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Improving on its predecessors in every way, Beyond takes Quantic Dream’s vision one step closer to the ultimate goal. 0

The commitment of Quantic Dream to make a game like this work is so admirable that it’s hard not to like Beyond: Two Souls. Even though there is plenty of variety to be found within the video game industry, it’s still rare that a big budget game, published by one of the industry leaders, can be so nontraditional. Though that’s not to say Beyond is good or even an acceptable work only because it is more experimental rather than actually achieving a quality experience. It does, however, make its s...

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New camera -- same dirty face 0

The return of Kane and Lynch doesn't feel anymore extraordinary than their first foray in gaming. Tweaks to the game's core structure has certainly made it more accessible, but lingering issues still reside.    Much of what plagued the first Kane and Lynch was the lack of consistency in the gameplay. The sequel is effectively able to rid the series of the horrid and misused cover system found in Dead Men. The 'sticky' cover system was broken, but Dog Days replaces it with a hard button press. Th...

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