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tl;dr - Denuvo wrecks an SSD's lifespan.

So apparently I just found out that Dragon Age uses Denuvo, a new type of DRM solution. Shouldn't matter too much to users who paid for it right?

Unfortunately, no. The performance hit isn't a big deal, but the amount of IO the software performs is staggering. Denuvo was used for Lords of the Fallen, and according to these sources, the third-party solution was performing its checks approximately 150,000 times per hour. That means in one second, 42 read/write operations were performed on your disk when the CPU brings the page from disk onto RAM (assuming it has moved from RAM onto swap memory). This amounts to about 30GB of IO in 40min. That is a recipe for wearing out those NAND-gates really quickly.

Of course, this could all be an exaggeration. Windows' memory manager would be pretty smart when to comes to temporal locality of frequently accessed memory blocks, right?

Regardless, tread lightly, people.

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How the hell are you supposed to find this club with their shitty search?

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The Giant Bomb logo is breaking the symmetry of the image.

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I'm surprised they didn't catch these "issues" during testing.

If they did catch these "issues" and decided not to fix them, then I'm surprised they let THAT happen.

Hell, getting a broken product out of the door quickly is better than taking an extra year to ship a well polished deliverable, right?

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@corevi: So isn't Patrick contributing to the problem?

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Well. Now I have a reason to go buy retail for the extra savings!

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I see Nindento finally caught up to 2010.

I really don't get why people put up with their dated policies and continue supporting them with software and sales (i.e. 3DS).

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@metal_mills said:

@white said:

Anytime soon? So, you mean it's out in 2016? Yeah that's totally not "soon".

What? Holiday 2016 isn't soon at all.

Do you know how long it took for them to go from BF2 to BF3? That is long. 2 years is not long.

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Anytime soon? So, you mean it's out in 2016? Yeah that's totally not "soon".

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