Retro Game Pickups #1

Last week I started collecting retro games and thought I would record what I got, where I got them and how much I paid.

April 5th

My mom recently came back from the US and she found some game at a place called Video Game and Movie World which is in Florida. She managed to get some fairly good prices too.

GamePricePrice (
Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt (NES)$0.00$9.00
Tetris (NES)$0.00$6.00
Road Runner's Death Valley Rally (SNES)$0.00$8.00
Monopoly (SNES) (CiB)$0.00$17.00

Savings: $40.00 (As these were gifts, the price to me was 0.)

Sadly I can't get the Mario game working even after some cleaning but I found another copy in my basement that does. Tetris has some label damage but works well and the Monopoly was complete in box which is awesome.

I also grabbed a copy of Power Rangers for the SNES from someone off Kijiji for 5 bucks and Rarity Guide has it listed for 11 so that was another pretty good deal.

April 6th

GamePricePrice (
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64) (Reg. Edition)$8.00$24.00
GoldenEye 007 (N64)$8.00$17.00
Mario Kart 64 (N64)$8.00$26.00
NFL Blitz 2000 (N64)$8.00$10.00
Waialae Country Club: True Gold Classics (N64)$8.00$7.00

Savings: $44.00

Got all of these off Kijiji for only 40 bucks which I thought was a pretty good deal. Mario Kart has a rattle but still works so I'm not too worried about it.


Gaming Journal - The First One! - April 6th 2013

So I thought I would start up a little game journal. Basically my plan is to make updates every so often with what games I've been playing and talk a little about what I have been doing in those games. Will it be a constant thing? Or will laziness kick in? Stay tuned to find out!

Warning: Minor spoilers for side quests will follow (I know the game has been out for years now, but whatever)

So for the past few days I have been playing Deus Ex: Revolution on the PC. I never got into the original Deus Ex games but I am having fun with this one. I'm still pretty early in the game (1 main mission complete after the prologue) and I mainly focused on some side quests tonight.

In an earlier play session I was approached by a scientist that works for Sariff Industries with an issue. Basically he was helping another employee steal expensive drugs from the lab to sell on the street. He wants out, but the other employee has security footage of the scientist helping and is using it to make sure he keeps assisting with the thefts. I was the nice guy and said I would help him out. The scientist told me I would find the employee in his apartment so that's where I headed. When I got there I found the gate to the complex to be locked with a level 2 security console. "No problem!" I said to myself. I began hacking the console, was detected after my first captured node and was kicked out shortly thereafter. Well...ok then! The console locked me out for 30 seconds so I decided to throw boxes at some homeless people and surprisingly they didn't seem to mind! After 30 seconds I tried to hack the gate again and was detected just as fast. WTF? Do I suck or what? So I played some more "throw the box at the homeless person" and then went back for a third attempt and I guess third times a charm cause this time I got in!

I walked into the complex and up to the employees suit. He was not home, so I robbed him blind and hacked into his computer. I checked his email and as it turns out he had just setup a meeting with a buyer for the drugs. Just as I had exited the computer an angry gang member burst into the room yelling for the employee and when he saw me he started shooting! The nerve! So I punched him in the face and he went down. I dragged him all the way into the apartment and left, closing the door behind me.

On my way out of the complex, I noticed another suit that had been locked by a level 1 code! I was able to hack it with no issues and when I got into the room there was another locked door. This time with a level 4 security lock, no way I can hack that this early in the game. I crouched down to look into the room from a grate in the door and saw...LOTS OF SHINNIES!! I had a new quest: get into that room!


I scoured the room and found a code for the room fairly quickly. But when I entered the room I discovered it was booby trapped by...FLASH BANG...sooooo not really a trap. I was blinded for about 2 seconds and then the contents of the room was mine! Only there wasn't much. 3 crossbow bolts (i dont have a crossbow) and some credits. I'm assuming the real good stuff would be in the safe in the wall but alas! It is locked with a level 5 security console. I left the room...sad.

After recovering from my disappointment, I headed to the place where the deal was supposed to go down. I got there and spoke with the employee who was taking the drugs. He tried to play dumb, but I wasn't having it. He then told me that he wasn't selling the drugs, he was giving it away as a kindness for people who really need it but can't afford it. Ok...I guess I can deal with that. I still told him to lay off the scientist who wants out and also told him that a pissed off gang member just tried to off me back in his apartment. The employee then tells me that it must be someone who was working for some drug pushers who are getting mad at him for giving away what they are trying to sell (understandable). He says he will stop stealing the drug if I "deal" with the drug pushers.

So I stroll over to the b-ball court and find them standing there, but when I try to talk to the, they don't bring up any dialog options! Well, I'll show them! I pickup the nearest barrel and toss it at one of them to get their attention. It worked, because they turned around and shot me in the face with shotguns. I die. Awesome. So I reload and try again. This time I don't fuck around. I pull out my gun and flll em full of lead! And then rob their lifeless corpses.

After this I head back to the employee and tell him the deed is done. Then it's back to the original quest giver scientist who thanks me and gives me a nice laser site for my pistol and enough XP to give me another praxis point. Now that I have 2 I can buy into a new ability! Since I am gonna try and play stealthy I go for the cloak ability.


After this I also did one other side quest and one part of the main mission i am currently on and then call it quits for the night.

Achievements Unlocked:

Lesser Evil - Deal with Mr. Carella's indiscretion

Motherly Ties - Put a grieving mother's doubts to rest

So that's the first journal entry done! If anyone bothered to read this, let me know what you think!

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