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What's that green and white Spanish bottle that's got a lady on it that isn't Cholula and has carrots in it? That one is my favorite.

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If you wanted to buy a PS4, then just wait a few weeks. I doubt they're going to be very hard to find.

Good God man, buying a WiiU? Why would you do that to yourself?

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As much as I love GTAV, I have to give it to Sleeping Dogs.

Sleeping Dogs is just a better, more focused game. I really loved Michael, Franklin, and Trevor, and I loved how it was basically a story of three people with terrible pointless lives and how they deal with it. But Wei Shen is just a really great, funny, well acted character.

Sleeping Dogs combat system was really unique for an open world driving game, and I loved how even when you start getting guns, you usually don't use them unless something huge is going on.

After playing a ton of each game, I still want to go back and play more Sleeping Dogs, and that's something I don't feel about GTAV

EDIT: Also, it's bullshit that Deadly Premonition was voted out. Shame on you all.

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@budwyzer said:

A woman spilled coffee on herself and got burned and sued McDonald's...

I don't mean to call you out, but this lady gets mentioned constantly when people talk about frivolous lawsuits and its unfair.

The coffee she bought was from a machine that was either broken or not set correctly. Yeah, she spilled the coffee, but it was served incorrectly by McDonald's. The coffee was so hot it basically peeled huge chunks of her skin off, fused her genitals shut, and required skin grafts (there are pictures online). Originally she only wanted assistance paying the medical bills, but McDonald's was basically acting like nothing was wrong. Her kids took it to court I believe, and the original settlement was pretty large, but it was continually reduced afterwards, so she really didn't get all that much money.

Sorry for the derail.

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Unless you absolutely HAVE to have it now, I would wait until after new years when all the new models are coming out.

I was able to get a really nice 50" name brand TV for something like four hundred doing it that way.

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Super Chase H.Q.


Megaman Legends

Smash TV

Zombies Ate My Neighbors

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@themightyloris: Knack has a local co-op mode, just sayin'

Honestly, I would have agreed with the OP if this were an earlier launch, but this one IS a bit different. Sony is pushing hard with their indie games, and so far it looks like they're going to have a steady flow of releases between PSN offerings and disc based stuff. Yeah, maybe it'll turn out that launch PS4s all explode when you look at them funny, but honestly, Sony doesn't have a terrible track record as far as quality goes. My near launch PS1 is still with me and still works as well as it did the day I got it. My PS2 has a laser issue, but it'll still play everything but San Andreas. My PS3 I got a year after launch still works fine, although I do have a controller that acts up from time to time.

Honestly, I know this is pretty silly, but I'm really just tired of this generation and want a new experience. Ever since The Last of Us came out, it felt like the PS3 had done all it could, but it still stayed around for another 6 months. I want something new now.

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@giganteus: Oh, the harsh words will come if he comes back here and tries to justify his crummy attitude.