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Nothing can help such a loss but time and love. Lean on those around you as this is one of those times when we are reminded how much family really means. Remember the face of your father, to quote a favourite book of mine. A man I don't know but who I am sure, like many fathers, did his level best to ensure you had a life safe from harm, hate and malice.

Sending love.

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@jiggajoe14: I am commenting on this year old thread to let you know that a T-Bone is just a New York Strip. With the Bone attached. And a piece of Tenderloin over the other side o the bone. So...its the same meat bro!

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I was in the same boat until Friday when I finally took the plunge. Got my Xbone at launch and played just about everything, including the multiplats. I had been going through the same mental checklist at the store however part of new consoles for me is just the fun of unboxing it, hooking it up and messing around in menus. Even if there were no games to play, I'd get a few hours out of that :D

Well, after the weekend I can say I am happy with my decision. I picked up Infamous SS and that game looks amazing. Not really my cup of tea gameplay wise but the graphical fidelity is the best I've ever seen (not a PC gamer at all so take that with a grain of salt). Bought into PS+ and Resogun totally lives up to the hype. That is a video game. There is a free 14day PS+ Trail on the store right now too so no harm if you don't have +.

P.S. If you have a Denon receiver, be prepared for some potential HDCP issues. What a nightmare that was. Actually had my PS4 hooked up through my XBONE for a bit trying to figure it out :(

Now just waiting for THE SHOW!

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Differing taste aside, I wish I liked anything this year as much as Brad likes DOTA 2.

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@darkmario265: Every company with shareholders is about money. Don't fool yourself. Just because one company makes a product you identify with doesn't make them somehow immune to this. That product was designed to appeal to you and extract as much $$$ as possible from your fists.

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Ryan made my world a better place to live in. I can only imagine the hole he leaves behind for those closest to him. My sincere condolences are yours although you'll never see this

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I am a firmly entrenched fan of Microsoft and the 360. Once again, I say firmly. The details regarding the One thus far are deeply concerning to me. I think I might not be their target demographic any longer.

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I hope they do something like this for the next generation. I was still in University when the 360 launched and had no problem dropping a wad of cash up front on a console then. Things. Have. Changed. I have more expendable income but also have kids now. It has draw backs bit I would prefer this.

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I used to like MMO's, then I took a look in the mirror.

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