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He was playable in what, Trilogy and 4? And in both games it was in a rather unbalanced "playable boss" kind of way. I feel like if anything he makes the MOST sense as a DLC character since he's not really a "normal" playable MK character, but he's one people know. It also seems like they had no way of fitting him into the plot which seemed to be a pretty deciding factor for the main roster of this game.

I can understand a lot of the criticisms being leveled at publishers for DLC practices. But I don't follow @white_sox's argument. Goro hasn't ever been a regularly playable character, despite making occasional appearances in off-shoot revisions (Trilogy), or games of generally ill-or-neutral repute (4, Armageddon). It's not like Netherrealm stowed Scorpion behind a paywall.

The complaint gets lost on me, sort of, at that point. Is the grievance that Goro might upset the balance? That pre-ordering gets you a high-tier character out of the gate?

The real, more salient arguments concern the ethics of keeping four additional characters on the outside of the main roster for a fairly substantial fee (half the game's retail price), or the salesy approach of pumping your pre-order bonus after literally every public teaser, large and small. (The latter I, personally, feel people are maybe too offended by. It's not a tactic other publishers don't use elsewhere. I guess I'm over it.)

But throwing a fit because the pre-order bonus is Goro doesn't seem justified, totally. Furthermore, Netherrealm has a track record, with both Mortal Kombat 9 and Injustice, of opening pre-order bonuses up to the public after an exclusive window. You'll get to play as Goro whether or not you reserve the game ahead of release. Though, to be fair, pre-ordering will likely be the only way to ensure you can use him for free. Which isn't necessarily better.

My argument is this: Features that were once free have been cut and put behind a preorder. The publisher requires me to forgo reviews and blindly trust them. Enticing me with features to fall into this trap is gross, especially when those features have been in previous iterations of the franchise.As a consumer, I feel like I'm being punished for not preordering.

And if you feel that I'm "throwing a fit", then my apologies. You're right, I should just throw my money away, grin nicely, and ask where I can sign up for my lobotomy. I'm glad you called me out when you did, I was really getting out of control there.

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@epidehl: you're just justifying the problem, instead of actually acknowledging it. I don't think any content should be held from consumers just because they didn't preorder.

Maybe Goro does make the most sense for you, but I have more fond memories of using him than someone like Kenshi.

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DLC can be fine. But locking a former playable character behind a preorder is not. I loved MK9, but I'll be waiting on X.

Not sure I understand. Was Goro announced as a playable character before he was announced as a preorder bonus?

He's been a playable character in previous games. I know fighting game rosters change regularly, but he's a pretty iconic character in my opinion.

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DLC can be fine. But locking a former playable character behind a preorder is not. I loved MK9, but I'll be waiting on X.

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Undead Nightmare is probably the funniest game I have ever played. You should definitely check it out when you finish the main game.

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I never owned a PS3 but I am using PS now to play through the first uncharted. the game works well enough but there is not a lot to it. go into an area, get shot out of nowhere, take cover, shoot dudes, walk forward, repeat over and over again.

I think you could break down every game into the most rudimentary aspects if you really want to.

And, just pointing out the obvious here, but the game is eight years old. You already seem to have expectations in your head based upon what you think the game is based upon others' hype. It was almost bound to fail in your eyes.

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The original Bioshock is one of the most visceral and compelling games of all time. You should definitely take the time to play it before it ages.

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At one point I promised myself that I would never buy one too. I figured that between the PS4 and PC, there would be little reason to own one.

Fast forward 18 months and I do not own a PS4. My X1 is my most used console. Funny how things work out.

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@brendan: that seems really inefficient. Ideally, the DLC will already be mentioned in the original game page. It makes more sense to add a small paragraph explaining (in this very particular case) the slight differences between the games rather than creating two separate game pages.

Unless the core games are drastically different like dead rising, then I think editors should aim to reduce the number of different game pages.