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The 4K resolution thing... I think that might be true, but not for videogames. For movies/tv. Sony would love to market 4K resolution blu-ray, TVs, accessories, etc.

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Hopefully BLOPS2 FLOPS. Yeah, I'm witty!

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It's PC, if the title is treasured enough by a certain fanbase - they'll find a way.

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I would crawl into a ball and cry myself to death if I was within a mile of that tree. Never going to holiday in Australia, even if it's for free.

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Visually, this and TNBT are stunning. I want to buy them for just their art style, but I have a habit of quitting point and click adventures before the "adventure" even starts.

Hopefully they will be on sale during Steam's Summer Sale.

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Watching it now. Great film because it has some similarities with Uncharted 3. Visually some parts look close to identical. Particularly the desert and ship scene.

Really looking forward to the sequel now. Thing with Tintin is that when it was advertised I really had no interest in it. I didn't think I liked the Tintin universe or franchise even as a kid, but turns out I was wrong.

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The game itself looks quite good, and I approve of more Harry Potter-inspired things as let's face it. Before Harry Potter wizards and witches were total suck. Harry Potter is a far more appealing universe.

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You put room temp butter on them and it melts. It's like toast. And it's normal to eat pancakes with butter and syrup. I personally just use syrup because I can't really taste the butter if I put it on. However, I feel butter on waffles adds a lot of flavor. You have been educated.

Hah. Thank you very much. In our country, waffles are made of potato. It always confused me in American TV when people put syrup on waffles because I thought they were a savory thing, but actually I have tried the sweet version of the waffle in Ireland and they are awesome. So now I am educated on the two most important foods in the world.

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Ireland. Stores even sell lemon juice things on Shrove Tuesday. But we make them, not the store bought thick ones, they are really nice with lemon and sugar. Lemon juice not an actual lemon wedge though.

I may try the melted butter thing in the future.

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