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Just beat it after getting it on steam holiday sale, chose to kill the girl because I figured it had to equal killing myself. My main thought being if she was real then I would have the option of only killing myself then she could kill azai, but because straight-up killing myself wasnt an option I killed her.

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I'm really enjoying it, came looking for a GB thread when I heard one of the donations said Good Luck Have Batman. Looking forward to a lot of runs that will probably ruin my sleep schedule.

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Sign me up:

Steam ID: Superfluous

Server: US East but under 100 ping in EU and US West

Skill: Average

Role: 3/5 though I feel good about anything but 2

Also there's the steam Giant Bomb PC Gaming Group that has its on mumble channel if people don't want to rely solely on steam chat.

Edited for dotabuff: http://dotabuff.com/players/70179767

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I'm happy that something different won, but I have a problem with a game winning that is so goddamn buggy. I have it on pc and was able to play through the first one fine, but then my choices didnt transfer over to the second episode. I just said fuck it and played through episode two only to have not just the choices from episode two, but my entire save games from both one and two deleted so I couldn't try any of the fixes (which didn't work the first time anyway). This problem has been around since the second episode and telltale still hasn't patched or adressed it, and the support forums are completely swamped by it. From what I played the game seems moving and engaging but when a game is all about choice and that choice is taken away, it doesn't deserve GOTY imo. Still better than Halo/CoD/AssCreed winning though.

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As I scrolled to the top of the page, I was a bit creeped out when I saw "Dig Deeper into Princess Peach".

Anyway, a neat addition but I'm much more interested in seeing the steam workshop stuff than this. The dota 2 items I've seen recently have been amazing.

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Dendi's Pudge is OP. People are even banning it out against him now. Also, the tiny/wisp combo that I've seen (mostly from the Chinese teams) is absolutely DEVASTATING late game. I think iG has impressed me more than LGD, and complexity has kinda hit their stride so wouldn't be surprised to see them in it late.

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@Fox: each map has 3 different preset sets of waves, so you were probably on one of the hard or "advanced" ones. I believe you can make a vote to change the map, but most people I've played with prefer the difficult ones (I just got off the server after beating the two hardest missions on their respective maps, everyone wanted to try them).

Thanks again for the server, had fun with the duders I was playing with. In-game I was "Superfluous" if you guys are looking and wondering.

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@TaliciaDragonsong said:

Get some Valve dudes over for a quick look ex.

I agree with this in terms of a quick look it would be the only real option unless one of the GB guys decided to take the time and learn it.

I was thinking the same thing as the op, they definitely should have some coverage of it considering its been in beta for so long that no one I know who wanted a key hasn't gotten one. The only way I could see a TNT working is as a scrub league if they get a lot of the GS guys to join them, even then I don't think it would be great.

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A horrible, tragic event. And shame on the radio station headline which said "The Dark Night in Aurora" as if it was some funny, clever shit.

That being said, I don't get why the fuck parents would bring babies/ young kids to a Dark, PG-13 movie at midnight. Obviously they wouldn't think their lives would be endangered, but still.

Finally, you can't make an argument about gun control or w/e from an isolated event. Personally I am for gun control regulation but it's a little silly and disrespectful to use this as a point, there are plenty of other stats and figures to argue that issue with.

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@MethodMan008: wow man, I can't believe you could be such a jerk to us just wow i mean wow.

Joking aside, the KOF finals were pretty "hype" and made me appreciate the game a lot more. Can't wait for MVC3 and FCHAMP v Combofiend now.