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I did this course last year and am doing it again this year, it's scheduled to start July 14th and based on my experience last year and the similar outline this year it's extremely easy going for anyone who can plan ahead based on simple directives, I'd earnestly recommend it to anyone with even a passing interest in LOTR, MMO's or learning english lit.


articles about last years course:



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found this fucking around on google (googling my own name, fine.) I like to think Ryan would have liked it :)

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That is all.

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pretty much ready, any instructions on what to do?

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I'm not using any adblocker and it's not working on Explorer, the only browser that runs vids well for me, or Chrome. Youtubes fine. WinXp (I know, you're right, spare a fiver?)

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Thanks everyone, sounds about right other than asking each other site I'm interested in keeping, but I'm not certain I care enough to do so for anyone but Screened. My question is also kind of about a nerdy interest in fixing the issue the right way rather than working around it.

@McGhee: I was maintaining my wishlist there, ranking which order I want to hunt out movies in. As for Screened's popularity now, my impression is your impression is right judging by the response I got.

To whom it concerns you have my blessing to close thread, though might be worth documenting what happened here for future. I never asked what the issue w my login was, just hurriedly did as told in case I risked account, a little clarity at time would have been nice.

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...and haven't gotten a response to my problem for months on Screened. A long time ago I was forced to change my accounts name from WholeFnShow to something else, I never asked why and chose the name you (presumably) see now, WholeFunShow without incident on this, my main whiskey account, but some time after this I discovered none of the other sites noticed and I could only log into newly created WholeFunShow profiles and lost access to WholeFnShow with all my stuff on it. I reported the issue to Screened (the most important other account) Testing all other sites now, live and dangerous...

Screened (Fair bit of Lists, edits. all still visible): Both accounts, WholeFnShow/WholeFunShow exist, no access to FnShow.

ComicVine (One list, still visible): Ditto.

EDIT: ...Can see I got achievements for creating new account three months ago but didn't ask for help there being a less important account to me, I assumed Screened would help me out.

Animevice (forget history here, very little I think, possibly none): Logging in w email defaults to brand spanking new WholeFunShow profile, WholeFunShow seems to be deleted/never existed.

Tested (Forget, presumably never created account): Defaulted to new account with old name, WholeFnShow, can't find any WholeFunShow account.

[For sake of completionism] GiantBomb (why I'm here at all. In existence I mean, I would kill myself and everyone else if you took my account from me): Profiles name changed from WholeFnShow to WholeFunShow, everything still there, WholeFnShow links nowhere now which is peachy.

Reading through this I can see what I'm trying to say but understand my issue might seem a little muddled, please ask me to clarify rather than giving up helping me, thanks.

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NM can stand for Never Mind, but in context here it means No Message, as in "All I have to say is in the Subject line."

I have a controller and do intend to get the game eventually, I'd read an article I'm pretty certain Klepek linked to in his "Worth Reading" round up about how bearable the mods have made the game and look forward to tinkering. This thread isn't meant as a criticism of the port, It both celebrates From Software's courage to fulfill seemingly absurd requests as mine to port it to PC even though they admitted they weren't really in a position to do a really really good one, and laments my lack of money where my mouth was all that time ago.

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... I found this Gem :) Thinking on it I never ended up buying it unfortunately because of the generous admissions from From that it wasn't a perfect port.