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@christaran: Can you elaborate on what makes them untrustworthy? I'm not fighting you or anything. I honestly don't know.

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Surprise, previews and marketing are lies. Yes the pc version will have "improved" textures, but that's not going to put at it what we were previously shown.

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Well, Dark Souls is an actual good game so I gotta vote for that.

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Ads are no problem. Every other podcast I listen to has one.

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Do you have a higher res version?

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@monetarydread: I have no problems with Milla's voice.

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There are no subtitles? Not having the japanese voice track I can understand, but a lack of subtitles at all is pretty inexcusable.

There's an option to turn them on right at the beginning of the game

They're even on by default.

True. Sorry for misleading.

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It's 2013 and we're still getting shitty english dubs?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to try and impose my own preferences on the rest of the world (which is that I would like to hear everything in a game, movie or t.v. show in its original language), but considering that the people buying a tales game in this day and age are probably going to be hardcore japanophiles, it seems less than wise.

Obviously the main problem would be fitting the data on to the disc, but somehow I just don't find it that likely that xillia uses up quite all the space on a blu-ray disc.

I looked it up, Milla's english VA is a Japanese American actress known for General Hospital. Her voice-over list is very small. She's 40 and went to high school in America, so I wouldn't expect she'd have a lisp due to an accent. Then you have Jude as an established VA. Not sure who did the casting for this, but they must've been able to pick someone with more experience. It doesn't even have to be someone that established like a Wendee Lee or whatever. Oh well.

I'm not intending to fault this woman for her lisp, but I would've thought that a voice actor in a video game in 2013 wouldn't have had one. I'll keep on playing, game is fun :D

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I have no idea, but the US version appears to be english only. English Milla has a bad one that pops up occasionally.

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But no really, even without the lisp her voice isn't very great. Did I miss some option to turn on japanese voices? I'm not usually one of "those guys", but this voice is pretty distracting. It's not every scene, but when it's there it's so bad. Is there an option somewhere that I can't find?