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@jimbozu: He gave two items a 76 I think. Or a 76 and 78

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@lawgamer: Damn, I shouldn't have given it back to my friend!

@nime: That somehow hadn't crossed my mind. I am going to be getting Uncharted 4 and the Nathan Drake collection when they come to PS4, but I'm not sure if these games will peak her interest. Worth a shot though.

@jaymii: Unfortunately I left my wii behind when I moved out. And she did end up beating Counterspy, it just took her a pretty long time.

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@ralphmoustaccio: I too thought Gone Home would be a good idea, but she said it was boring within the first 10 minutes, and she actually said the same for Journey (whaaa?). Portal and Portal 2 are strong suggestions, and I'll have to see if she has any interest in them. I have thought of getting her to play Fallout or Skyrim before, but with where she is in her gaming progression, the idea of customizing and leveling up a character might be intimidating. I also asked about a loot-based game like Diablo 3 and she seemed turned off by that idea. She is really enjoying Lara Croft, and when you are in co-op that game doesn't have much of a fail state.

I think it may actually be to her benefit to also start playing more games with a fail-state, but maybe with ones that are less intense than that of the stealth-based Counterspy.

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@ralphmoustaccio: @lawgamer: Sorry guys about the unclear question. I'll edit the original. But her problems are definitely control based. She sometimes hits the wrong buttons or doesn't have the reaction time needed to do what needs to be done. I am asking for a ramp that will slowly increase her skill so she can eventually be able to play any games that she fancies. And we have a 360 and PS4.

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So over the past year and a half that me and my girlfriend have been together, I've been slowly getting her into video games. First we started on common ground and beat both the Harry Potter Lego games. Since then we have also played the Lego Movie Video Game, Rayman Legends and she has beaten Counterspy. Currently we are playing through Lara Croft: and the Temple of Osiris.

But now as she is becoming more interested in games that require more technical ability, like Counterspy, she has been running into some frustrating situations. In Counterspy she would sometimes will hit the wrong button, but as she becomes used to the game she slowly would stop making these mistakes. Yet the need to get head-shots in that game prevented her from clearing rooms as cleanly as she intended.

My question to you all is: can you help me in creating a ramp of interesting games that will slowly build up her technical ability so she can enjoy some of the games she has expressed interest in? (like The Witcher 3 and Fallout 4). Basically a workout regime for a beginner-ish gamer.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. (Also we have a PS4 and a 360)

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I appreciate the input duders, it does sound like Sotfs is the one to go with. Originally I was going to just buy the new one once I was done with Bloodborne but then I heard a lot of negative experiences with the remixed (or harder, depending who you ask) enemies from various games people. Appreciate the help, as the remix really does make the decision a lot more complicated in my eyes

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So after finishing Dark Souls and starting Bloodborne it's become clear to me that I need to play Dark Souls 2, but I have no idea which version to buy. Is it smarter to just get the core game for cheap, without the remixed enemies and poor framerate or pay the full price for the updated graphics, all the DLC and suffer the difficulty spike?

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Just coming off dark souls, it's HIddenRevs. Let's do some hunting!

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PSN: HiddenRevs

Mountain Time

Games: Hella. But seriously for boxed releases I have Advanced Warfare, Destiny, Shadow of Mordor, Bloodborne, Dying Light and Wolfenstein the New Order

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