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@Skytylz said:
" I wish I would've been around during the SNES era but I was a tiny little dude. "  
This.  Despite not growing up with it, I am in accordance with Brad as to it being the best console ever.  
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Harder Better Faster Stronger, Aerodynamic, Digital Love. 
Honorable mention: Derezzed but it hasn't quite been out long enough to make the list.

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@MattyFTM said:
" The DS did fine with no analogue sticks, one is more than enough for the 3DS. The issue with the PSP's single analogue stick is because people are developing games for it that are far more suited to a home console. The 3DS hopefully shouldn't have that problem. Developers should continue to develop games suited to the touchscreen and handheld gaming in general, just like they did for the DS. "
" Yes. It's a problem. Just like it's a problem for the Wii. "  
I wouldn't say it's a problem for the Wii(unless you're being sarcastic, which is hard to tell on forums), 1. Because the pointer controls work just fine in any good shooters (Metroid Prime, most COD ports, Goldeneye, Conduit; not a good game but good controls), and 2. Developers always have the option to include classic/gamecube controller support.
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@Shini4444: Thanks, the Chun-Li thing is at like 51:20.  It was pretty easy to skip around until she was fighting.  I can't believe I remembered that one, it's hilarious though
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I've recently been OCD about Giantbomb quotes from schtuff, and can't remember where some of them, specifically Street-Fighter related ones, came from.  Here are a few examples: 
I think Vinny was playing Street Fighter and said something like "I hate being on the right side, it's much harder to hadoken"  Jeff responded "You'll do more kicks, dude, its the same motion" 
Another one was Jeff complaining about Sagat, playing as E. Honda he said "Everytime I use that move (the sideways air dash), he just uppercuts me out of it" 
The final street fighter one I remember was someone talking about Chun Li's move set, and saying "If you use medium kick in the air she steps on your face" and someone else said "I wish she would step on my face" 
Anyway, lemme know if anyone else remembers these.  My friend, another GB user (he comments wayyy more than me, I normally just watch the videos and listen to the bombcast), thinks I'm making all of them up, and I bet him 15 bucks I wasn't.  I really don't wanna pay him.

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ME2 is what I expected them to choose, especially with Jeff's hatred of RDR.  However I am annoyed that Hot Pursuit got the last GOTY runner-up spot, expecially when they gave it four stars and pac-man, mario galaxy, and civ all got 5.  And Ryan saying Mario Galaxy 2 was just another Mario Galaxy game is kinda hypocritical when his favorite game of the year was Assassin's Creed.
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Oh no, they are totally in the game.  In fact, the long jump-cloud combo almost breaks the game at points(but in an awesome way).  If you dont use those moves its basically impossible to get all the stars. 
I agree with whoever said Red Steel 2 should've won most improved, Shift was a decent game and Hot Pursuit is great, while Red Steel was a horrid game and 2 is fantastic.
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It is also hard to watch ryan's skills at mario.  I find the lack of triple jumps, back flips, and long jumps disturbing.

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@bearshamanbro said:
" Wow, I hope Mario gets GOTY or at least makes a solid push. Haven't played it but watching that video there is more game design in that just that video than most complete games released this year. "
You have no idea how refreshing that is to here from someone with a green name, or one that isn't red or gray.  I think it deserves GOTY too, although it probably won't win. 
Also, did the GB guys ever unlock the green stars?  That save file only has 76 stars, and there are 242 in the game.
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Anyone else notice how the title "You're Winner" font is from Big Rigs?