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Ryan getting the respect he deserves.

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@rorie Hi Matt! Really excited for this live show live! Could you please elaborate on how long the Premium discount will last? I'm guessing a lot of people would take advantage of it days from now, myself included. Thanks man.

That Shaq/Avatar moment was great. Never take that Shaq print out down.

It'll go on for at least a week.

Is the sale site up yet?

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They forgot to include a link to the sale =\

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@tuxfool: Thanks!


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I'm surprised Jensen would be able to float in water.

Nanomachines Augmentations.

Story line is Humans vs. Augments. Man... Too predictable.

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I'm hoping it fails or comes out like a steaming pile of turd after it came out of the microwave just so we can have a case study on the most expensive crowd funded product in history. And to teach people a lesson on how to spend money wisely.

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When the full game comes out, you'll be able to buy any ship with in-game money, like in Elite: Dangerous or other games like this. I also recall read/hearing somewhere that when the game is released they'd stop selling ships for real money.

How much "in-game money" do I need (or a better question, how long do I need to farm it for) to get the equivalent of a $100 spaceship? If you make it reasonable then you trivialize other people's $100s and if you make it unreasonable (e.g. hundreds of hours) then you're making it resemble a P2W model. Let's not forget there's also a $1000 spaceship in that game, too. How long will it take for normal people to get that?

Looking at how other games implement systems with a real money equivalent, either officially or unofficially, I'm not looking forward to that answer.

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Videos work for me, thanks edgework, but that new feature with the exclamation mark doesn't show for me on the player, so, bug maybe? It doesn't bother me, just informing you that such a thing exists, or doesn't in this case...

The icon isn't there, but if you hover over to where it's supposed to be the popup will appear.

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If the video is skipping frames (or in some cases, tens of minutes) with a green screen and a screeching wail, do I use that button?

The button warns me to only use it for poor quality and broken videos. My interpretation of "broken" videos is purely videos that just fail to load.

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@dudeglove: Good chance he'll find the SVD and just do it in a true sniper rifle vs sniper rifle duel.

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You mind explaining to me the ending?

In fact, explain to me why Mendoza was willing to work with the people who fucked him over. If I were him, I wouldn't trust the woman who backstabbed me and send me to jail for 3 years while my mother died of what I would assume to be the biggest shock and disappointment of her life. Furthermore, the ending seemed kinda abrupt. You take down Dawes and you indirectly inherit his corrupt empire and immense wealth and then what? Are we supposed to fill in the blanks ourselves? That's some "finish the fight" cliffhanger right there. Would much rather prefer he shoot Dawes and end it there.

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Is it ever confirmed that The End's parrot is the ancestor of E.E.'s parrot in MGS2? I thought I heard that somewhere.

It's more like a wink and a nod to the existence of the parrot in MGS2.