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I'd like the Age of Empires bundle.

Though no comment on whether or not my posts have ever been sensible :).

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I play a lot sports games, and I definitely think there's a sweet spot for each one in regards to what year you should pick up.

Nba - 2k8 or 2k11. These two allow the best combination of movement speed and player control. 2k8 is easier to master and more arcadey, but it's the one id recommend if you are playing against someone. 2k11 is hard and punishing at the higher difficulties. I've put in hundreds of hours on both of them. Both are sensational.

Madden - 2004 or 2011. I haven't played 2004 in a long time, but it was a pretty revolutionary game at the time. Not sure how it holds up tho. 2011 has a similar level of ultra control that I mentioned about the 2k basketball games. The game feels superb, and it's really fun to build a team once you learn how to master the game.

MLB - unlike the other two franchises, the show remains very consistent from year to year. Even when they add new controls, they usually give players the option to default back to the old. I really like 2010, but currently playing a season in 2012 and it's great. I'd avoid the 2k baseball games. They're very arcadey and inferior to The Show.

Haven't had a bunch of experience with wrestling, but I do really like boxing games. I prefer the controls and experience in fight round 3 over fight night champion.

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Currently not accepting anymore members.

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All spots filled

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2014 league renewal is now open. We currently have 3 guaranteed openings. Anyone who is interested, please PM your email so I can invite you.

@ghostface318 For some reason, you do not have an email tied to your account. Please email me by Friday (8/15) and I'll re-add you to the league.

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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2.

If your PS3 is backwards compatible, you should definitely check out the Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance games.

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It depends on your region. I live in the Midwest, and Comcast is immensely better than Verizon.

Is that like Verizon FiOS or just regular Verizon DSL?

DSL. I don't think FiOS is available in my area.

I found the whole experience better with Comcast though. I found the customer service to be much better, and the price was comparable to Verizon, except immensely faster.

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It depends on your region. I live in the Midwest, and Comcast is immensely better than Verizon. I think Cox connections is pretty popular on the East coast, or at least it used to be.

I found this for your area: http://www.speedtest.net/local/san-jose-ca

You may want to ask around your neighborhood and see if your neighbors have any opinions on their current provider.

As far as channels go, HBO is usually an add-on in any plan you get. You'll have that option with pretty much any provider. E! is usually included in any basic packages. Not sure about soccer, as that may be an extra add-on as well.

Hope this helps.