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If the OP wants to be a scalper, then I highly suggest he grow a spine and learn not to be affected by people calling him names. Doing what he's doing isn't illegal, but its not really moral either, so needless to say, people are going to get annoyed or disgusted.

My problem with scalpers is that they just aren't needed at all. They're basically purposefully trying to get in people's way to make money. So essentially they're going, "you want this thing? Well, you're going to have to pay me to leave."

I don't really give a shit about the new Majora's Mask 3DS because I think its ugly, and I don't buy things from scalpers because it isn't worth it, so I can't say the OP really upsets me, but it's kind of hilarious that he came here to apparently try to justify his actions for some unknown reason.

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I got all four out last September at the ripe age of 29. It was a pretty cool experience.

It was a nice day out and I assumed I was only getting two out, so I walked to the dentist which was two miles away. The dentist convinced me to get all four out instead. Being a person who drinks a lot, the gas was a lot of fun. The sound of my teeth getting cracked should probably have disturbed me, but I was just chill as shit.

Once I got out was where the fun started. I walked to the pharmacy to pick up the medication, and while I was there I decided to change the gauze. I went to the bathroom, and when I opened my mouth, blood started pouring out and got everywhere. It looked like someone had been murdered. I cleaned it all up and walked home.

By that time, I had to change the gauze again and take the medication, so I go in to my bathroom, and halfway through the process of changing gauze, I started feeling nauseous, became lightheaded, and proceeded to pass out, hitting my head on a towel hook on the way down. I managed to crawl in to bed, took a nap for a few hours and woke up feeling great.

All in all, it was pretty interesting and fun. I got to spend a few days relaxing and playing video games. It really didn't hurt much either.

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Just say what you're going to say. Goddamn.

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Do you absolutely NEED another Halo game? If not, just buy a PS4.

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@development: I definitely get it man. I was in your exact situation years ago, and it used to really bother me and lower my self esteem. I'd do all sorts of tricks to hide it, thinking that everyone thought I looked terrible. Eventually I realized that when I was out in public and I saw other balding dudes, I never thought to myself that they looked terrible, they were just regular ass guys.

What's funny is that once I learned to embrace it, I started getting approached by women when in the past, I always did the approaching. Confidence man. You can go through all this now, but at some point you'll have to embrace it.

Yeah, Feynman just got crazier looking but his hair stayed the same.

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You keep mentioning that you're balding.

Just shave your head. Honestly, it's no big deal.

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Where's Flicky son?

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Head - It gets a lot of shit, but I think it's severely under-rated. Besides, Head paved the way for BBS and movies like Five Easy Pieces, The Last Picture Show, and the best road movie of all time and arguably one of the most important American movies ever made, Easy Rider.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - The movie, as always, isn't nearly as good as the book, but it's surprising how good of an adaptation it is. Better yet, just go read the book.

Return of the Living Dead - People are obsessed with zombies these days, but I think it's ridiculous because I've yet to see a zombie movie that compares to RotLD. Everything that's come out since is just pointless.

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It's all smaller stuff so far because the new systems don't have any big games that are old enough to give away yet. I'm sure stuff like Knack and Ryse will start showing up for free, but it's still too early.

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If your favorite games were Farcry 3 and Skyrim, buy a PS4. It's looking more and more that that's the system to get 3rd party games on.

Plus Halo is really bland.