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I appreciate the input duders, it does sound like Sotfs is the one to go with. Originally I was going to just buy the new one once I was done with Bloodborne but then I heard a lot of negative experiences with the remixed (or harder, depending who you ask) enemies from various games people. Appreciate the help, as the remix really does make the decision a lot more complicated in my eyes

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So after finishing Dark Souls and starting Bloodborne it's become clear to me that I need to play Dark Souls 2, but I have no idea which version to buy. Is it smarter to just get the core game for cheap, without the remixed enemies and poor framerate or pay the full price for the updated graphics, all the DLC and suffer the difficulty spike?

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Just coming off dark souls, it's HIddenRevs. Let's do some hunting!

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PSN: HiddenRevs

Mountain Time

Games: Hella. But seriously for boxed releases I have Advanced Warfare, Destiny, Shadow of Mordor, Bloodborne, Dying Light and Wolfenstein the New Order

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@altairre: That image is amazing in an odd way

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I'm mid-way through dark souls at the moment after giving up on a 20 hour character. I've since put in another 20 and I've reached the point where it is much more one enjoyable. There does seem to be mental hurdle that you have to cross so that you are in the mindset of the game itself. Once you reach that point it's like an addiction. I would suggest using forums and wikis liberally, as it can be a really confounding series. Just look up as much as you feel doesn't detract from the exploration of the game.

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Titan Souls and Axiom Verge, as well as The Witcher 3.

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HiddenRevs homies!

I'll see you all spreading democracy!

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