GOTY 2013

Another year, another batch of games for a top ten list. While this year had some stellar releases, I had a hard time crafting this list. There were a lot of good games that I enjoyed a great deal but not a lot of great games that really meant something to me. Odds are, the shift to a new console generation is to blame. Still, I can't deny that some truly amazing games came out this year. Here's what I enjoyed the most:

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Interesting list. I've only played about half the game on your list and not your #1 pick (though I did gift that to a friend of mine); I've seen the QL and watch my friend stream it but I don't get the appeal? Maybe it'll be different if I actually play it? I guess I know how my cousin feels when I talk to him about Dark Souls, lol.

I noticed that you said you didn't like how TLOU played. I really do want to finish that game and beat it for myself but somehow it's just not pulling me in; I left off not too far after the thing that happens with Joel's partner and they're off looking for some other dude to help them or something? I know people have said that eventually you kind of reach a point where the game "clicks" and you get super into it, but with the intensity of the game (it's kind of horror-ish, and I don't do well with horror) I can only play it in spurts and with it not really holding my attention, I [sadly] don't think I'll ever beat it... :/

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@wchigo: I never really had that "click" moment with TLOU. I started to like the combat a little more by the end, but it always was a bit of a chore. Part of that likely stems from my distaste for the way Naughty Dog makes shooters, something about how it feels to aim in their titles.

If you can't get through it yourself, at least go and look up the cutscenes on Youtube. You'll get most of the best parts of the game and save yourself the headache of playing through it.