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@csl316 said:

"Now full disclosure, I'm in Rise of the Tomb Raider."

Ok, Austin's alright.

Yep, that was an awesome moment.

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I know we're in the throes of E3, but I just wanted to take a minute to say that I'm super impressed by @austin_walker so far. He's only been here a few weeks, but he fits into the group dynamic so naturally that he feels like he's always been there. There was no awkward period at all. He's really funny on the Beastcast, has great comedic timing, and he's been killing it on the news side; seriously, just doing simple stuff like getting follow-up quotes and quick interviews has done wonders to make his news stories fantastic.

And holy crap, guys, did you read his "Why We Write" piece? Because if you haven't, you need to. This is my favorite passage from it:

I write about all of these things because...

Well, because besides wanting to engage with my readers and help them work through their own opinions, besides hoping to “influence” game makers with my critique, there is a rumbling something, an emotional drive that fuels my desire to write. I write because I cannot but write. Because when I wake up and see that someone asked me what I thought about game X, the cogs start moving all on their own. Pieces like this one drill themselves itself into my head, dragging themselves into existence through broad ideas and little phrases. I write not (only) because I want to change the world, but because I am compelled to get words on the page.

That's a really---dare I say it---inspirational quote for me personally, and it's written impeccably. Austin has already proven himself to be intelligent, thoughtful and extremely personable, and I'm elated that he's a part of Giant Bomb.

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@austin_walker Great story. I've seen most outlets just reporting it and giving a quick opinion and that's that. You actually did some legwork and talked to people -- and it's really well-written. Already a demonstrable cut above. Keep it up!

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@cale said:

If you already played it then who cares, I don't get the big concern everyone has about this. Just delete the file and move on with your life. If you missed out on playing it then YouTube it or something.

For me, it was a fun game to show to people. Scared the shit out of my girlfriend, and a bunch of my friends and I played it together. Tons of fun. Luckily I still have my copy.

I don't get the "well I watched it on YouTube; that's gotta be the same as playing it myself, right?" attitude.

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If Patrick was Scoops, Dan should be Pooper Scooper.

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@bisonhero: That's not a bad point but I think the difference there is that the Wii was one of the highest-selling consoles of all-time, whereas the Wii U is one of the worst. Nintendo has been porting most of the previous generation console Zelda games up as incentive to buy the newest console since they ported Ocarina up to the GameCube as Master Quest. It's surprisingly not that uncommon for them.

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I still feel like there's enough games to make 2015 awesome, and 2016 is starting to look pretty awesome too. I just hope Persona comes out this year, that's the only one that would really disappoint me.

Also you're crazy if you think the NX is coming out anytime this year or even next year. Just because they mentioned something else doesn't mean they're killing the Wii U. It's not even 3 years old yet.

That's exactly what I was saying about 2014. There were still awesome games last year, but a bunch got pushed into 2015. So now you have the games that were supposed to be released in 2014 rocking 2015 and the games that were supposed to be releasing in 2015 all getting pushed into 2016. What a crock. I'm fine with delayed games because they'll have a better shot of being great, but this signifies that publishers and developers need to get their shit together and stop announcing release dates until they're rock-solid sure that they'll be ready by that day.

And personally, I wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo releases NX in late 2016/early 2017 with Zelda as a launch title, same as they did with Twilight Princess. Cross-gen title. Nintendo is willing to kill the Wii U early, as evidenced by them announcing that the next console is in development. They wouldn't have done that otherwise. You don't hear Sony talking shop about PlayStation 5. Killing the Wii U early is probably the smartest thing Nintendo could do, honestly.

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It still astounds me how much faster this series comes out than Gran Turismo. It shouldn't -- it really shouldn't -- but it does.