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Ghost in the Shell over Blade Runner, really? I'm sorry, but annoying anime mascot's parroting sci-fi concepts that have been around for decades doesn't come across as better story telling! I know Blade Runner is kinda fucked up with all different cuts but it's hard to care about these anime's that rip-off western sci-fi when you've been immersed in the classics.  

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Surprisingly objective descriptions here.  
Personally, I don't see any real difference. Both agree on the concentration of power and wealth in the hands of a few and the use of violence to suppress dissenters.

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Like everyone said before, they'll probably change it. If not, don't see the big deal buying it at a store. I'll slap it on the counter and shout: "THAT'S RIGHT MUTHAFUCKER!"

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Yeah I agree, as an artist of any kind, listening to your fanbase can be the worst thing you can do. Relying too much on popular demand will certainly result in something rather bland, but remember that developers themselves follow previously established constructs. Action games are inspired by action movies and many videogame stories are strikingly similar to famous novels/movies. While professional oversight has created many great things, it is by no means a silver bullet.

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Don't worry, Men of War has strategy.

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@HitmanAgent47 said: 

The 2012 elections, I wouldn't be surprised if jeb bush is president, I mean they are all just puppets, who is pulling the strings? The Jews. Maybe obama might retain his presidency, who cares, it's all the same policies and false promises. The federal reserve act was passed by a Jew politician in exhange for his power, he brought up the bill by the Jews to parliment and he said I have just ruin our country. The federal reserve, a private bank with Zionist oversight lends with interest, always bankrupting our nation. The first great depression, the Jews printed a false statement that one bank ran out of money. It's not true, then everyone withdrawn all their money from banks and cause a great manufactured collapes. It turns out fear mongering is the best way to control ppl and give up their civil liberties using false flag operations. The Jews bought out all businesses for a few dollars at the time because it was worth nothing. The biggest robbery in american history. It's the same with 9/11 and the inside job, once again controlled by the Jews, ppl gives up their freedoms over to the government or Jew government, economy collapes. My point is well I wouldn't be suprised if jeb bush gets elected, I am not suprised at all. After all, they are just puppets of the Jews. Bush is related to obama anyways, distant cousins as well as the Jews. My point is who cares, who gets elected, the same ppl in power are in charge (the Jews), only lincon and jfk opposed them, our votes will count for nothing anyways imo. It's not conspircy theory, it's the Jews.

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Now that that gaming has entered the realm of popular culture, you gotta specialize! Is the simple fact that you play videogames no longer making you a unique individual? Then go play something off the wall; reject the main facets of gaming! 
 Me? Well I play SMT games, overly complex grand strategy games like Europa Universalis III and weird eastern bloc PC titles! When the members of the CoD corner in my class ask me what I play, they look at me funny!
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ITT: While I think religion is kinda dumb, people are entitled to believe whatever they please.

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Firstly, I didn't give a flying fuck about Nanako. That part of the game, for me, was wondering if they had the balls to kill the kid. After seeing the game through I felt a sensation of finality and closer. It left nostalgic memories of which I would occasionally reminisce, but after awhile I kinda just forgot. P3 on the other hand had a far greater impact on me, it's a game I still think about.

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I knew of it's existence through a Gamespot review. After reading the review I thought it was just another dumb JRPG. After migrating over to GB, I learned how wrong I truly was.

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