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Whight_Knight's Top 10 Albums.

I'm quite bored, and I'm trying to keep up a blog that I update more often than I used to with Gamespot.So I decided to compile a list of my top ten albums.You may agree or disagree with them, but I hope you enjoy reading anyway.I may continue to do a top ten with movies,  games etc.So starting at number ten ...

Facelift - Alice In Chains

Often this album is overshadowed by their nearly-just-as-good album Dirt, which most 'Chains fans and neutral grunge fans would put ahead of this.I disagree with that.For me, Facelift is Alice In Chains' best work.Its also their first, so for me you could say they steadily declined as time went on.But that does'nt mean they're not a great band in my eyes.They're nearly just as good as Nirvana to me actually.Such songs on the album include the song Stayley once described "A song about pain" Love Hate Love, Man In The Box which really demonstrates Stayles vocal power combined with the Chains' best guitar solo, and Bleed The Freak.

Songs to listen for: Love Hate Love, Bleed The Freak, Man In The Box, Sunshine, We Die Young.

Cowboys From Hell - Pantera

Again, I'm picking the first album as the top, Pantera's 1990 breakthrough album is by far their best and most raw and pure metal of them all.Steering far away from their glam roots, Pantera perfected their groove metal style and image with Cowboys From Hell, and went on to be a huge part of 90's metal after this with Vulgar Display of Power, Far Beyond Driven, and the rather unappreciated Great Southern Trendkill.The album has a rather thrashy post 80's metal feel to it, and the song Domination is for me, up there as one of the best metal songs of the 90's.

Songs to listen for: The Art Of Shredding, Domination, Cemetary Gates, Cowboys From Hell.

Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness - The Smashing Pumpkins

As Alternative music was entering a new phase after the death of Kurt Cobain in April 1994, 1995 proved a great year for the genre with the release of the SP's third album, Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness.This album praised high and wide by many, earned its place in the Q magazine readers list at 29th in the Greatest Album Of All Time list.A strange, wonderful and ambitious album, it comes in six sides: Dawn, Tea Time, Dusk, Twilight, Midnight, Starlight, and seems to symbolise a cycle of life or time and human sadness.Each side is different, with different instruments used for different songs, and is the SP's most adventurous album.When it first came out, the double disk album cost over $20, but still had high sales figures.

Songs to listen for: Bullet With Butterfly Wings, Tonight Tonight, 1979, Fuck You (An Ode To No One), Cupid De Locke.

Broken Boy Soldiers - The Raconteurs

Probably my favourite album of this decade, Broken Boy Soldiers spawned when freinds Jack White and Bredon Benson got together and wrote the songs "Steady As She Goes" and "Broken Boy Soldiers" and decided to make a whole album out of it, calling on a bassist and drummer thus forming The Raconteurs in 2005.The album became popular after the single Steady As She Goes was released, and it eventually won the "Album of the Year" award on Mojo magazine in the winter of that year.BBS is a Zeppelin-esque album with bags of exellent guitar riffs and singing from White and Benson.

Songs to listen for: Broken Boy Soldiers, Hands, Steady As She Goes, Level

Rust In Peace - Megadeth

This album is often referred to as Megadeth's "Master Of Puppets".I find that statement a little unfair, as I find this album to be far superior to Metallica's Master Of Puppets.Its faster and heavier than anything Metallica has produced post Mustaine.The guitar work is also better and whatever people say about Dave Mustaines voice, I find it to suit the sound and style very well and I like it.Its a growling, snarling voice (Not overdone like anything Death or Black metal bands do, I hate those metal genres) done very well, and its unique.With this album, its astonishing how Mustaine and Friedman are not regarded as better quality guitarists than Hammet and Hetfield.Its quite obvious in this album.Holy Wars (The Punishment Due) is the best thrash song right alongside Mechanix (From Killing Is My Business), with two parts to it: The first being about Holy Wars of Palestine and Israel, of course, and the second being based on the comic book character "The Punisher".The track Tornado Of Souls contains probably the best solo in thrash metal ever.No question for me.The album heralded the best of Megadeths years, and started the best line up of the band to date: Dave Mustaine (Vocals, Lead/Rythm guitar), Marty Friedman (Lead guitar), David Ellefson (Bass), Nick Menza (Drums)

Songs to listen for: Take No Prisoners, Holy Wars(The Punishment Due), Five Magics, Tornado Of Souls.

Disintegration - The Cure

I used to regard Pornography as The Cure's best album, until I listened to this more and more.It made me look at The Cure in a different perspective than how I used to.You dont so much as listen to The Cure.You feel them.There's not many bands out there that can do that, but this album reinforces that aspect of the band and Robert Smith's majestic songwriting and vocals.Generally regarded by most as their best work, that title is rightly given.It definitly is for me The Cure's masterpiece and a must have.Taking a different turn to previous album  Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Disintegration took the darker more depressing and personal side of Smiths life, reverting back to their early 80's style.The song Disintegration, a haunting piece which seems to speak of a previous break up ("Stains on the Carpet, Stains on the memory"), or however one decides to interpret, is the albums best track for me.Other such as Lovesong, which is different from the rest of the album are worthy mentions, and the swirling pyscadellic Prayers For Rain.Definitly Robert Smith's Magnum Opus.

Bleach - Nirvana

Much better than the largely over-rated Nevermind, Bleach was recorded when Nirvana were nothing and had nothing, just a small time random punk troupe from Seattle with hardly a few dollars to their name and a quiet, reserved and shy frontman.Bleach is best described as raw grunge at its finest.Originally titled Too Many Humans, Cobain changed the album name to Bleach after sighting a poster that advised herion addicts to "Bleach their works".Nirvana's punk roots shine through in this album, Floyd The Barber a gritty song about a sadistic barber named Floyd, and Negative Creep which sounds like something The Melvins would write (A band Cobain idolized and stated as one of his influences).The cover of Shocking Blue song "Love Buzz" was the first single released from the album, and the bands first single ever.The album is where Cobain was at his rawest, grittiest, and most modest.Not to mention healthiest, referring to his decline in later years due to heroin use ...

Songs to listen for: Floyd The Barber, Negative Creep, About A Girl, School, Love Buzz.

The Doors - The Doors

I always regard The Doors as the best band of the 60's.The self titled album proved to be their best in my eyes also, the classic Light My Fire started by Robbie Krieger kick-starting the sucsess of the album, and ultimatly of The Doors themselves.However, it is not the best track on the album.It was largely written by Jim Morrison, under the influence of acid trips, which gives it and the rest of The Doors works the acidy pyscadellic nature of the band, which in my opinion, is stronger than that of Pink Floyd (The other big pyscadellic rock group of the 60's).

Songs to listen for: Break On Through, The Alabama Song (Whisky Bar), Back Door Man, Moonlight Drive.

Physical Graffiti - Led Zeppelin

While most would say Led Zeppelin IV was their best simply for Stairway To Heaven, I decided to pick this one instead as it has more good quality songs.While I would agree that Stairway To Heaven is in a league of its own and one of the best songs every written, its not the song I would sit down and listen to every time I want to listen to Led Zeppelin.This album carries such classics as Kashmir and Houses Of The Holy, and my personal favourite Led Zeppelin song Trampled Underfoot, a bluesy song spawned from a jam session.The album is a double disc, with four sides, each song on every side great.Physical Graffiti proved one of Zeppelins best selling records, selling 16 million in the USA alone, and not long after its release, dragged all previous Led Zeppelin albums back into the Billboard top 200.
Songs to listen for: Kashmir, Houses Of The Holy, Trampled Underfoot, Ten Years Gone.


London Calling - The Clash

The best album, by the best punk band of course, London Calling was The Clash at their very raw best.Featuring various elements in their music such as ska, reggae, soul, this is also probably the most diverse album by the band and the album reached platinum in the United States.It containes four sides, with the best track on the album appearing as the very last on side four (And the album), the magnificent Train In Vain, appearing as a hidden track at the end of the album.With its various styles and songs, this work alone elevates the status of The Clash above that of other punk bands of the time such as The Sex Pistols and The Ramones.Joe Strummer and Mick Jones were a perfect match writing many exellent songs between them on the album, and others aswell.

Songs to listen for: Train In Vain, London Calling, Clampdown, Guns Of Brixton, Lost In The Supermarket.

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Oxegen 2008

Seeing as I did'nt get to update my blog at GS about my trip to the Oxegen music festival 2008, I thought I might as well do it at Giant Bomb for anyone interested at all.This festival is held in Ireland every year, and has become one of the biggest European music festivals in recent years, with bands such as The Who headlining only last year.Sadly, I missed out on them last year, but I made up for it this year by going down to see what was up.

It was a 3 day festival that started on a Friday and ended on a Sunday, so there was plenty of times for plenty of good bands to show off.However, I missed the Friday as I was'nt sure as to when to go down, but I changed my mind on Saturday morning, and went to the festival anyway with a few buddies.With no tickets to get in.So we were in a dilemma as to how we were going to blag our way in.It was Saturday afternoon and there was only a couple of hours left to get in to see the good bands of that night.

In desperation I tried going under a fence through one of the campsites, but one of the security men caught me.A blessing came around though.We met a few girls from the North who had a couple of spare (But snapped) wristbands to get by security and into the festival.We thanked them and took them off them greatfully.They were no good to us snapped however, we needed them securely around our wrists to get by security.Cue another blessing.A caravan with more people from the north.They had superglue ... so they let us use their superglue, to fasten the bands around our wrists and we were good to go.Everything worked out fine, we all got in and I saved myself €250 of a ticket to the place.The most I spent was around €50 on my alcohol for the weekend.

So when in, we decided to see a couple of bands while we could (Seen the Counting Crows, Stereophonics, R.E.M and The Verve) that night.All of them were good, but none of them were bands I'd be a really big fan of.The next day was better though.It was a really hot and nice day (Though I got a bit burned), and it stayed like that all through the day.By the time I got to see The Pogues, I was pretty drunk, and after that anything would have sounded good.The Pogues were exellent, I did'nt expect them to play that well.Next band up was the Raconteurs who for anyone un-familiar with them, are an alternative rock  band from Detriot.Their style sounds influenced by Led Zeppelin somewhat, and they have a very talented songwriter in Jack White (Also of the White Stripes).They were very loud, and they played stuff  off of their new album which I really enjoyed.I had been looking to see them play for a while, and I was glad I got the chance to see them here.

Next were the headliners of Sunday and last night of the festival : Rage Against The Machine.Now THESE were a band I had been looking to see for a long long while.And there was no way I was missing out on them.As we were approaching the stage, they were already on, so I hurried on a head and eventually got lost in the crowd and made my way into the pit.Zachs voice and the rest of the band were ear splittingly loud, and to go with it, the pit was immense fun.The crowd went nuts with certain songs (Sleep Now In The Fire, Killing In The Name Of, Bulls On Parade etc).They were worthy headliners, and put on a brilliant show.They were amazing and some people were saying it was the best Rage gig they were ever at.It certainly was the best one I was at, because it was the only one! But after this, I definitly want to see them again, they blew me away ...

Anyway ... that was my trip to a music festival this summer, probably the highlight of my summer so far anyway.


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