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@giganteus: Oh, the harsh words will come if he comes back here and tries to justify his crummy attitude.

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Michael, I don't think you should be buying video games and consoles if you're currently unemployed and have recently declared bankruptcy.

Also, you're 40 Michael, you should know that you should have treated Nellie fairly. She's just a customer service rep and can only do so much.

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Puzzle games are cool.

Phone games suck.

Shellshock: Nam '67

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It's kind of funny how you keep going into worse and worse fields. All that you need to do is make one final switch to a communications major to complete your downward spiral.

All joking aside, just do what you actually enjoy. If you hate math, don't do it. If you hate programming, don't do it.

There's one real problem you have though. You seem to think that you graduate college and get placed immediately into a job relating to what you went to school for. It doesn't really work like that. My brother was a history major and now he works at an investment company. Sure, your major can help you get a job, but it really comes down to who you are and how you present yourself.

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You sound like you're reading from a list as fast as you can. Also the backing track is really bad and you have no flow. These guys are good rappers:

Just do what they do and you'll get a few gold records at least.

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@senrat: Well, the Xbone IS much better than the 360 technically, we just haven't seen anything that proves that. At the same time, considering Youtube only plays at 30fps as well as a bunch of other websites, it's really hard to get a feel for how things are going to look and play until they're on your TV at home.

As for people expecting the Xbone to be able to do 1080p60fps, I think that's the reason behind a lot of people freaking out about this. The improvements this generation aren't as noticeable as Xbox/360 and PS2/PS3 immediately, so it's disappointing to hear that almost nothing is going to be 1080/60 out of the gate for the Xbone.

I have to disagree with you on Forza 5 though. The more I see and hear about it, the worse it looks. Yeah, it runs at 1080p60, but a lot of the lighting and shadows look terrible, and from what I hear they've only got about half the cars and tracks from Forza 4, which just feels like a huge let down. I'm starting to believe the rumors that Microsoft originally planned to release well into next year because a lot of their games just seem really rushed and lacking.

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Ehhhhhhh... I wouldn't use testimonials. That just seems like you're saying "Video games are art because here are some video game nerds who were touched by video games.

I would focus more on comparing games to movies. There's mass produced movies and games like Twilight/Madden that exist purely to be consumed and forgotten, but there's also a lot of creators who deliberately select each and every detail of what they're making in order to elicit an emotion or express an idea. It's like how Terrence Malick made Martin Sheen to be a likable guy in Badlands even though he does terrible shit throughout the movie compared to, say, Joel from the Last of Us who we all root for even though he's essentially a violent, lying, selfish killer. Both Badlands and The Last of Us have a right to be considered art because there's meaning behind what happens throughout each.

Although to be honest with you, this is a really bad topic for a speech. You're essentially trying to define what art is, and no one has really ever been able to do that ever.

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@gw305: ...What? Ryse looks like hot garbage. The graphics are pretty standard, but dear god the game-play looks atrocious. It looks like it's going to join the leagues of thankfully forgotten launch games like Perfect Dark: Zero and Orphen: Scion of Sorcery.

As for this whole thing, it kind of seems one sided. You have Xbone fans and PR people going, "Well, technically lower resolutions are better because less is more", and then there's a bunch of people who want Microsoft to just own up to their constant fumbling. If Microsoft just said, "Yeah, the Xbone's not as easy to develop for as we'd hope, but we're going to work with everyone as much as we can" there wouldn't be a problem. Instead you've got the standard "we've always been at war with Eastasia" lines they've been rambling off since day one. I honestly haven't seen many Sony fans dog-piling on because at this point, every time something like this, they laugh and move on.

In a year, none of this will matter. Right now, when people ask me what console is the best, I say, "Well, technically PS4 is the clear choice at the moment, but you should really just wait." Yeah, PS4 seems quite a bit more powerful and easier to develop for, and that'll most likely always be the case, but I'm sure Microsoft will sell an ass load of Xbones no matter what. Some people care about Sony, some people care about Microsoft, and some people care about resolution.

Ghosts doesn't seem to indicate that the Xbone has a great future, but Ghosts also seems like it's a rushed, generic, milquetoast shooter.

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There's really nothing to say. Grand Theft Auto V is massively better than IV. IV was just completely terrible.