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The first thing that should be the deciding factor is how you want the guitar to sound. Fender's and Gibson's have their own unique sound so I would say let that be the real deciding factor. If you don't really care about that kind of subtly then I personally would recommend the Fender. I think you'll be getting a more diverse guitar that can easily be bent to your will with effects pedals. But I would still say it's better to use whichever one produces the sound you prefer

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Star Fox Adventures was the bomb when I was 12. It was my first "teen" game and it was glorious

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It looks like the cover art for his first album

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I sent a request, hopefully I'll get in before I reach the level cap

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If you really like rouge games, get Issac. I personally can't spend the hours that others can on a rogue game so i subsequently spend more time and enjoyed my time more with Hotline Miami. In my opinion, Hotline Miami is on a whole other level of awesome.