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A wonderful but flawed piece of storytelling 0

I beat The Last of Us in one sitting my first time through. I don't recommend it. It's a dark, grueling experience, but I needed to see it through. Shortly after, I started it again, this time on Survivor difficulty. I just barely made it out of the sewers with almost zero health and zero supplies. I needed to take a break. I never picked it back up. Until Left Behind. And I'm so glad I did.I wouldn't have thought I would care about Ellie's backstory, about Riley, until I started playing. I had...

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Jazzpunk makes a fantastic first impression that wears thin by the end. 0

As Jazzpunk's brash, stylistic opening blares and swoops across the screen, you'd be forgiven for assuming that it's a game by Brendan Chung, the designer of bold, fantastic games like Gravity Bone, Thirty Flights of Loving, and the upcoming Quadrilateral Cowboy. Its got the same audacity and a similar visual style, full of loud colors and clean lines. It has the same panache for catchy brass music and it even splashes giant white text into the world in the same way. But a Brendan Chung game it ...

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Death is not failure here. 0

I was arrogant when I started Demon's Souls. I ignored the warnings of those who had come before me and pranced through the first level without dying once, laughing in the face of man and God alike.But check the dates of my trophies and you'll see a pretty clear story being told: My arrogance lasted about a month and a half before I finally got stuck and quit until eight months later when an insomnia-driven decision at 4 a.m. got me back in. I overcame my roadblock, fell asleep, then woke up and...

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A buggy, unfocused, hyper-political mess. 1

Assassin's Creed III is the most dramatic overhaul in the series. It proudly features a new engine with streamlined controls, revamped combat, and reworked animations, among a host of other changes. It introduces a groundbreaking new setting with unflinching, unromanticized depictions of history. It promises to finally deliver on Desmond's potential and end his part in the overarching storyline.Assassin's Creed III is also a total disaster from start to finish.Many of the game's problems are sub...

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