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This amount of money is insane. Dota 2 managed to generate almost the same amount of money selling an "e-pamphlet" (in the loosest sense) as compared to Star Citizen selling the promise of a game with ships so big you need > 1 person to fly it efficiently.

As of this writing, the prize pool is now $8,934,153! That's almost $9 million! Considering that only 25% of the compendium-related sales goes into the prize pool, that's about $36 million dollars selling this bloody e-pamphlet. For reference, Star Citizen is only up to $45+ million. Dota 2 made more money in 2 months than Star Citizen did in 2 years!

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In case anyone's wondering, the song is titled "Maze of Life".

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Bitchin' music, right there.

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@jedted said:

Damien was a power mad nutjob. That ending was all kinds of crazy, my main issue with it being once Damien takes control the city just goes dead. No cars or civilians on the streets which makes it frustrating when you restart at a checkpoint. I also don't see how you're meant to avoid the cops there without murdering them all(jumping in the river seems to be the best solution).

Must be your platform then. I was running on PC and there were still civilians on the streets.

And I managed to avoid shooting the cops by spamming Blackout, Jam Comms, disrupting helicopters and hiding behind indestructible cover while the cops slowly try to flank me.

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Watch Dogs 2 is so bad. They really fucked up with the graphics. The E3 2015 demo looked so damn good but when it finally released in 2016 it looked like fucking shit. Is this really supposed to be next gen graphics? The game sucks.

How was Halo 5? How much money was the Ti6 prize pool?

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@cb1115 said:

and yeah, Jordi turning heel at the end for no apparent reason was kind of a bummer. probably the best character in the game.

Well, it's not so much him turning heel for no reason (afterall, I think he said he was in it for the money) but the way they handled it. He betrays you, falls and vanishes, and then calls you as if business as usual. Kinda like the same thing that happened to Bedbug.

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I just beat the game and a few things were bothering me, namely:

  1. Damien
    1. What was his motivations afterall? Is he just some power hungry and greedy nut?
    2. Why didn't he want Aiden to involve Ray Kenney in the decryption of Iraq's Data?
  2. Act 5
    1. Aiden wanted to go after Blume following the scene involving Clara's demise. But why? They didn't do anything to hurt his family.
    2. Aiden was driving to to Blume's HQ and then Damien cuts in saying he has full access to ctOS. Then Aiden switches gears to hunt Damien down? What the fuck?
    3. 1 Mission for Act 5? Sounds like someone ran outta time to make a game.
  3. Jordi
    1. =<

Also, did anyone find the pacing really off? They front load the game with a lot of slow meticulous introductions and after you meet Ray Kenney the game just accelerates with plot point after plot point after plot point.

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My save got corrupted 12hr in and Uplay synced said corrupted save to the cloud, forcing me to restart my progress.

Does that count as a serious issue?

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@hatking said:

It ended up having me second guess myself and just saying "I don't remember." I didn't think the subscription had been around that long, but I feel like I've been a member since, pretty much, the day they started asking for money. Though, I guess 'I dunno' is more honest anyway.

I actually keep my receipts so I just count the number of times I got an email from them regarding this lol.