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@EvilNiGHTS: I forgot about Gaynor's Peaches. Good stuff.

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Like this if you're a 90s kid! xD

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Agreed. It's awful awful awful.

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So I ended up watching Tari Tari, Yuru Yuri, Jinrui, and SAO this season. Mostly good, SAO was kind of really boring and meh, but the other 3 were great. What of this season did you bros check out?

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I know everyone's always cynical in the comments, but is anyone else kind of excited for it? I think it has potential...

...then again, I said that for the Wii...

I seem to have gone from feeling like it will be a huge failure to being somewhat excited. I'm not really sure why, though.

Because the launch looks incredible? I haven't seen a better launch on any other console before.

What is at launch?

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Just wait for next years model.

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If I remember right, Hero had some pretty cool fights. I think those all involved weapons so maybe that's not what you're looking for.

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@EquitasInvictus: That's really the name of the Madoka movie? The first two are just series retellings right? Also you gotta go with Saya no Uta!

P.S. to anyone, how is Hyouka? I generally trust KyoAni to make decent things, but I figured I'd ask.

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I'm watching Tari Tari and Yuru Yuri this season, what else is good?