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Well, the very first time I got drink, I think I had too many jello shots because I thought they were regular jello, and then I tried to reason with this girl I liked that we should just make out because it's not a huge deal. Luckily she told me to shut the fuck up.

The most drunk I've ever been was when this girl I was friends with sneaked a bottle of Old Crow in her purse into the movies, and we drank the whole thing while watching Ghostbusters. I ended up waking up the next morning, puking in the shower, going to work, asking that same girl to put makeup on me to cover all the blood-vessels under my eyes that had burst from puking too hard, and then not eating for, like, two days.

Basically, my advice is: sometimes you just need to get drunk.

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The problem with learning about both sides is that they aren't at all even.

You can't get a firm grasp on how evolution works without spending A LOT of time learning and researching it. So almost every person I've heard question it has always done so in a manner that can be dismantled from learning more about it. Questions like, "Why are there ONLY beneficial mutations?" are misleading, because there aren't. Plenty of organisms have mutations that don't benefit them, but they aren't successful because their mutations don't help them as much as other organisms with more beneficial mutations.

The reason why Creationism isn't really worth deeply investigating is because it doesn't actually offer any alternatives to evolution. If you read most Creationist literature, it's usually, "Here's why this part of evolution CAN'T be true", and never "Here's something that has more evidence behind it than evolution. Again, the "inconsistencies" Creationism points out can always be solved by simply learning more about evolution.

As far as if religion and science are compatible: it's up to every person to make that call for themselves. Religion is a deeply personal thing, and it's up to you to decide how to fit it in to your life. Religion is flexible, science isn't

Also, I may as well throw my hat in to the Dawkins/Hitchens debate. I think Dawkins is a fine writer when it comes to science, and I think The Blind Watchmaker is an interesting book worth reading. That said, The God Delusion isn't the be-all-end-all on religion, it's just his thoughts on religion. I don't really think he deserves the criticism he gets for being rabidly anti-religion, though because he's a classically trained scientist who continually has had to answer the same basic criticisms of evolution over and over again. It's like, imagine if you spent twenty years studying math, and you know an incredible amount about math, and yet everyday, you have the same people coming up to you going, "Yeah, but how can two plus two equal four? It's two sets of two, so it HAS to be twenty-two!", I imagine you'd get pretty fed up.

Hitchens on the other hand has never really talked at length about science, and has even admitted that he's not all that well versed on science, mentioning that when his daughter used to ask him why the sky is blue, he'd have to admit that he once knew, but doesn't remember. Hitchens is a very confident writer, which is easily mistaken for arrogance, but I've yet to read anything by him that's been completely off-base or insulting. Even God is Not Great isn't as inflammatory as it could be as all it's really about is questioning the usefulness of religion, and suggesting that religion shouldn't be allowed to be exempt from being criticized. I really enjoy reading what Hitchens has to say about other writers, and I thought his book on Orwell was great.

The biggest problems with Dawkins and Hitchens is that Dawkins has become a bit misogynistic as of late because he apparently buys in to the whole Evolutionary Psychology thing, which doesn't have all that much evidence for it, and Hitchens, post 9/11, became a bit of a neo-con, which was annoying, but he still wasn't brainless about it. His "defense" of the Iraq war was basically, "Saddam was a tyrant who needed to go, but America handled it in the worst possible way", and he at one time claimed that waterboarding wasn't torture, but then agreed to be waterboarded and afterwards immediately changed his mind.

I think the main issue in all of this is that writers are only human and are capable of slipping or not having 100% perfect beliefs. I mean, two of my favorite writers weren't perfect: Carl Sagan lied at one point about the effects burning the Saudi oil fields would have because he felt the environmental impact was severe enough that it should not be allowed to happen even if it wouldn't be catastrophic, and Hunter S. Thompson actually suspected that there was a conspiracy behind 9/11.

If having a few viewpoints you disagreed with made a writer's work invalid, it'd be impossible to read any books at all.

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I find new music the same way I find new authors. I just pick a band I really like and then research what their influences and favorite bands are/were. If you really like a specific person from a band, they probably also have side projects.

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You're 21 and in college, you don't need to go to AA.

If you can't drink without getting drunk, then just don't drink. If your friends ask, just tell them you don't really feel like drinking.

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The WiiU just isn't exciting in any way.

It's too expensive because of a tablet that I don't want (and hasn't been used creatively yet), so it can't be the "second system" that Nintendo has relied on for the past few generations. Seriously, I had the PS1 and the N64, then the PS2 and Gamecube, then the PS3 and Wii, but the WiiU is way too expensive to buy just so I can have a few decent Nintendo exclusives.

The graphics are a generation behind, which would be fine if there was a flood of creative games being released for it.

The Virtual Console is kind of pointless. This was a huge problem with the Wii as well, a bunch of great games were released at the beginning, and then nothing.

The number of games that have been released or are going to be released that are interesting, I can count on one hand with fingers to spare.

I'm not a Business major or anything, but I CAN tell you what would need to happen for me to buy a WiiU:

1. Drop the price, either by making the tablet cheaper, or dropping it fully.

2. In between huge releases, have as many smaller e shop games as possible. I don't mean indie stuff (although that would help), I mean really simple games Nintendo makes themselves. If a person working on the next Mario game wants to make an arcadey shooter or simple platformer with a cool little twist, let them! Not only is it a more steady stream of content, but who knows what interesting stuff might be created (and possibly made into new franchises)

3. Make the Virtual Arcade worthwhile. What Jeff and the other guys thought NES remix was GOING to be sounded awesome. Release as many old NES/SNES/Sega games as possible, but give people a reason to buy them instead of just downloading roms. This could be as simple as putting up online leaderboards for each game, weekly challenges, or little rewards if you beat the game (say an 8-bit master sword for your Mii if you beat the original Zelda).

4. Release some goddamned games. If I bought a WiiU tomorrow, I'd buy Super Mario World, and maybe Pikmin 3. After that, what else is there? Smash Bros and that Fire Emblem X Shin Megami game sounded interesting. There's no Zelda, no Metroid, no F-zero, no Kid Icarus, no EarthBound, and nothing else. It's annoying because Nintendo has by far the best IPs in the video game industry, but instead of using them, it's just Mario games over and over. I'd KILL to see them go back to their older games and re-imagine them. Imagine Balloon Fight as a multiplayer deathmatch party game, or Excitebike as a Trials Evolution style racer, or a new Ice Climbers. Hell, try to do stuff that wasn't first party. I'd LOVE to see a new Star Tropics or City Connection.

The LAST thing I want to see is Nintendo pumping out a bunch of pointless garbage for mobile devices.

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What's that green and white Spanish bottle that's got a lady on it that isn't Cholula and has carrots in it? That one is my favorite.

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If you wanted to buy a PS4, then just wait a few weeks. I doubt they're going to be very hard to find.

Good God man, buying a WiiU? Why would you do that to yourself?

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As much as I love GTAV, I have to give it to Sleeping Dogs.

Sleeping Dogs is just a better, more focused game. I really loved Michael, Franklin, and Trevor, and I loved how it was basically a story of three people with terrible pointless lives and how they deal with it. But Wei Shen is just a really great, funny, well acted character.

Sleeping Dogs combat system was really unique for an open world driving game, and I loved how even when you start getting guns, you usually don't use them unless something huge is going on.

After playing a ton of each game, I still want to go back and play more Sleeping Dogs, and that's something I don't feel about GTAV

EDIT: Also, it's bullshit that Deadly Premonition was voted out. Shame on you all.

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@budwyzer said:

A woman spilled coffee on herself and got burned and sued McDonald's...

I don't mean to call you out, but this lady gets mentioned constantly when people talk about frivolous lawsuits and its unfair.

The coffee she bought was from a machine that was either broken or not set correctly. Yeah, she spilled the coffee, but it was served incorrectly by McDonald's. The coffee was so hot it basically peeled huge chunks of her skin off, fused her genitals shut, and required skin grafts (there are pictures online). Originally she only wanted assistance paying the medical bills, but McDonald's was basically acting like nothing was wrong. Her kids took it to court I believe, and the original settlement was pretty large, but it was continually reduced afterwards, so she really didn't get all that much money.

Sorry for the derail.

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Unless you absolutely HAVE to have it now, I would wait until after new years when all the new models are coming out.

I was able to get a really nice 50" name brand TV for something like four hundred doing it that way.