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I would say just use the 360 controller. It's something that works with nearly every game out there and requires no extra fuss. As much as I like the DS4, I don't want to run extra programs and worry about mapping when I plug in a controller to my PC. If the DS4 gets there at some point, which I expect it will eventually, I will definitely use that for all my future PC gaming.

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If there is a default name (like most early FF games), I don't touch it. If there isn't a default name but it's still a JRPG (such as Persona), I usually pick something that suits the character, such as a Japanese name in the case of Persona (or the actual protagonist's name after they picked a canonical one). In other games like Skyrim or MMOs where the name doesn't really matter, I have a group of names I usually pick from such as Mirabelle and Ellie. On rare occasion, I choose something else that pops into my head.

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I heard the first one and didn't find it funny whatsoever. Since then, I have listened to the premium version--and only the premium version--of the Bombcast.

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What I want from games journalism in particular? People who go out there and do investigation, getting hard-hitting interviews and breaking news before anyone else--such as what Patrick has done several times in the past. Anything else, from reviews of products to in-depth looks at how games make us feel in a variety of ways, doesn't really feel like it should be called journalism to me; I would instead call these people game critics or just the more general "games writer." For me, the word journalism immediately sets some expectations of what that individual should be like, even though modern journalism is something of a joke in all fields. However, I much prefer the latter type of writer, the one who looks at the games themselves instead of the people around them. I am much more interested in how someone interprets a game than receiving breaking news of a product that hasn't been announced yet.

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I'm ready to play it, so I can delete the season off my hard drive finally. This season has had its moments, but on the whole, I found it much more boring than last season. Combine that with the fact that I really dislike playing adventure games (but I'm addicted to the deeper stories they usually have) and I'm kinda not looking forward to it that much. Maybe it'll be great?

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@tom_omb: I just don't see why you picked on my post, because almost everything I said was confirmed in that post you linked. WoD is going to have eight dungeons at launch, which is fewer than the nine that Pandaria had. Several abilities are being stripped away from each class, in an effort to consolidate what needs to be hit (which I can agree with in the case of things like cooldowns to pop). Most of the lost abilities are minor, such as Hunter's Mark , but I still feel it takes a bit of individuality away from those classes (going off of beta patch notes--maybe those changes aren't final). There isn't going to be any flying, at least at launch. It is a bit of a retread, but in the same way that Cataclysm was a retread of past areas--redesigned but still often in the spirit of those original zones. The price is definitely $50.

The one point that can be argued is the "two missing zones at launch" thing. They have stated that Tanaan Forest won't have full functionality at launch, even though the zone will be there. This is something that has probably happened before; it's just that we know about it this time and can complain. As for the other zone, Farahlon, it is true that it was never confirmed for launch, so I made a mistake there. The rest of my points (noted above) are all valid.

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@tom_omb: I pointed out in my original comment that I didn't know if anything I said was actually true about WoD--it was just what I had heard. As for the dailies, I never said that it had been confirmed that they would be the same. I just noted my overall distaste for dailies, as I really hate mindless tasks I was "forced" to complete every day.

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It's great. I just wish that it had official driver support, so that I didn't need to run some third-party program to use it.

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Well, I'm no expert, but I do know that you can replace nouns already given in context with a particle in order to not have to repeat that noun again and again, instead just inferring to it in future sentences. Maybe this just tends to get translated literally into English and sounds strangely mysterious in translation?

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Since this is a rather slow week for new stuff, I figured I'd do some older stuff this week instead--none of these songs came out this year.

Spending All My Time - Perfume

I haven't linked any Perfume yet, mostly because I didn't care much for their release this year, but they are one of my favorite J-Pop groups. Their songs meld pop and electronic music extremely well, and I love watching the trio perform their expert choreography in each video. Spending All My Time is my absolute favorite song of theirs, mixing an absolutely perfect beat that never gets old with a repetitive, but well-paced, vocal track and a fascinating music video. Even with how much I love it, I was very hesitant to post it here due to it being one of those songs I don't think a lot of people will like, mostly due to its repetition. It is the same riff and lyrics again and again, with very minor differences, from beginning to end, something which might annoy most listeners. I really hope you still give it a try, because it is easily one of my favorite Japanese pop songs. For those of you who just hate it, hopefully this video link for the more palatable (and also excellent) Spring of Life will quell your annoyance.

Twinkle Twinkle - Secret

Secret is a group of Korean girls that has occasionally released their songs--or entirely original ones like this one--in Japanese. This song and video do what Secret do best: sing a cutesy, catchy pop song while being absolutely adorable. This was one of the earliest "modern" Japanese pop songs I was exposed to, and for that reason, it holds a special place in my heart. Listening to it again right now makes me realize I like it for another reason entirely: it has some easy to follow Japanese, perfect for someone like me who is learning the language and can recognize some words. It's just a fantastic and heart-crushingly cute song.

Galaxy Supernova - Girls' Generation

Yet another example of Korean group trying to break into Japanese pop charts (which Girls' Generation did most of last year, to the annoyance of their Korean fans). This song placed in the number 3 spot of my Top 10 list for JPOP songs last year, mostly due to its high-energy composition that makes it hit so incredibly hard. It demands your attention from second one and doesn't let go until three-and-a-half minutes are up. The incredibly catchy beat and lyrics make it stick in your head for hours (or days) after hearing it. It really just has to be heard to believe.