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@fancysoapsman: The first Fatal Frame is a bit rough around the edges, likely because they hadn't figured things out yet. As far as I remember, it doesn't do much to explain where you need to go, limits your items quite severely, and has some annoying enemy encounters. If you just can't get through, I would say it's at least worth giving 2 a shot, since that is a much tighter and better-designed experience across the board.

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@yummylee: You're right on the nose with Clock Tower 3--I also hated how you would rarely be not chased, ruining those moments of tension. Also, I find your comparison of Dennis to Ron Weasley so damn perfect that I'm still laughing. Haunting Ground does have a pretty ridiculous amount of breast jiggle, that's for sure. Also, her original outfit is pretty ridiculous, especially considering you only wear it for a few minutes. Sadly, The Suffering just has that style of old gameplay that I can't stand anymore, otherwise I would have played through it happily. As I noted, Fatal Frame III does that SH4 "fuck with the player in their safe place" thing a lot better, which made it stand out less in The Room. Regarding Alien, the nest is the part I hated the most, as I felt it poorly explained the facehuggers and what you are supposed to do. The part following that though? Holy shit is it great. That's a huge bummer to hear about the FF games not being on the European PSN, as they are some of my favorites. I would still recommend tracking them down at some point, even through "alternative" means if necessary.

@csl316: Maybe I would have taken it more seriously if the cutscenes hadn't been so ridiculous?

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I purposely don't get hyped for anything anymore. It's better to remain skeptical about everything (like Alien) and get surprised by how good it may be (Alien again) or how bad it may be (The Evil Within). It also makes those moments when I'm not expecting anything from a game but it ends up being awesome, like Legend of Grimrock 2, that much sweeter. I do look forward to games, sure, but I expect very little from almost all of them just to be safe.

Also, I just don't think that aspect of my personality is very strong anymore. I'm too busy doing other stuff to pine away after a game release; after all, I usually still have dozens of other games to play in the meantime!

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This week, I'm doing songs with interesting sounding composition.

Obake - Kameleo

I chose this song for very unique sound, almost circus-y in nature. It feels like something I would hear in a haunted house at some weird theme park. The whole video has an eerie feel, which works quite well for the song as a whole. I don't think song is really that strong, but it makes a great first impression with its instrumentation.

Koi no Machine Gun - Tokyo Karan Koron

There's a great peppy energy to the instrumentation in this one, where you can really feel the fun the band had playing it. The vocals are interesting too, sang slightly off-time in a really memorable way that I enjoy returning to time after time. The chorus is a bit rougher around the edges, but I think it still works for this particular song. One warning I have for anyone watching this is that it breaks into a bit of an acting thing halfway through; be prepared to skip around it.

The Hero - Jazzin'Park

Finally, here's a more electronic-y song for you guys. It has a great beat and a constantly changing riff that rises and falls in some really interesting ways. I particularly like the bit right after the chorus. Vocally, it's not bad either, keeping up with the varied sound of the beat. Give it a listen!

A quick note for anyone who may poke their head in here. If you can give this a bump, I would appreciate it; otherwise, I can't post again due to too many posts in a row. Thanks!

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If there were some kind of guide to getting in, I would totally be down. I've always wanted to go back and play more original PSO but just never got around to it.

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A year or two ago, I would have said yes--Halo 2 multiplayer, in its original form, would have been enough to get me to go out and buy an X1 just for this game.

Now? I don't care enough about multiplayer enough anymore. I'm sure I'd really enjoy it, but I just don't have enough interest to spend all that money for one game.

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Unless I'm mistaken, it's always been that way: yearly members get the additional bonus of no ads for their extra cost. Are you sure you didn't just have some ad-block program installed or something?

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Nice write-up. If I were more inclined to play space shooters, I would definitely give this a shot.

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That there are too many of them I want to play and not enough time to play them all in? That they make me want to spend all my time with them at the detriment of nearly everything else in my life?

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I really enjoyed the Lightning Returns soundtrack, particularly the first city's nighttime theme--very jazzy. Drakengard 3 has a pretty excellent soundtrack (that no one heard because no one played it!) that is reminiscent of Nier in several places, just not quite as good. Destiny has some fantastic pieces here and there, but the rest is pretty boring in my opinion. Those are just the ones I can think of.