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Sorry to hear there are still problems with payments! We confirmed with our payment processor that Visa Electrons are accepted; however, it sounds like some banks are pickier than others about allowing transactions. Here's the official response we received:
"All Visa cards will be able to be processed. Some issuing banks may be more likely to decline online transactions, but you are able to process Visa Electron cards."
We recommend calling your bank to see if there's a specific issue. We'll also be adding Paypal in about a month, so those having problems, should be able to get a membership then. Thanks for the patience. Let us know if we can help with anything else in the meantime!

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OK, we think the problem with Giant Bomb billing processing has been fixed. Can you try again if you were having problems? It should work now, but if you're still having issues, let us know. Again, we're really sorry for the hassle and appreciate the support!

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Hey everyone, we're really sorry for the billing problems. Our gateway provider that processes our payments notified us of some current issues in their system that they're hoping to resolve shortly. They say it should be fixed by tomorrow, but we'll keep you posted if things are delayed. We appreciate the support and your patience while we work this out!