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@andrewb: Oh, my bad then. I guess for me, the negativity is less that they're making new hardware and more that I just don't get what Nintendo is doing anymore, and it's a bummer. I keep waiting for a reason to buy back into Nintendo, but they just keep doing this. It used to be fun to like Nintendo. I don't know what the rest of the negativity would be about because I read maybe like five comments in and stopped.

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@andrewb: The branding on the Game Boy line was pitch-perfect. Game Boy, the original. Game Boy Pocket, like the original, but small enough to easily fit in your pocket. Game Boy Color, like the original, but displays games in color. Game Boy Advance, like the original, but the games will be more advanced.

Everything Nintendo has done lately is just baffling. Wii. What the eff does Wii mean? Wii U? What? How does that convey anything useful about that system? 3DS? Why wouldn't that just play DS games in 3D, like the way the Game Boy Color would still play Game Boy games? Now there's gonna be a "New 3DS"?

To an average consumer who doesn't read news articles about this kind of announcement, what does that mean?

Somebody posted that Nintendo needs to fire whoever comes up with their branding team, and usually I don't go for all that "fire that guy" talk, but no, seriously, this person is doing a terrible job and has been for almost a decade now.

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Goddammit what I wouldn't give to hear the conversations between Harmonix and Microsoft these days.

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@branthog: The fact of the matter is, that people on Internet message boards never seem to grasp, is that we are not representative of the general public. I tried to buy a Jawbone Up24 at a Walmart a couple days ago and I'm telling you, it took six employees half an hour to find it because even after I pulled up the product page on Walmart.com that had the UPC code and showed it being in stock at that store right now.

The general public doesn't give a shit about technology or video games. The vast majority of my friends who play games are pretty casual about it. Call of Duty, Madden, Mass Effect, Halo, FIFA, Assassin's Creed. They especially don't give a shit about indie games; they'll immediately turn their noses up if they even suspect a game is indie. They don't want to spend a Friday night playing Gang Beasts and they definitely don't want to spend a Friday night watching a livestream of dudes play Gang Beasts.

That said, even though it's tough to rally my casual and (the few) hardcore game-playing friends together, especially since we're in different cities, I still wouldn't really want to play Gang Beasts online. TowerFall and Samurai Gunn, probably.

And besides, PS4's Share Play seems like it'll pretty much allow online play in couch co-op games anyway, even if the developers don't want it. Which is awesome.

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I'm imagining @brad reading this article and nodding along until he gets to the part about @patrickklepek dumping Viva Pinata, then he breaks a coffee mug or something.

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Dan's Quick Look was a pretty clear sign that I needed to play this game.

It's so great.

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@zeik said:

I don't really feel like I'm owed anything at this point, but I won't object to an extra few months of PS+.

Couldn't have said it any better myself.

Though I still think it's weird that the reparations for having an insecure online infrastructure are "hey, wanna get some KOOL GAMEZ (through our insecure online infrastructure)?" What?

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@jimipeppr: Except that, as a lot of people already established, to some people, they are a big deal, and sometimes they're not that easy to avoid. When you tag something as a spoiler, then yeah, it's pretty easy to avoid. That's the point of the tag.

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@techhits said:

@nmarchan said:

I hate everything about the pre-order DLC business model. There is literally zero upside for the consumer.

You mean other than the thing they received with their preorder?

Games used to just come with this stuff.

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@gantrathor: I go up and over if I'm only wearing underwear because it's quicker and easier to just pull the waistband down than mess with the fly. It'll constrict the stream only if you let go of the waistband, so I tend to just let the waistband support the weight of my hand which is relaxing and keeps it held down.