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I don't really feel like I'm owed anything at this point, but I won't object to an extra few months of PS+.

Couldn't have said it any better myself.

Though I still think it's weird that the reparations for having an insecure online infrastructure are "hey, wanna get some KOOL GAMEZ (through our insecure online infrastructure)?" What?

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@jimipeppr: Except that, as a lot of people already established, to some people, they are a big deal, and sometimes they're not that easy to avoid. When you tag something as a spoiler, then yeah, it's pretty easy to avoid. That's the point of the tag.

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I hate everything about the pre-order DLC business model. There is literally zero upside for the consumer.

You mean other than the thing they received with their preorder?

Games used to just come with this stuff.

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@gantrathor: I go up and over if I'm only wearing underwear because it's quicker and easier to just pull the waistband down than mess with the fly. It'll constrict the stream only if you let go of the waistband, so I tend to just let the waistband support the weight of my hand which is relaxing and keeps it held down.

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@nmc2008: man, this used to be a problem. I don't wanna go all serious and medical on here, but if you're reading this and you're one of the fellas to whom this happens a ton, push on your perineum after urinating (I don't want to go into crazy detail here... but it's the patch of skin between the clockwork and the starfish. The last bit comes dripping/squirting out. Life-changer for me. I'm not kidding.

Is it weird knowing that next time I push on my perineum, I'll be thinking of you?

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@animathias: Dude, I would love more stuff that has the community directly interacting with the crew. I know that shit can be hit-or-miss because people will call in totally unprepared and just like "What's up? Oh, nothing. Yeah, nothing. I don't know" and grind everything to a halt, but god dammit if that creeper cam stuff wasn't amazing, and I used to love the voicemails on The HotSpot. I miss getting to hear the voices of the community.

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@tom_scherschel: Yeah, exactly, and it's also just like, the path of least resistance to know anything beforehand. Dark Souls is probably the best example in a game I can give. The first time you play it, it fights you tooth and nail. You're learning, you're failing, it's hard. It takes a long time. The second time you play it, you already know what to do, where to go, how to fight, you're stronger, etc.

You put that game in front of two people, one of whom has no idea what they're getting into and one who just gets to read a strategy guide and have a person there helping them out the whole time and maybe even start with a stronger character, and I bet the second person will finish it a lot faster and say they had more fun than the first person, but I bet they're also a lot less likely to play it again. They didn't grind and gruel and struggle in the same way as the first person who ends the game feeling accomplished and ready for a second playthrough that more closely resembles the second player's first playthrough, which will be the catharsis playthrough. Sure, the first playthrough was hard and maybe not as enjoyable, but why would you want to give that up for easy, instant gratification?

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@darkstalker: I didn't want to make it seem like I was ranting at you, more refuting the study and the article. And yes, definitely, if you're a person who doesn't like spoilers, you should avoid places that might have them, but there should also be fair warning if you're a place where a spoiler wouldn't necessarily be expected. Like, going into a Game of Thrones episode review, you should expect spoilers. Going on the front page of Kotaku only to have a huge spoiler for an upcoming game in the headline of an article, something you couldn't avoid, is not your fault. Hence why I would simply argue for people to be considerate and use spoiler tags unless they're in a space where spoilers are expected, so everyone can just do what they like.

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@rorie: Well, if you're taking suggestions, and I know this is always an unpopular one with the community, but I'd really love more short content that I can finish quickly rather than like hour-plus features that take me days to finish unless I just stop watching mid-way through. There used to be a lot more variety of shorter content on the site but it seems like there's been this big shift into fewer, longer features, and it's kind of a bummer for somebody like me who just doesn't always have an hour to watch each video anymore. I know a lot of people do, but couldn't they just go watch another video then?

I've brought it up a couple times before and I know a lot of people here just want longer content, but "shorter" doesn't mean "less." It's not like Giant Bomb has to produce 4 videos of any length each week so they need to all be as long as possible.

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@gaff: That's just straight-up wrong though. You're saying, literally, that any story that can be spoiled and have some of the fun sucked out of it just was never good. You realize you're saying that entire genres are just shit. Mystery genre? Shit. Murder mystery/cop drama? Shit. Suspense? Shit.

Two examples: The Leftovers is that new HBO show on now about 2% of the world's population disappearing suddenly. If someone came along, right now, and just said, "Well, they disappeared because of X," wouldn't that kind of kill half the fun of that show? All the mystery that's surrounding it right now? Sure, you'd still enjoy watching the characters try to cope with the loss and try to find meaning, but you know how it all ends and that's not how a mystery works, yo.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail. It's a comedy. You can't really spoil it, right? You can. There's a moment right at the very end that happens OUT OF NOWHERE that was seriously one of the funniest, most random twists I've seen in my life that throws that entire story on its head. Sure, it's still a very funny movie if you knew what it was beforehand, but you're literally spoiling one of the funniest jokes in the movie and coloring the rest of the movie as a result.

And hell, a third. Game of Thrones is a classic example. Knowing if someone dies or not isn't the worst thing because it's still a super engaging show, but frankly, I try to avoid spoilers as much as I can because they surprise the characters in the show just as much as they surprise me. They're part of the story, and part of the story requires being surprised by a sudden betrayal or whatever.

Your statement was way too broad, man. Seriously. Statements like that are almost always wrong because you can throw a million examples to disprove them.