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@zokamoka said:


*Scanloning intensifies*

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I would LOVE some GB merch, but the cost of shipping is making me recoil hard. It's really depressing.

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@baillie: How the hell do they get that figure?!

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Has Rorie tried to negotiate some kind of better shipping rates for the items? They still cost as much as, if not more than, the cost of the item itself to get it to somewhere in the Pacific. He tweeted the pictures of the new t-shirts and, as much as I am excited for the new designs, I don't wanna pay $20 USD to ship a $15 T-shirt.

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MGS3 is the best in the series.

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@y2ken said:

Buy that new Crystal Maiden Arcana that comes with a frost puppy.

I endorse this. Hoard onto the Arcana and the 2400 ability points and liquidate them to get even MORE money.

Then you my permission to buy Darkest Dungeon.

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Jeff and Dan should go can procure decks of that old WWE CCG and play them. I did so when I was young and it's 10000% better than Supercard.

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Bethesda's making Half Life 3. A reputable and credible sauce told me this.

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@gregalor said:

Odds on Drew finishing Virtuous Mission in the first episode? I remember it being roughly an hour? But my memory is probably faulty there.

Nah. Probably the first episode is him getting his Snake-legs back while figuring out the new control scheme.

He'll probably make it to the house and call it an episode.

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Well. I know Sony's not been doing so well. This probably a good move to let every keep their jobs while letting Sony shed off some of their assets to stay afloat.

I guess everyone wins?