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@gaminghooligan: You can check if a game is still installing by hitting Options on it and going to Information.

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Do the Rock Band games count? Because that's my lazy answer, if so.

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It's a really fun gameplay loop, but I'm really concerned about it's longevity. If each planet is as short as the beta planet, and if there aren't many planets, I may blow through it too quickly. Also, I feel the storytelling has been really lacking thus far. I've changed my mind from a preorder to a "wait and see" mentality.

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I am completely and utterly out at this point. The last few times I went back for a month, I didn't even play past a week. I just really hate the changes they are making to the game with WoD--constantly removing any ability to have unique builds or rotations, taking out key abilities for certain classes, and making everything STUPID easy--and have no interest in ever going back.

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This is part of the reason why I plan on waiting until AFTER launch to buy this game. I don't feel great about the amount/quality of content presented thus far. I know it's just a beta, but the way it's presented makes it seem pretty close to final.

Also, I feel like I've read this thread already, but maybe it was on Gamefaqs and not here.

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My favorite part of the week!

Chururi Chururira (?) - Denpagumi.inc

Prepare for sensory overload. This video is as energetic and boisterous as any other Denpa video. This time, however, it's paired with a ridiculous video that seems to just try and be as crazy as it can. I definitely don't think release is as tight as the last one (Sakura Apparition), but it's still a pretty decent song.

Wimp - Back-On

This is one of my early favorites from this year. A rocking beat mixed with some fantastic vocals from both the male lead and the guest female Lil' Fang. I absolutely adore the chorus--the two voices and racing tempo mix together beautifully. I've easily listened to this 100+ times since its debut in March.

Adrenaline - Beast

For those of you who aren't aware, Beast is a predominantly Korean male pop group that occasionally does songs in Japanese. This is easily one of their best Japanese releases. I LOVE the main beat/riff--it packs so much energy and sticks in my head for hours after I hear it. The singing is okay, but I don't usually prefer male groups (as you may have noticed already). Still, even with my predisposition to dislike songs like these, I really enjoy it.

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Another decent, but not great, week of KPOP videos. Here's what I have to share.

Delight is back (with new members and a new name, if I read it right?) with Hate You! This is technically an EDM song--one trying to masquerade as an upbeat pop song at the beginning--but it's a pretty promising song in my opinion. The bridge is fantastic and leads into an decently memorable chorus.

Heyne is a relatively new artist who just released a new video for Red Lie. I don't think the song itself is very interesting, but I do like Heyne's voice quite a bit--a bit deeper and sassier than your average cutesy pop star. It does feel a bit like she's trying to crib some style from Kyary (yikes, a JPOP reference! Don't shoot me!), but she does it well. I like the video too, which uses some frame tricks to great effect.

This last one is the most interesting--Wish List from Taurine. It's a very unique sounding song, reminiscent of a much older sound complete with (fantastic) harmonizing vocals and a jazzy beat. The lyrics are a bit silly and the song lacks energy, but it's a fascinating change of pace for the genre.

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This is the only thing that's inspired me to take a screenshot. Really eye-catching and very early on too.

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Mine is two words flipped backwards and stuck together. It's slightly juvenile now, as I created this name in 2003 or so when I was like 12 or 13, but I still like it. It's stuck as my name since I've used it so much in games.

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I'm rather unexcited about everything coming out in October (at least, that I know of). Shadow of Mordor could be interesting, but I need more information before I know for sure. Alien: Isolation seems a bit dicey, so I want to see it in action before I commit. I don't know what to think about The Evil Within due to its inconsistent coverage. Evolve seems entirely uninteresting to me as someone who isn't a huge fan of multiplayer-only games. I have long since given up caring about Assassin's Creed. Even if DA was still coming out in October, I don't think I would have necessarily played it, since it isn't the sequel to DA:O that I want.

It's just a bunch of games that I'm not convinced about yet. I may end up buying one--or all--of these games, but right now I couldn't care less about the lot.