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Toe Jam and Earl

While Toe Jam and Earl 2 is a far departure from 1 I enjoyed it.

Most of the others I can think of have already been mentioned.

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Still running Windows 7 here. Might go to 10 sometime after it comes out. I prefer to have the OS out for at least a few months before upgrading my main computer.

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While I am not a fan of Dan I do appreciate that he is pushing out as much content as he is. I can't imagine the volume of bureaucratic stuff that Jeff has to deal with. While I'm not sure what Brad is up too I'm sure it is important and not really something that is entertaining on video or should even be on video. Drew and Jason I imagine are super busy doing a lot of behind the scenes video stuff. Which I would like to actually see what's involved in that. But doubt many duders here would find that interesting. I'm assuming Alex and Vinny are doing their best to get their studio up and going but are probably being bogged with red tape and other issues. They are putting a surprising number of quick looks out for it just being the two of them. Hopefully more of the team gets time to be able to be in more of the content. Only time will tell though.

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I'd have to say my "short" game is Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. A run usually takes me about an hour or so to do. Not sure if that counts since I have technically seen all of the story and the idea of what each level is. But I have not unlocked everything.

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So let me get this straight. Instead of buying dlc on sale for a game you already own. You are waiting for that same game to come out on a newer console and look slightly better. Also it will most likely be $60.00. In short you are waiting in the hopes you can spend more money.. This industry is screwy.

edit: I am not exempt from this screwyness. But I'd prefer KOTOR to be redone.

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Since this is a Bioware/EA game and most likely requires Origin would they not be using that as there DRM solution?

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If I remember correctly there is five warchiefs in the map. I recommend going after a different one if you can. I had huge difficulties with one of them and found the other four easy to take down.

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Out of that list I'd say wait for more games to release. Maybe something with a longer tail.

while I agree with @zevvion and @Levius points I am still enjoying Shadows of Mordor. Later in the game if you are not going for all the achievements/trophies there isn't really anything. However I would still recommend checking it out when it's cheaper or via rental.

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The Binding of Isaac. 492 hours.. Will rise when rebirth launches Nov.

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It seems to me that more and more Dan just likes stirring up people. He knows what will get under people skins and runs with it. While he may in fact not like Pink Floyd or believe that only good bands are commercially successful, they are still opinions and should be taken as such. He seems to love the attention his opinions get him and since it does anger the masses he continues to do it.