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@mnzy: Yeah I know it's standard, still bugs me since I can never wear these things. Luckily most pre-order shirts are generic black and look like shit, so I don't miss out on much.
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Good thing everything is a god damn large. No one in shape wants these...

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Cool. Now back to my This American Life podcast.

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@xyzygy: He didn't
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I say there is quite a lot of chav speak going on.

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I care about dressing respectable. A while back I started to replace my Nikes with casual leather shoes, my jeans with nice pairs of pants, and t-shirts with button downs. I still wear my old clothes when needed, but they've been mostly retired.

The brand is important to me, but not for what most people think. I buy from designers that don't put logos on their clothing, instead I'm spending that extra money on quality fabrics and fit.

What amazes me is the people that blow money on these ridiculous playground outfits. Flat bill hats, sports jerseys, loud-ass shoes; you look like a grown man preparing for your first day of elementary school. If you expect to garner any respect from your peers dress like you belong there. And if that only means some trash outfit, well, your friends may be burn outs.

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The people surprised by the existence of gamebomb clearly did not listen to Dave's live stream.

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Well I've contributed my +1.

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@TheKing: @ch13696: Some of the people working at GameStop think they're suppose to sell the opened copy and then pop open a new one for the shelf. It makes no sense, but I had multiple game advisors do it when I worked there. I ended up having to tell each of them to stop it.

@sickVisionz: I use to work at store 2258 over in Lilburn. I'm not sure how close you are to that store but I would always make sure damaged items were taken in as defective so they wouldn't be sold back to customers. I loved defecting out busted controllers and games since it screwed over the ass who didn't take care of his stuff, instead of the buyer. That and I made sure the advisor's I worked with didn't poke at people for desperate preorders. I stopped working there a while back though so they could have fallen downhill since.
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You guys seem stressed, I'm glad all I have to do is wait for the box to show up at my door. I'll worry about this PC stuff over the weekend, I'm sure everything will be smooth by then.