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Wait so if you can sell the shoes why can't you sell the gas? When was the last time gasoline went down in price? If you can hoard and sell the shoes could you not hoard and sell the gas once it gets to a point in which it is most profitable.. The conditions of this poll need to be further defined to determine which is the "best" deal.

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I enjoyed the first three Mass Effect books. If you enjoy that series those are worth checking out.

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Dungeon Defenders is one but requires gold for both (which is dumb) also it's free for gold members till the end of the month.

Also pretty sure Trenched *cough* "Iron Brigade" is a split screen online game. Can't remember if you require gold or not for both.

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FYI I managed to find Zombie U at a best buy for $15.00. Still haven't played it since Mario 3D world is still in my system. But I hear it was good for a launch game, and for $15 it was worth a shot.

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Well that sucks to hear. Was really wishing the would have added that. Would have bought it if they were able to.. Oh well.

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I am really in to the Dresden files series by Jim Butcher. Also I do enjoy the Iron Druid Chronicles.

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Clone High

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So is this Launch Day or Launch Window ? I doubt all these games are coming out on the first day. I will be very surprised if they all come out in the first 6 months of the console launch.

edit: actually looking closer at the list 6 months is probably realistic since most are cross platform and or cross gen games.

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Ah gotta love the English language. Where if enough people use a word wrong it becomes correct.

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