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Head - It gets a lot of shit, but I think it's severely under-rated. Besides, Head paved the way for BBS and movies like Five Easy Pieces, The Last Picture Show, and the best road movie of all time and arguably one of the most important American movies ever made, Easy Rider.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - The movie, as always, isn't nearly as good as the book, but it's surprising how good of an adaptation it is. Better yet, just go read the book.

Return of the Living Dead - People are obsessed with zombies these days, but I think it's ridiculous because I've yet to see a zombie movie that compares to RotLD. Everything that's come out since is just pointless.

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It's all smaller stuff so far because the new systems don't have any big games that are old enough to give away yet. I'm sure stuff like Knack and Ryse will start showing up for free, but it's still too early.

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If your favorite games were Farcry 3 and Skyrim, buy a PS4. It's looking more and more that that's the system to get 3rd party games on.

Plus Halo is really bland.

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Your list doesn't have Wizard People, Dear Reader on it. Put it on the list, thanks.

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Are you sure you have to take the SAT? I took several years off after high school, and when I applied to college, none of them required it if it had been a certain number of years since you graduated high school.

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@rorie: Were there puppies in that? I thought it was about Orangutans or something.

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Do documentaries count? Cave Of Forgotten Dreams was an amazing 3D experience.

^This guy knows what's up. Also, Jurassic Park 3D and Pacific Rim were pretty flash. Other than that, 3D is usually garbage.

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Thanks everyone for the advice! I'll be sure to try some of this out and see if it helps.

@jjweatherman: @singingmenstrual: My fear doesn't really stem from anything. I've only been in once small accident. I just feel like I don't have any control of the car. All I focus on is the fact that I've driving a 1.5 ton death machine of fiber glass and steel. I have no idea how anyone puts that out of their head and just drives. I can't stop thinking about killing or hurting someone because I can't control it, or worse, someone hitting me because they aren't paying attention.

Don't forget, you have a set of brakes. Just find a big, open parking lot, and get comfortable accelerating and braking. Follow the speed limit, pay attention to what you're doing, and you'll be fine.

Also, I'm not sure how it is where you live, but I was able to buy "road-time" through the local driving school. All it was was the instructor would pick you up in a student driver car, and you'd drive around for 45 minutes or so. Having only ever driven in a straight line before, I bought two sessions of road-time: The very first time, the instructor was this old dude who talked to me about music the whole time, made me get on to the highway about twenty minutes into it, and made me get off in an incredibly congested city nearby. The second time, I got a nice younger lady who talked to me about what kind of alcohol she liked, and we drove down a series of rural roads.

I was able to pass my driver's test the first time I took it.

The most important thing is, don't overthink shit. Unless you're lucky enough to have the kind of money to get a non-shitty car, you're going to have to deal with things you can't plan for. I've had a blowout on the highway, threw a belt while going over a long bridge with no breakdown lane, had my radiator spring a leak, had a transmission completely shit itself in the middle of nowhere at 2am, had my brakes start dying in the middle of stop and go traffic, and all sorts of other crazy shit. It sounds scary to you now, but you'll adjust.

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@mikeinsc said:

And Obama? Sorry, the man has launched massive spying on Americans for no valid reason. He has used the government as a partisan tool against opponents. His foreign policy is, easily, the worst we've ever had. His economic policies have killed the economy for years to come. His health care policies have taken all problems and made them worse (I guess the whole cutting overall health care spending thing has been tossed to the side as happily as the $2,500 savings per person and keeping your doctor promises were discarded). There isn't a valid argument that Barry is more than one of the 5 worst Presidents we've ever had.

Obama is an average president at worst. Let's try to go down this one by one:

"the man has launched massive spying on Americans for no valid reason." - Obama didn't "launch" anything. If you'll remember, there was something called The Patriot Act which was actually "Launched" by Bush Jr under the guise of "protecting" Americans from terrorists. Obama didn't stop the NSA from spying, but it's not really accurate to pin the spying on him.

"He has used the government as a partisan tool against opponents" - I'd like to hear your reasoning on this one because it just sounds like regular politics. If you want something really despicable just read up on all the voter registration laws, which were created to deal with a "problem" which doesn't exist and strangely only make it harder for people to vote who are likely to vote Democrat. Hell, let's not forget that the goverment was SHUT DOWN because the Conservatives in congress refused to come up with a bi-partisan budget that wasn't loaded with all their harmful garbage,

"His foreign policy is, easily, the worst we've ever had." - This is only true if you don't know ANY other presidents and don't know what the second Iraq war and Vietnam were. Compared to Iraq alone, Obama's dealings in Syria are immaculate. You can't say Syria was handled perfectly, but it's not inaccurate to call it a success. Seriously, were you not alive in the Bush Jr. era?

"His economic policies have killed the economy for years to come" - The economy isn't doing well, but it is (very slowly) improving. No one's saying he's doing an amazing job, but he isn't doing anything outright harmful. I mean, what are the alternatives? Paul Ryan's suggestions depend solely on a rate of economic growth that only more left leaning democratic presidents than Obama have ever been able to achieve, and besides it's been projected that if Paul Ryan's ideas were actually utilized, roughly 500,000 seniors would die within the first few years.

"His health care policies have taken all problems and made them worse" - The ACA has been performing better and costs a great deal less than projected. The rollout wasn't the smoothest thing ever, and it's not nearly as good as if we had just implemented a single-payer system like every other first world country, but "Obamacare" is hardly a terrible thing. Hell, even Fox News has run out of things to complain about with it, and they've went back to beating the dead horse that is Benghazi.

"There isn't a valid argument that Barry is more than one of the 5 worst Presidents we've ever had." - I agree, he's only one president, so it's impossible for him to be "more than one" of anything.

Seriously, Calling Obama one of the worst presidents just makes you seem ignorant of American History. The biggest thing Obama is guilty of is talking a big game and then not performing (even that isn't entirely his fault due to the obstructionist in Congress who refuse to do their job).

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Since the OP is a libertarian, it's easy to tell why he thinks Lincoln was the worst president.

The current libertarian slogan is, "Lincoln didn't want to end slavery, the civil war was about limiting states rights!"

Of course, anyone with a brain will then answer with "The states rights he was "limiting" was slavery"

So yeah, the OP is just a run of the mill libertarian. He's benefited off the government his whole life and now wants to claim he's a self-made man. He's also (hopefully) very young.

As for really bad presidents, you can't go wrong with Nixon, Reagan, and Bush Jr.

Nixon is easily the most interesting and he wasn't completely evil (he helped create the EPA and supported socialized healthcare), but man oh man, was he insane. Constantly drunk, paranoid, fairly humorless, associated with known mass-murderer Henry Kissinger, totally out of touch with the real world. If the guy is reading who wanted to read more about Nixon, just look up anything Hunter S. Thompson wrote about Nixon (Specifically Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail of '72 and there are a few essays in The Great Shark Hunt) and check out The Trial of Henry Kissinger by Christopher Hitchens. It's obviously about Kissinger, but there's more than a bit in there about his relationship with Nixon.

Reagan is interesting as well because if he ran for president today he'd be unelectable by the Conservatives. His tax rate on the rich was through the roof compared to how low it is now, and he supported an open-carry ban in California as governor and I believe he was a supporter of the Brady Bill. What's funny about Reagan is that there's strong evidence that he already had Alzheimer's when he was elected president. That would make a lot of sense considering he once claimed that during world war 2 he was a war hero who liberated a concentration camp (it was a movie he was in).

Bush Jr. was just incompetent and had no real reason to be president. His father was CIA director and while he wasn't a good president, he was at least capable, but Jr. was really just coasting by on his family name. Even if we pretend he didn't get us into an unjustified and massively costly war, he still surrounded himself with some of the most evil people in modern political history. Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rove, Rice, and a cadre of other cretins basically controlled the country while Bush just kind of hung out and did nothing. From what I hear though, back when Bush Jr. was still a raging alcoholic, he was apparently fairly smart and a great public speaker, but once he became born again he turned into the barely functioning clown he is now.