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I played original Dragon's Dogma up until I hit Gran Soren for the first time...and promptly sold it away. It didn't really seem all that interesting. With this new version, I decided to give it another shot, especially since it was so cheap. Forcing myself to play a decent bit further (I'd say probably 10 hours to REALLY get going) made me realize that this game is pretty damn fun.

While I don't personally agree with everyone who says the combat is super-tactical (mashing is VERY efficient for several--not all--of the enemies) and Monster Hunter-esque (not enough animation priority to be that comparable), it is still a surprisingly competent fantasy game from a Japanese company, Capcom no less. If they can create a more interesting world with some fun, creative characters for a sequel (probably my one problem with the game), I think they will have quite the success on their hands.

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Does it work with Windows 8? I'd buy it if does. Lately I haven't been having a lot of luck... GTA IV won't run in Windows 8 for me at all...same for a lot of other games. :/

I played entirely through Sleeping Dogs on a Windows 8 system. Worked perfectly fine for me.

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The random encounters are never very hard, no matter which party you have. Being able to walk over over them just keeps them from being annoying. I often have gotten bored with the random encounters, even with relatively-weak parties.

Naoto didn't use to get any spells other than physical stuff, Light/Dark, and Almighty (at least, I don't think so), but I guess she does now? I've only played through Golden once and haven't used her yet. She sounds like she could be pretty good; the main problem would be fitting all the stuff she can get into only eight skills. You don't get her until pretty late in the game, so I guess it isn't really THAT much of a concern?

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I was forced to throw out everything I had at a point by my parents because they were tired of them taking up space. I do have every one I've bought since then, but this collection pales in comparison to the original.

Having moved several times since then, I will say how nice it is to have done so. Magazines get extremely heavy when they pile up.

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@wemibelec90: I love Girl's Day. They have a playfulness that I find infectious and their music is consistently catchy. The Expectation video isn't among my favorites; I have no problem with them going more mature or trying something new, but it lacks the inventiveness of their better works.

I agree that the video for Expectation isn't really that great; I feel it is a bit too pandering for my liking. The song, however, is one of my favorites this year.

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I'm a pretty big Girl's Day fan, personally. Twinkle Twinkle and Oh My God are both amazing K-Pop videos and catchy as hell. They just recently had a new song called Expectation that I can't seem to get out my head either.

Other than that, I bounce around quite a bit. Every so often, I find a new group I like and listen to a bunch of their stuff. It's something I've always wanted to get really into and finally did at the beginning of this year, after reading the KPop post on the forums here from around that time.

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The Fifth Element is probably my favorite movie people consider "dumb." I've seen it dozens of times and it never gets old. Parts of it are absolutely cringeworthy (especially the Chris Tucker parts...), but I still really love that movie.

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Probably Persona 4, with the Golden songs added in for good measure. Some really excellent new stuff in Golden, such as an 8-bit version of the boss music on the Mitsuo fight. That was such a great surprise.

Also have to give props to Jamestown's soundtrack. To use an overused word, one of the most epic soundtracks for a game I've ever heard.

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I don't feel a need. I do use Spotify but almost entirely on my PC (where it is entirely free), since I don't have a phone nor do I care to use Spotify on the go. If I like a song or album enough, I'll go ahead and pick it up but that is quite rare for me. Most of my music listening does come from Youtube, letting me pick and choose what I want to listen to at any given moment. Since I have an ad-blocker (and feel no qualms about using it on a site like Youtube), it works out pretty well. I can just buy those songs I listen to a lot (although I don't often do this).

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Once you have the core technology and prototype you're done. Everything else is just adding geometry and textures which is where all the money goes.

Am I wrong?

Think about how many people have to get paid when a game is made: the whole development team, external QA (if the team doesn't have their own), PR, any outsourcers, etc. Then also add in any marketing, which can easily rise into the millions on its own. The publisher also has to print discs and distribute them around the world.

Does generating art assets take a large chunk of that money? Probably. You can't forget all the people who have to be paid in order for a big game to be created and sold.