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You did a great job duder. Did you hand draw the Mario pictures at the 8 minute mark? They were pretty awesome.

Edit: Ahh, I see in the stats section that you totally did. Super cool.

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As some of you may know, some parts of the Midwest are getting hammered with snow and freezing conditions right now. I live close to Lake Michigan, where we're accustomed to getting lake-effect snow fall, but the current conditions outside are more intense than what we're used to seeing. I haven't seen a car pass by for hours, all the schools are closed for tomorrow, and the visibility outside is extremely low.

I took that picture about 4 hours ago. Sorry about the low quality, but it shows how extreme the snow drifts are.

Anyways, anyone else going through (or preparing for - best of luck to those on the east coast) any winter conditions right now? What have you been doing to pass the time?

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I can't believe no one has mentioned www.howlongtobeat.com.

I just started using the site a year ago and I love it. I hate to sound like a salesman (I promise I don't work for the site!), but it has a lot of unique profile elements that makes tracking all of my gaming super easy. At the click of a button I can look at every game I have finished this year, which platform I completed it on, and how long it took me finish it. Additionally, I can write quick reviews and easily access them on the same page. It's a handy tool for some quick memory jogging when making Game of the Year lists.

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Drew - we share 5 games.

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I did the exact same thing. I really liked Franklin, and he was the guy I felt I needed to finish the game with. I thought that picking the third option was going to off Franklin without question. The game does a good job at making you think this will happen too. All things considering, if the choice was easily identified (Kill, Kill, everyone lives), I highly doubt any person would have chosen to kill either one.

I don't have a problem with the game forcing you to make a choice like this (it's actually one thing I wished they had carried over from GTA IV - which had more of these situations), but I believe hiding the (what appears to be) canon ending the way they did was a poor decision. Additionally, I think any scenario which allows all of the characters to live doesn't seem to fit into what the game was building towards, especially in the last 3rd of its story.

I also think it's a terrible idea to lock either character after the game is over. "It gives the choice consequences" is not a valid argument because:

1) the choice isn't apparent and

2) the consequence is not important to anything you actually do in the game. It simply hinders potential enjoyment in the world after everything is finished.

At the very least, they should have at least allowed for a "resurrection" option in the menus.

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I haven't purchased one for myself yet. I did have a PS4, but quickly sold it because there was simply nothing that I wanted to play. I didn't get a new system until over a year in last gen, so I may take the same approach and just wait and see. As of right now, the WiiU is actually the only system that has games I want to play. Eventually though, I'm sure I'll own all of them.

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@jasonr86: @jazgalaxy: Thanks for the info guys. I'm really glad the game takes that approach. Only way it would have any value for a person like me.

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How much experience did you have with playing a guitar before this? I'm asking because I'd like to learn but have absolutely no experience with one so I'd need really early tutorials like positioning and terminology. Is that kind of stuff in there? Also, what are the advantages of this version over the last?