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I'm currently juggling between a few new games like Watch Dogs and Wolfenstein, but my summer goal is to play through all of the main installments of Resident Evil. I own all of the games, and have played all of them, but I've only beat 4 and 5.

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I remember when it was mandatory to call Microsoft to cancel a subscription. They also would refuse to take any credit card information off of the console too.

The whole process was a real nightmare.

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What are some of y'alls opinion of this game?

I consider it to be one of the best games of all time. At the time, the game's visuals, sound, and gameplay were simply unmatched.I find that it still holds up pretty well today (I last played the Xbox 360 version about 18 months ago), but if I played it right now, I'd probably choose the Wii version considering how much fun it was to control with the Wii remote (this from someone who generally dislikes the Wii controller).

I loved the gameplay and pacing. The game was hard and it required management of both ammunition and supplies. I wish more modern games were willing to do this.

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I usually just go A la carte and order some combination of medium fry, cheesburger (no onions), and spicy McChicken. When I do order a meal, it's usually the #3, which is a Quarter Pounder w/ cheese.

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@white_sox: thanks for the helpful articles.

TMR and weasel just work better together somehow. Crockroft I like as well, maybe its just Karabell I hate. I like the podcasts cause I usually listen to 5-10 hrs a week including the bombcast, nerdpoker, and good job brain. Its nice to have someone else doing all the work of watching all the games and summing it all up for me. I'm a Cubs fan who currently lives in florida now so I see a lot of bad baseball between cubs and marlins. Though like most year, maybe not last year, I feel the cubs may be heading in right direction.

I know what you mean, they worked really well together.

I actually listened to a couple CBS podcasts today (my draft is this Sunday, so I'm in crunch mode right now), and they've seemed to improve and I actually like some of the guys on there. One thing they do really well is throwing out a bunch of names, so it's more of a breadth instead of depth approach. It gets you thinking about a lot of guys, even some that are way off the radar. Here's the link for the CBS casts:


I think the really dark days of watching Cubs baseball is almost over. Baez looks like he's legit and he'll probably get called up before the end of this year. They'll also have an abundance of cash to spend next offseason. Can't say the same about the Marlins though...

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It's a real shame that Berry is no longer doing the 06010. I think Cockroft is a great source for pitching information, but I still prefer Berry. My brother listens to the CBS baseball podcast, it's pretty entertaining but the information is somewhat spotty from my experience.

I don't have any podcasts to recommend, but here are a few articles to look at before drafting.

Breakout players:


Pitchers to draft:



Berry does still release articles, here is his 100 facts page:


Hopefully he has a love/hate list coming soon. Good luck in your draft.

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I personally have no problem with it. There's so many different ways to acquire a favorite team - through your parents, by proximity to the team, first exposure to the sport, etc. that I don't find it that odd anymore.

All of my teams reside in Chicago (Bulls, Sox, Bears, Hawks). Though I live near Chicago, my favorite teams probably wouldn't be who they are if my father wasn't a fan of theirs when I was growing up.

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Gamespot's old design was simple, but effective. I'm still searching for something like it, but nothing seems to be as good. It's a real shame they changed it in the site redesign.