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ight, thatnks guys!

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Well, im plannying on selling a couple of games on ebay. This is their prices right now but i want to see peoples opinions on if i should lower or raise them. If you are posting on this topic please give me a price for EACH game.

Mercenaries 2-----25$
Final Fantasy Crisis Core-----20$
Blazing Angels------13$
Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts------25$

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Call of Duty 3, Final Fantasy 11

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Ugh, the multiplayer in Gears 2 has really been annoying lately with all the two piecing, smoke grenades, and chainsaw noobs. I recently went back to Gears 1 because i find ALOT less of the two [their still is chainsaw noobs from time to time] and the people are more skilled. I just want to know if people still play it.

Gamertag is shweet117

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Can easily do it by playing River, going into the buildings where the sniper and torque bow spawn and wait for the shield weilding boomer, kill him and plant the shield on the walkway up to the sniper, the enemy cant get in, but watch out for Sires cause they can and will kick them down!

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Best fps online right now

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Well, i got addicted to Call of Duty : World at War and Rainbow Six Vegas 2. I actually got a really good K:D: on courtyard [COD:WAW}, 32 and 16. That that was pretty cool. Ive also been playing some gears1, i actually like that games multiplayer better than gers 2 because there is no crappy matchmaking, less lag, and more "Skilled" players which makes it alot more satisfying to get a kill in that game.

If anyone wants to game with me, my gamertag is shweet117, send me a friend request if ya want!