Interesting...Quests & NFS MW

So I made a random post on hing ere just wondering if anyone would actually respond. I guess most of the time when I post mention a blog I get nothing. And its nice to see people actually commenting on a random persons stuff. It makes me feel a bit special a little bit. But in other news I think I am going to start using this to blog about my gaming adventures and talk about what I think of the games I am playing. 
Aside that I love the quest system here.
Currently working on: Need For Speed Underground On Black List #3.
Overall being under the weather the past few days has stumbled my progress but I plan on hopefully hitting it hard along with some school work...Maybe I can finally push thru the game this time and get the full 1000, although its due back to the rental store today.


So I'm New..

Heard about this site from a couple friends and I enjoy listening to the bombcast every week for something to do. But mostly on or 360voice. 
GT: Elmo TeH AzN