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At one point I promised myself that I would never buy one too. I figured that between the PS4 and PC, there would be little reason to own one.

Fast forward 18 months and I do not own a PS4. My X1 is my most used console. Funny how things work out.

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@brendan: that seems really inefficient. Ideally, the DLC will already be mentioned in the original game page. It makes more sense to add a small paragraph explaining (in this very particular case) the slight differences between the games rather than creating two separate game pages.

Unless the core games are drastically different like dead rising, then I think editors should aim to reduce the number of different game pages.

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The multiplayer is superb. It's well balanced and offers a lot of variety in terms of different play types and game modes.

1 and 3 also have great campaigns (never finished 2, and 4 was pretty weak).

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Bayonetta. The whole presentation was just so overbearing. It was like that one overly animated athlete in high school who said "hello" by punching you in the arm.

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Sorry to hear about that.

As for me, I'd probably gravitate toward board games more. In fact, I've been playing a lot more board and party games recently. There's a lot of stuff out there that I'd never even heard of.

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Claymates on the SNES. Was a pretty cool platformer from what I remember

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I'm so happy college football is back! I watched most of the Notre Dame/Rice game (since I'm a ND fan) and was watching Clemson/Georgia before the Bulldogs broke the game open. It was pretty competitive for a while but Clemson's defense was burned out towards the end of the 3rd quarter, and apparently Georgia has a three headed running game. That might cause some problems in the SEC.

Golson looked sharp today.

The receivers were a little shaky though.

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I really wish they would start choosing more 3rd party and/or obscure games. I've played all of the big first party releases.

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I still think the original is the pinnacle of the series. The gameplay was like the perfect mix between the heavy arcadey feel of old GTA games and the new more realistic feel of the current GTA games. 3 was a real disappointment for me, because it lacked a lot of the things that made the original games so great. I'm not sure why elements such as the Forgive and Forget or health system were changed in favor of more "modern" elements. I actually just finished 4, and I really liked it. It's probably the funniest and most well written of all the games. I was expecting not to like it as it seemed to deviate from the older games even more, but it went so over the top that I really enjoyed it.

SR1> SR2 > SR4 > SR3

And yes, I completely agree that SR should go back to its roots.

Also, Old Shaundi > New Shaundi