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I also never played it on GameCube but I have a few friends that loved it so I decided to grab it. It feels clunky compared to newer Tales games, thats for sure and some of the systems arent as good. It also had a rough start for me, because they dont give u a healer until a few hours in i was wasting all my cash on gels instead of new weapons lol. im past all that now though and im making good progress and having lots of fun doing it. Sadly I don't think any Tales game will compare to my favorite, which is Vesperia.

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Mario Bros on the NES. Good memories.

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Yup! I also wish I had kept/taken better care of my old cardboard game boxes. Would like nice up on my shelves lol.

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im gettin AC4. i know ill be able to pump a lot of hours into it. plus ill have res0gun and contrast.

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im getting a ps4 on launch, but plan on getting an x1 further down the line. this stuff actually looks kinda cool to me. excited to try it out sometime.

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that was very interesting to read. thanks for sharing man.

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remote claw for me. i love messin with guys. pulling them to each other, gargoyles, explosive barrels. its just a lot of fun. plus, i dunno why, but i love the sound it makes when it creates a wire for you to cross lol.

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@yummylee: yup, had the same framerate issue on ps3. seemed to get worse near the end of the game too. really sucks when ur in combat and it chops up like that. cant do anything lol.

all in all, these seems like a pretty buggy game. another one i ran into was the ninja enemies would go to attack so the counter icon would appear and when i would try to counter, they would just stop moving and it would drop my combo.

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after a few more hours im finally starting to get back into the groove of combat. still gotta counter a lot, but you can use your gadgets, you just gotta be more careful when using them. i used to use the batclaw quickfire move a lot in city, but in this one guys can attack you while you're doing a follow up attack. still cant get the hang of that damn knife counter though lol.

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