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I played the demo for Fahrenheit AKA Indigo Prophecy before the game and it did a fantastic job of selling it to people such as me, though I don't doubt many would find it as pretentious as consensus holds Quantic Dream to be. Essentially it's the opening Diner segment in it's entirety (one of the better sequences) with an ingame "I PISS ON YOUR FOURTH WALL!" by an ingame David Cage. As much as I enjoyed the full game, the demo's comparative beginning middle and end worked better for me and I replayed it compulsively until my first opportunity to pay full price for the full game... huh, it's weird reflecting that this was back when I still relied on brick and mortar game shops. Agreed with everyone saying Stanley Parable too, I think that deserves it's own entry here it's so different.

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To me, this seems a truly fascinating development, not certain on what side of things I fall yet (I'm PC master race for the record) but before finishing all the responses I'll say I'm very surprised at so much outrage towards Sony repressing competition as opposed to second party EA encouraging two subscriptions (assuming getting EAs without Sony's wouldn't be possible, right? Most of these thinks'ings apply either way) Sony's never claimed to be running some corporate utopia where they'll encourage all companies to compete for dollars on an equal footing, only that they'll provide the best service to their customers. Personally I can see how they would include discouraging the interface of their products turning into the clusterfuck of Steams and Steam wannabe's my desktop has turned into under such a remit, but judging by this thread the outrage might compel them to backtrack, it will be interesting to see.

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Rare's Donkey Kong Country, Killer Instinct &c. have their own concept, should games like this and all the others have their own concept or should Advanced Computer Modeling be made more general? While I have your attention I'll enquire about a ray tracing concept too.

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I did this course last year and am doing it again this year, it's scheduled to start July 14th and based on my experience last year and the similar outline this year it's extremely easy going for anyone who can plan ahead based on simple directives, I'd earnestly recommend it to anyone with even a passing interest in LOTR, MMO's or learning english lit.


articles about last years course:



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found this fucking around on google (googling my own name, fine.) I like to think Ryan would have liked it :)

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That is all.

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pretty much ready, any instructions on what to do?

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I'm not using any adblocker and it's not working on Explorer, the only browser that runs vids well for me, or Chrome. Youtubes fine. WinXp (I know, you're right, spare a fiver?)

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Thanks everyone, sounds about right other than asking each other site I'm interested in keeping, but I'm not certain I care enough to do so for anyone but Screened. My question is also kind of about a nerdy interest in fixing the issue the right way rather than working around it.

@McGhee: I was maintaining my wishlist there, ranking which order I want to hunt out movies in. As for Screened's popularity now, my impression is your impression is right judging by the response I got.

To whom it concerns you have my blessing to close thread, though might be worth documenting what happened here for future. I never asked what the issue w my login was, just hurriedly did as told in case I risked account, a little clarity at time would have been nice.