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Wish I liked SSB enough--at all, really--to get in on this, as it seems like the next zeitgeist for the near future. I just can't bring myself to care about Smash Bros. anymore, though.

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EDIT: My bad I just realized there were 2 Buffy games! I was thinking about BtVS: Chaos Bleeds.

Oh wow, I'll have to look for this other one.

From what I remember, the first Buffy game on Xbox was a much better game in terms of story. It also fit nicely in the fiction, albeit much earlier (around the time when Angel was on the show), and had a decent story involving the return of the Master. There were some nice cameo locations like the Bronze and the mansion that Angel lived in, which was neat. It also featured a MUCH better voice performance for SMG (even though it was the same actress who played her in the second game) and the entirety of the rest of the cast doing voices. The only change was to the Master's voice, but I remember it being not half bad. I've played more Chaos Bleeds (and still own it, in fact), but I feel like I enjoyed the original much more.

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@geraltitude: You make some great points about being acceptive towards criticism even when it takes a different side from you. This is what true criticism should be--two sides having a calm, rational argument that supports their side. It is absolutely true that the louder asshats, those who use death threats and insults to get their way, are making it harder for those on the "wrong" side to voice their opinions without being completely shut down. I can understand why this can make people a little touchy when it comes to criticism, but the only way to obtain actual legitimate debate is to listen to those who speak. Unless of course they just scream and whine to say their piece--in which case, fuck 'em.

@spraynardtatum: This is the point I keep trying to make whenever I'm discussing these events with anyone. It's a bit annoying to see everyone using the "journalists should be unbiased" argument when games writers (note how I didn't say journalists) are absolutely not journalists, bar a few including the ones you mentioned. Reporting on news of products and companies in the gaming industry, posting previews and reviews of products, and talking about the general industry at large makes these people critics--or as Jeff likes to say, "enthusiast press." I think people would be a lot less angry if they realized this was the case.

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Just took advantage of this. Was going to wait, but I already had $30 sitting on my PayPal account from a refunded Kickstarter so it cost me practically nothing. Can't wait to give it a try! Thanks, @mb!

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It's made by Rocksteady. They made City and Asylum. They did not make Origins. Ergo, supposedly it'll be better than Origins.

This is probably correct. Origins was fine anyways--it just had some serious technical problems on release (including a bug that prevented 100% completion) that have since been cleared up.

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Live chat can be fun--and very useful for feedback by the person running a stream--but it VERY QUICKLY can devolve into people spamming the same mindless comments, basically doing their best to ensure that the chat is completely unreadable both because of the content and the speed with which it pushes everything out of view. I do think chat can be useful on some things, such as Patrick's Spookin' feature, but it seems to work better when there are less people overall to mess with it: the crap-to-gold ratio is a much nicer one at that point.

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For once, I'm going all out. Horror games have been a fairly small part of my gaming life to this point, but I've been just itching to play a bunch of them for quite some time--but I decided to wait it out and do it in the proper month. I already started last night with the PS version of Clock Tower. I've accumulated pretty damn near every horror game I've ever wanted to play and plan on getting through most, if not all, of them in the month of October. This includes things like Silent Hill 4 (the only SH game I haven't finished), Rule of Rose, Haunting Ground, and the new Neverending Nightmares. On the day itself, I am saving Slender: The Arrival, which I haven't touched yet. It's a long list, but I'm fairly confident that I can finish the entire thing.

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As always, it depends on how good the PC port is. There are still far too many inconsistencies in PC ports to risk buying one sight unseen.

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@hailinel said:

@yinstarrunner: Games with romance/sexual content targeting women seem to be such a novel concept in North America that the idea Japan has been producing such dating/romance games for women, and covering such a broad spectrum of tastes at that, seems to fly over a lot of heads.

Yeah, it's kinda crazy to see Patrick thinking this is a new idea, considering it's been happening for a long, long time. Just goes to show that most "mainstream" games writers don't really understand what goes on in Japan.

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@jagged85: I've tried going back to some older stuff, but a lot of it just doesn't appeal to me. I'm really into how it sounds now, which is why I got into it in the first place. Still, it's always interesting to see old music videos from another country, as they are extremely telling of where that country was in that time period, I feel.

Not much of a theme this week--just picked a few songs that sounded interesting!

Starlight - Yun*chi

Here's another one of those songs with a vocalist that may not quite appeal to everyone's tastes. She has a cadence that sounds pretty grating the first time you hear it--giving it a chance, however, reveals an interesting song with some unique vocal rhythms. It's a strange song for a pop song, bouncing around in style, but it's one of those songs that pops into my head at random every since I heard it. Worth at least one listen.

Bucchake Rock'n Hacchake Roll - Babyraids

I love the instrumentation in this song. It's such a happy, upbeat song that perfectly mimics the energetic enthusiasm of the group's members. For such a herky-jerky sound to the vocals, it manages to work really well; I particularly like the parts when the tempo increases. The video is typical Japanese ridiculousness, with a fun rotating record prop the members run around on in time with the song. All in all, a very entertaining song and video.

Drop Pop Candy - Reol and Giga

Hang with me for a sec--describing this one is a bit tricky. Reol and Giga are just one of many "groups" out there who create songs solely for the purpose of using vocaloids and animation to make their own music videos, particularly on the site NicoNico which is famous for them. This song was originally created for famous vocaloids Megurine Luka and Kagamine Rin, but the creators of the song also recorded a version with their own vocals, a rather common occurrence as well. This video I linked is of their version.

Whew, now that that's out of the way, let's talk about the song itself. It's a poppy, electronic song with some lightly autotuned lyrics tying it all together. The beat is absolutely fantastic from top to bottom and the vocalists, a man and woman voice, pair together superbly. I love the bridge in particular, with its back-and-forth singing and perfect matching to the beat. A supremely catchy song that I greatly enjoy.