it is--beautifully ambitious at times but very rough around the edges.

A lot of the writing in this game is just *bad*

Also Max going off on that tangent about Final Fantasy Spirits Within being a good movie was pretty funny

It took me a solid minute of sitting there to believe that line actually happened. It seriously almost broke my ability to comprehend reality. Who the fuck decided to put that line in there? It almost feels like some weird Square mandate thrown in at the last minute

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I'm biased in this case, due to my great love for RE and my unfamiliarity with Grim Fandango (which I hope to fix soon), but I went with RE. The REmake is a fantastic reimagining of one of the granddaddies of horror games. I've been playing the crap out of it, finding it still holds up quite well as a fan of that genre. I look forward to doing several more playthroughs in order to get all the achievements in the game.

I don't know how long Grim Fandango is, but RE playthroughs are about 7-8 hours. There's a lot of stuff to unlock but only if you enjoy playing the base game with harder difficulties or bonus weapons. Also, if you aren't a fan of survival horror at all, you really shouldn't get RE.

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An impressive amount of writing in a year! I would love to do some kind of weekly feature, but I can rarely come up with enough good ideas to do one a month, let alone one a week (aside from my reviews, which come at an infrequent rate due to being dependent on when I actually finish a game). Still, those pieces that are important enough for me to do a full post on end up being a great deal of fun to write and have a lot of meaning to me personally--even if most of them don't get read much. It seems like you feel the same way about most of your writing too, which is great to hear.

Good job and keep up the great work!

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@bsstephan: Hmm, hearing that the gameplay is better makes me intrigued. I dabbled in the first game's original release and found the combat to be a bit impenetrable, making it hard to keep playing no matter how I enjoyed the story and character ideas. Seeing that Re:Birth1 just came out on Steam is even better (and kinda crazy). I might have to pick it up.

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At this point, I have a bunch of names I cycle through. When those names are taken, I try alterations on those names (such as changing Mirabelle to Miirabelle). If that doesn't work, I have no problem just hitting "random" and seeing what gets spat out--maybe I'll even find a new name to add to my list of preferred choices. As long as the name is something that I like the sound of (which usually means a generically feminine sounding name, going off my past choices), it doesn't really bother me.

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Yeah, the first season is kinda rough, due to the network obviously stringing storylines along in hopes of tying them to the current films. This season has been MUCH better, with some fantastic new characters and great moments from some of my favorite season 1 characters. The only thing that really annoys me is the return of the Ward character, one I wish had just been killed off or buried somewhere to never resurface. I'm a bit skeptical of where it just left off, as it's pursuing a storyline I don't overly like, but the show is still quite strong.

And I'll add my voice to everyone saying that you should watch Agent Carter. Hayley Atwell is fantastic in the lead role and there's a great cast of supporting characters to go along with. It's moving at a much brisker pace as well, being a "miniseries" of sorts. I'm in love with the set design, which feels impeccably honest to the era. Best of all, you don't have to have watched anything else to understand it, since it's technically a prequel series.

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@dinkmonger: KB/M works well with some changes. The default controls are horrible. I bound roll to Q/E, changed y-axis mouse movement to yaw, moved throttle to R/F, and used WASD for my thrusters. It's still likely nowhere near as tight and accurate as a gamepad/flightstick, but it's MUCH better than the default controls. Before I made these changes, I was put off by the KB/M controls as you were; after, it's been my preferred control scheme (as someone with no sticks to use instead).

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@johncallahan: I have so many things I want to buy on Japanese iTunes and not nearly enough money to pay for the cards, especially considering the hike in price. Just make sure to check that things aren't available on the US store first, since songs are so much more expensive there!

It's been a LONG time since my last post for several reasons: too many posts in a row preventing me from adding another, my obsession over my Top 10 list for 2014, and the end of year/beginning of year stretch being quite dead. While there still isn't much going on in terms of new songs, I have plenty of old material to pull from.

Your Love - MThree

This song isn't great, I'm willing to admit. Even still, it has something that keeps me coming back every now and then. The verses have a good rhythm to them, flowing well from each of the vocalists. As is the case with so many songs, the chorus is my favorite part--extremely catchy and easy to sing along with due to its English lyrics. This is just a fun, no-investment-necessary song.

Love Corrida - Shishido Kafuka

Shishido is an artist I've been meaning to get around to hearing more of for quite some time, ever after hearing this song for the first time. She has some great attitude, strutting and playing the drums with healthy aplomb. I love the chorus, all over the place with its sound yet still quite catchy. The instrumentation is fun and peppy, also jumping back and forth from rock to pop styles whenever it damn well feels like it. The video's pretty excellent as well, well worth a watch.

Super Big - Sisterjet

This is a song that nearly made it onto my top 10 for 2014. It has fantastic instrumentation, pounding drums and a solid guitar riff to it all together. It's one of those songs I love to put on, jack up the volume, and just nod along with for its duration. The vocalist rarely changes his pitch but packs a lot of energy and emotion into his singing nonetheless. I also just love how well it matches up with the underlying beat, fitting together so perfectly that it's hard to imagine the song without either. It's just a really solid song and a great deal of fun to listen to.