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I think everyone else has summarized it pretty well...

"Wait.. What?"

I'm happy their funding is secure now, I guess.

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@nictel said:

Big hugs people!

@fallen189 We dont need hundreds of threads for this

You're right, we need thousands.

I'm sure Ryan would be amused that we're intermittently killing the website today with this stuff.

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I'm done.

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Like the majority of the folks here, I didn't know Ryan personally. But over the years, in three hour chunks via pod casts every week, I feel like I knew a side of Ryan. And it feels like I've lost a friend.

I'm going to miss him.

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So when GiantBomb reviews move from stars to puppies, we know who's responsible.

Welcome back, Rorie!

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Thank you for all your awesome work, Dave. I hope we hear from you on a later edition of the Tested DadCast.

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'Star Wars' TV massacre! Lucasfilm cancels 'Clone Wars,' indefinitely postpones 'Detours'

Although these announcements only refer to Lucasfilm animation projects, the news doesn’t bode well for fans who were excited about the live-action crime-themed TV show Star Wars: Underworld or the bleak-looking videogame Star Wars 1313. It feels like Lucasfilm is closing the book on all those projects, and on the whole post-2005 era of long-rumored, intriguing-sounding spin-offs. Goodbye, Deadwood in Space.