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@mathj said:

i know people had this love for RE:ORC, though ill never understand it. trying to fit the resident evil formula into a COD clone, with all the fast paced action of a blockbuster movie really confuses me. its as though a bunch of people who know nothing, or care about the core of what resident evil is just see the big bucks westernized shooters make and follow the $$. but hey, to each their own, for me im way more interested in the new direction of the series with 7. a game like UC doesnt interest me at all.

Funny, I kinda feel the same way about RE7 and it's clear chasing of things like P.T. and the horror gaming community on Twitch/Youtube.

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Things are still a bit slow in the world of JPOP, sadly. Despite the shortage of new tracks, I wanted to post a few songs from this year. As such, I had to dig around a bit outside my usual channels to find something interesting enough to post. Thankfully, I managed to stumble into a great selection of new songs, all from Japanese label Space Shower Music. Hope you enjoy them!

Renaissance Beat / Pushin' - STUTS (2016)

It's rare for music videos for electronic songs to show the artist actually PLAYING the song. This is part of the reason I like this video for both Renaissance Beat and Pushin' so much: it's great to see him slap away at his controller (no idea if that's the right term?) and pound out the beats in real time, instead of just using a backing track. The rest of my enjoyment obviously comes from the songs themselves. Both have a fantastic retro sound, mixing in samples and synth patches expertly.

Let's Rock On - Scha Dara Parr (2016)

Let's Rock On is a delightfully catchy hip-hop track. Scha Dara Parr has apparently been in the business for quite some time, dating all the way back to their debut in 1988. This song has a smooth-as-hell retro sound, evoking greats from the 80s and 90s like the Beastie Boys. The video's a lot of fun too, with the members mugging appropriately at the camera and "dancing" their hearts out. This may be my first song from this group, but it certainly has me eager to go back and sample the rest of their work.

Road Show - Age Factory (2016)

Road Show is a powerful song. The vocalist is incredibly talented, belting out the lyrics with such feeling that it seems almost cathartic for him. It's a remarkable performance that absolutely sells this song for me, making it an instant favorite. In my mind, I don't even need to mention the instrumentation; it's quite good but not really the point of the song. There's not a lot I can say about this song: in my mind, the vocal performance is all you need to hear to understand why I like it so much.

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I want to be happy, but I really can't understand why someone would ever leave GB (as one of its biggest fans, admittedly), especially in an era where many new gaming sites tend to fail. Hope it goes well for him and all, but I can't help but be a bit bitter at the news.

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Really hope this turns out well. I absolutely adored XII when I first played it a few years ago and have been dying to go back. Getting to see all the IZJS stuff (which I assume will be in here, given the name) will be fantastic. Now I just have to pray it comes to Steam...

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JPOP for the last several weeks has hit a bit of a slump, with very few new releases, let alone notable ones. As such, I decided to look through some of the artists I've featured here before and bring them back for a second time, pointing out other tracks of theirs that I really enjoy.

Horizon - Miyavi (2013)

Miyavi is an incredibly talented guitar player. I absolutely love the way he plays guitar: frantic strums and slaps packed with feeling. All of his tracks have their own sound while all reflecting his tastes as a musician. Horizon is just one example of his unique talents, an almost Latino-inspired riff paired with powerful vocal work. I highly recommend listening to more of his work; it's impossible to go wrong!

Kanden 18gou - D=Out (2013)

Kanden 18gou (or Electric Shock #18, if you want the rough translation) is the song that first turned me onto D=Out, appearing on my first Top 10 list here on Giant Bomb in 2013. While I generally don't care much for the visual kei style of music, this group always bring an intensity to their tracks that I can't help but enjoy. The lyrics have a fantastic rhythm to them, especially when sung alongside the skillful instrumentation.

Bloom - The Winking Owl (2016)

Bloom again highlights all the things I really enjoy about The Winking Owl: a great vocalist who mixes Japanese and English lyrics, memorable Paramore-esque pop-punk instrumentation, and a unique visual style both in their look and videos. While this group may be a bit too similar to 2000s-era alt rock for some, I really appreciate them for trying something different in a genre (J-rock) that I found a bit stagnant.

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I don't have a lot to post this week, but I NEED to post this Tiffany song so I'm just going with what I have.

I Just Wanna Dance - Tiffany : Holy crap, this song is fantastic. A fantastically atypical chill pop track with some gorgeous vocals, particularly the vocal breakdown after the second chorus. The rest of the album is pretty great too, if a bit more 90s-throwback.

Oh Ma Mind - MIXX : An interesting debut from a new group. Very much doesn't follow the blueprints for a debut, which I can appreciate. I find it slightly off in a way I can't explain, but it's still pretty fun/catchy.

Wait Up - Noday : I mostly just really dig the main beat/synth line in this song: it's pleasingly bassy and memorable. The vocal work is maybe a bit plain, but it works well with the production.

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Good final boss, slightly rushed ending. I don't mind that it's a cliffhanger (because they should TOTALLY do another one of these), but it just felt like things wrapped up a bit too quickly and without much fanfare.

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@rafaelfc: The Ayumi song and the Lisa song are both missing. Only the Ayumi song says not available in your country (a now-common thing, at least here in the US). The Lisa song just says it's missing, which usually means it's been pulled entirely.

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@mirado: Up until fairly recently, it actually wasn't too bad. Aside from a few particular labels and your smaller indie groups, you could find most things on Youtube. However, with the Youtube Red service, something seemed to happen with licensing agreements between Youtube and content providers. I've heard that these providers had to accept new terms or their old content would get pulled, but I don't know how truthful this is. Either way, this new service is why so many Japanese songs/labels now show up on Youtube as "not viewable in your country" at least in the US.

I have no idea why Japanese music labels haven't attempted to solve this problem yet. Most likely, they are just being their typical overprotective, untrusting-of-the-Internet selves. But maybe it's possible they just don't realize it's a thing? Or they didn't like the new terms and refused to accept? Either way, it's crippled my list of songs I keep on Youtube, with more songs disappearing from the list every time I check it.

If you want to find JPOP online, you can try using sites like VEVO (fairly limited selection but great for certain artists), Dailymotion (again, spotty selection), or jpopsuki.tv. The latter of those is the best, with many tracks unavailable anywhere else. Unfortunately, it's also a fairly laggy site that is often entirely down. When it works, however, it's quite useful for finding those rarer tracks.

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@rafaelfc:Thanks for adding some tracks of your own! Sadly, two of your videos have already been removed from Youtube; one of the sad facts of the last year or so of Japanese music on that service. Still, it's the thought that counts!

@mirado: Hey, I have a few artists that might work for you. I would have more, but it's getting increasingly hard to find artists from certain Japanese labels on Youtube and I'm having trouble running videos for them down. If I manage to do so, or think of anyone else, I'll be sure to let you know.

In the meantime, let's see how you do with these. Chara is probably my favorite example of this type of artist, a very old hat in the JPOP industry at this point and one who isn't afraid to use her deeper voice. Noppal is a group I had on my top 10 list last year, with a pretty great mellow sound. Sheena Ringo is a fairly prolific JPOP artist who often uses a smoother, jazzier sound in her songs (although the track I REALLY wanted to share is one of those I still need to track down—sorry!). Just be aware that she does some "cute" songs here and there too; you may have to sample various tracks from her. The Gospellers is a group that mostly utilizes acapella vocals, to pretty fantastic effect in my opinion. And finally, as a bit of a maybe, you could try Sara Kurokawa; her tracks are a bit more “poppy” but her voice is fantastically atypical for the genre. Hope this helps!

Okay, now for this week's tracks!. It's been a bit slow again, so I went back and picked a few older songs I've been sitting on. Hope you enjoy them!

Mr. Heartache – Sekai no Owari (2015)

Mr. Heartache is a song I've been listening to regularly for a few months now. I discovered it when it came out around the end of last year but didn't come to appreciate it until more recently. My favorite part is the fantastic lead-in to the song's main hook: rhythmic claps and a slow build of the energetic instrumentation that culminate in a potent aural punch. The lyrics are actually completely in English, yet fit perfectly in the song thanks to strong autotune and a great performance from the vocalist. I really like the video as well; the group clearly had a great time dressing up in various costumes and jamming out!

Comic Jug – Scars Borough (2014)

Comic Jug by Scars Borough (a fantastic name, by the way!) has a strong opening. It begins with its dirty guitar riff, grabbing your attention from the first second. Then, after two bars, the drums and bass kick in for a blast to your senses. When the vocalist begins to sing, it gets even better. She alternates between a matter-of-fact tone for the verses and an in-your-face shriek for the chorus, blending the two styles together perfectly. This is a track that doesn't mess around: the video is simple, the playtime is short, and it leaves you ready to hit play again.

Yuragu Sakana – Nabowa (2014)

Every so often, I like to remind everyone (and myself) that JPOP isn't always about intensity and flair; some groups opt instead to focus on softer sounds and mellower aesthetics. Nabowa is one of the best examples of these kinds of groups, a “jam-band” that focuses almost entirely on instrumental tracks. Yuragu Sakana is one of my favorites of theirs, a gorgeously composed piece of music that was clearly performed by artists who love music. As the song progresses, it just keeps building on itself, adding new sounds and playing with the old ones in fun ways. The video even reflects on the name of the track, utilizing an underwater “wavy” style that really stands out from other JPOP videos.