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I wonder if the world would be a better place if everyone subscribed to Dan Ryckert's be ignorant and happy about everything lifestyle.

No, not at all.

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It's sad, the lengths scumbags will go to hurt people. And it's sad that people who aren't bigots are allowing themselves to be used to try to legitimize a hate campaign.

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I love Jenn Frank. This really pisses me off. Fuck this gamergate garbage.

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Those chairs look terribly uncomfortable.

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Thanks for putting yourself out there like this, OP. It isn't always easy to get involved and put yourself out there and be subjected to harassment. As someone who lives with depression, anxiety, and panic attacks, I often find myself typing up my feelings on issues like these that bring out the worst in people and then deleting them to avoid the anxiety of wondering if/when some asshole is going to come along and drop a turd on me. Or not confronting people in my own life that say or do things that make myself or others feel bad so that I don't have to deal with the fallout. But in recent weeks, I've been making a concerted effort to lend my voice where I feel it's appropriate, to better myself, my life, and the lives of others who don't deserve the shit that they receive.

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TR 2013 was one of my favorite games, but I'm not buying an XONE to play this.

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I liked Remember Me enough to be interested in this. I look forward to hearing more.

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Jenn Frank and Cara Ellison are two of my favorite writers, so it's always great to see them here.

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I didn't mean that the term "gamer" is gender exclusive. But that the way it's being used in this thread is an attempt to discredit a report by asking "are these females really gamers?". What games are they playing, how long, how many? Nobody is asking the same question for the males. Apologies that I didn't make that more clear.

I mean, did my brother take this survey? Now that he's got a family to care for, he only plays Gears, Halo, and the mobile Dungeon Keeper that got everyone upset. He used to play as many, if not more games than I did. Did they survey my co-worker? He only plays Mario Galaxy, Mario Kart, Fifa, Madden, and Uncharted, though he never finished the third. What about my male cousins who only ever play Handheld Mario and FF games? Are they gamers?

What about my co-workers who, in a typical week have more hours in game on steam than they do hours at work, but couldn't tell you who Peter Moore, Tim Schafer, or Cliff Bleszinski are. Their most recent games being Mark of the Ninja, Lords of Shadow 1&2, Darksiders 1&2, TF2, Dota 2, and Dust:AET. Are they gamers?

To me, trying to determine who is and isn't a "gamer" is pointless.