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@euandewar: Yep, it's like watching Stephen Colbert away from the Report, but less extreme of a shift. Jeff's a smart guy.

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I don't know if I can do it again, but I'm still glad it's happening. Hopefully there's more stuff like the developer commentary to make sure it's fresh for everybody who played it already, and hopefully that's stuff's available out of the box.

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Regardless of Facebook, it's depressing that it seems the only goal of entrepreneurs in the tech industry is basically just get a product to a point where they can sell it to a corporate entity and retire before 40 instead of truly caring about what they're company is doing and building an institution.

Boom. There it is. You just put way better than I did. Thank you.

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@ejc93: Totally agree. Game journalists are the reason why these flame wars break out every other day. They love coming up with inflammatory headlines and writing clever, pithy insults in their articles, then they wonder why the comments are always so angry. Well, no shit; you incited them. Have some standards. This is your job. Act like it. Write like a professional. Take a journalism class. Proofread your writing and get those awful, basic grammatical issues out of there. When you're writing news, suppress your clever one-liners.

One of the most frustrating things about the gaming media is that the vast majority of the established guys got in a long, long time ago when standards were rock bottom. All you needed was to be halfway interested in games and able to string a couple sentences together and you were a shoe-in. Most of these people would absolutely not be able to get their jobs back if they had to apply for them today. Don't get me wrong; there are definitely some highly talented people in the media (every single person on this website, for one) but there are also a lot of glorified trolls desperately hanging onto their jobs.

Most "game journalists" are not journalists. They are enthusiasts with an audience.

Yes, the commenters are going to get angry regardless, but that's precisely why there's no reason to egg them on further. Change starts at the top.

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No offense, but Patrick's entire article almost completely hinges on a) you were a Kickstarter backer who felt like you lost control of a company you never had control over anyway, and b) you just have a general, nearly baseless disdain for Facebook, and c) you are a star-gazing idealist.

I am none of those things, and yet this news still kind of bums me out. I never backed Oculus because I'm very stringent with what I back (and surprisingly enough, Max Temkin himself was the worst investment I've ever made on there). In general, I actually like Facebook, but that's because I like connecting with friends, not because they're a trustworthy company or even make good products. They specialize in bloat. And honestly, I think the greater issue is not idealism but cynicism.

On one hand, this news is great for Oculus. They have all the resources they need and more. No compromises. The Rift is happening and it will be the best product they can possibly put out. On the other hand, it's just a bummer because it's a reflection of the world we live in. Nothing small or independent matters anymore. The little guys either get executed or absorbed by the huge monoliths. It sucks.

Facebook is the absolute best example of that in the world. They started as an indie and now they're the biggest, most faceless corporation out there. They ask for creepy levels of access to my phone (when all I want is just to get push notifications), they have no transparency in their practices or updates, and they spend all their resources on doing things to make you more dependent on them instead of making their products better so I'll want to be more dependent on them.

So I don't know. Patrick's article felt very much to me like talking down to everyone who was upset. There are plenty of people upset for dumb, cynical reasons, but there are a lot of legitimate reasons to be upset here.

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The whole game is an illusion.

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Haha, very nice.

I wouldn't be super surprised if it was future-Lordran, but I guess I just assumed like a lot of people that it was future Vinheim instead. I always suspected some weird stuff was going down in Vinheim.

Also, sidenote, about that coffin. So I came back to kill the big monsters pretty early on and hopped into it fully expecting something awful to happen to me because, ya know, Dark Souls--and this was before I heard Vinny or anybody mention a coffin--and my guy went in as a male Undead and hopped out as a male human. Later, I heard everybody talking about a coffin that swaps gender, so I removed his armor and he was still a dude. Does the coffin only change gender if your character was already human or did mine just glitch or does it have a random element to it?

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@shtinky: I was only going off of that. I'm sure it's more than just audio and it's probably more complicated to fix when you have to reencode a huge video (and multiple versions of it at that) than just tapping a key on the user end. But I don't know for sure what happened. I didn't notice Vinny post anything on Twitter. Coming to the forums to see if anyone else had posted about it and finding this thread is as much research as I've done. Hence the trust. There's plenty of other stuff on the Internet, and on GB, (and in life in general) to entertain myself until they've got it fixed.

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@karkarov: I don't think they can do that though without making a serious authorial decision there that blatantly makes no sense. What about female players from Dark Souls? What about players not named Vendrick? When did the Chosen Undead ever go overseas to fight Giants, or marry a queen, or become a king? The Chosen Undead (assuming the dark ending is non-canon) was guided along a path of kicking the shit out of Lordran until he had enough souls to take on Gwyn, who lit the flame prior, and lit the flame, unaware it would kill him/her. I'm sure he/she probably reincarnated again as a Hollow to pace around until Vendrick or somebody showed up to do the same to him/her, but there's just no way that Vendrick could also be the Dark Souls player character without some seriously stupid storytelling sorcery.

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Oh, man, yeah. They kept talking about how much Vendrick and the Giants hated each other and stuff, and then I walked into the room with Vendrick pacing around and he's literally bigger than most of the Giants and it's like what the fuck is this shit? Had a good laugh about it.

As for the topic at hand, I think there are definitely similarities between Lordran and Drangleic, but I highly, highly doubt they're the exact same place. The whole system works on a cycle. Of course they develop and look like each other. This is medieval Mass Effect, people. Protheans and humans weren't all that alike, but you know, they aren't all that different, either, and not because they were on the exact same planet or whatever.

Though I will say that the people saying that Dark Souls was only one cycle ago are definitely wrong. Vendrick is proof of that, unless you're insinuating that Vendrick is the player character from Dark Souls. There had to at least be Vendrick's cycle in between. I assume that unless each land gets their own flame to maintain, which isn't impossible, then Vendrick (or whoever before him depending on how many cycles in between) went to go put down my Dark Souls character.