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GT: Vegasaur

I need guys to play crazy custom games with! My list seems to have dwindled since the Halo 3 days.

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@Mumrik: Yeah I agree with you there, changed my original post.

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@HelixNebula said:

Not everyone seems to like this.

Link Removed

He does bring up some valid points.

Duders this is pure spam, report it. The guy created his account today and posted this message 5 minutes after making the account. The name HelixNebula also happens to coincide with the name of the intro theme to their podcast, Helix Nebula by Anamanaguchi. His statement "not everyone seems to like this" is merely trying to drive up site views through confrontation. I would say the user is either the author of the piece or another contributor to the website.

Stop giving them hits.

EDIT: Made a modification based on Mumrik's input.

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@algertman: Ok cupid it's time to settle down.

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@RageKage14: Cite the damn articles Rage and quit merely responding with dismissive remarks.

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@Trylks said:

@walkingcarpet said:

Metroid Fusion is my favorite Metroid game.

I almost wish I'd bought a 3DS now.

Have you ever played super metroid?

Hey now A.I. man, Metroid Fusion is fantastic.

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Any female members of the T-Club should call themselves T-girls. Google it. Image search is the most informative.

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Yes yes yes. Time to wipe the dust off my 360.

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So many petty complaints in these comments.

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Make them go away. Make The Black Eyed Peas go away!