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This when I first saw it made me laugh so hard I wet myself a little.

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RIP Ryan, Condolences to everyone especially his wife, such a tragic lose.

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Hello Add me if you like Whizzedoutwoz, I am the only person I know atm with a Wii U ((((

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@fisk0 said:

@JohnPaulVann said:

Carmack should be the one getting fired for designing the horse shit technology that powers Rage. He is no longer a top talent. Fuck him and fuck id. Unless John Romero comes back I'm done with the company's games.

+1 for the return of John Romero. He might have been crazy, but he had the great ideas and inspiration that was needed to make Id's technically competent but otherwise dull designs great. As for Carmack, I can't say - RAGE looks great, but nothing about the technology - at least not as described - sounds new or revolutionary. Streaming Megatextures aren't new ideas. They fucking used that in the previous engine (both Quake Wars and Quake 4 at least), as well as a bunch of open world-y game engines, and pre-baked light/shadowmaps have been in Id's games since Quake 1...

Yeah fuck those no talent hacks, and lol at bring back John Romero who single handedly almost bankrupted Eidos, fuck him and his triple AAA title, award winning game of the year and a 100% Romero title "Daikatana".

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@shinigami420 said:

Pretty terrible

Ignore this douche.

10 minutes in and looks good man, good job.

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It's end of week now, I'm guessing Sunday.

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Who voiced Korean 4?

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I loved the music so much to this game, I turned it into a 60 minute mix, I done this to make aware and promote the artist Module.

If you would like to hear it then go here http://djmix.net/MaxPayne/ShatterSoundtrackMix

The game is awesome, but the music puts it above most games on PSN and it's really cheap to, go buy it.

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Lol do you even know how compact Laptop GPU's are? this is an amazing chipset.

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" It seemed like a bit of good fun to me, but I'm sure someone on some message board right now is flipping out over something related to this whole deal. "

Checking gametrailers right now
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