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Oh =( i was hoping I could get it back or something  

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What ever happened to it and is there a way to turn it back on or anything?

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So this is the game center app everyone is talking about >_> I thought they were talking about the one that gamefly had come out a long time ago >_> 
8 letter word of the day : Wackiest 

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Sure if i can get some help ^_^  

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As others have said it is all preference. I personally suck with the D-pad and now I own 2 different sticks. Theere is a bit of a learning curve with a stick but once you get past that at least me. I do not want to go back.

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@ArcLyte said:
" an hour a day, 3 days a week on the bowflex. don't hate, it's a great machine. i don't work out to get huge because i'm relatively short and jacked short guys look funny and like they're trying to compensate for something. i work out to maintain a good physique and stay healthy, that's my motivation. "
Ill admit my dad owns one of these and when I want to do some weights I use it. Very very nice machine might I say. I guess I need to go and start running and stop being so lazy. I think my biggest problem holding me back though is that my lady doesnt want me all buff.
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If so what gets you motivated and such to do work out and such.

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Can I get a better clue for the 2nd part of The Eternal Struggle if this is still alive?

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@KaosAngel: Eh sorry about that. Im half awake after not feeling well for the past couple days.
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He doesn't unless he is twice my age
But thanks all for the warm welcome.
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