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@wholefunshow: I'm not exactly sure what you mean so I'll ask you to elaborate on your post a bit.

I actually think Major Nelson and Treehouse live streams are a great point of consideration though. They have the exact same function as "games journalism" but their "news" is more potent and focused. It's directly from the source. This leads to more relevant/current information straight from the biased mouth. Think about what games journalists do with that info. They either post the video on their website or they make bullet points for the important stuff. They reiterate 99% of all the content they are given.

On the whole I think it's a good thing to have them as a source of information separate from the company selling you the product. But they shouldn't call themselves journalists because that requires an ethical standard that they are incapable of holding. They're freelance marketing organizations. They're who publishers call when they want the hardcore audience to know something about a game they're making.

I'm really not certain what I mean either :p Or less theatrically, I'm trying to work out a way for the not quite journalists/not quite marketing/"it's sort of always been corrupt but what are you gonna do, boycot?" grey area to have clear lines about what's what. As E3 developed I really started to wonder why I'd dismissed Nintendo's Treehouse stream early, it was the place that Nintendo was saving it's best nuggets of info for and I'll very likely be looking out for it's equivalents at the next events. And yeah, that's because they're trying to shill for Nintendo... but it WAS Nintendo! So exactly what it said on the tin. Jeff has repeatedly returned to the difficulty of maintaining distance or at the very least being transparent about what could be construed as conflict of interest (Bombcasts after Rab Florence and the Dance Central 2 not review for example) and one answer is make certain that each entity has it's own voice, Giantbomb filters games through Hamburger's and wrestling and earnestly de emphasises the authority of each reviewers review score for example. This is a bizarre note to conclude this on but this isn't my day job.

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Games Journalism is actually just marketing and it would clear a lot of stuff up if people accepted that. Especially the games journalists. The reason no one has evidence of corruption is because they don't see that their entire practice, when you call yourself a journalist, is corrupt. All you need to do is open IGN, Gamespot, Giantbomb, Kotaku, Polygon, etc and look at the collection of "news stories" to see what the problem is. It's marketing. There's your corruption. Page one of IGN is all the evidence you need.

It's not actually corruption even, but the gaming press isn't honest about what their job actually is. They want to help the industry and help sell great games. Nothing wrong with that, but it's not journalism. It's marketing. They are part of the marketing arm of the industry.

Posting trailers, release dates, and reviews, for content that is directly given to you by a publisher or developer is NOT in anyway journalism. Opinion pieces about said content or the culture surrounding is also not journalism.

They're pundits reporting on exactly what the games industry wants them to report on. Like CNN talking about the McRib on McDonald's request. Except that is the entirety of what they do. Patrick Klepek and Jason Schreier are the two closest examples of a journalists and they're both at most 10%. At the end of the day, the purpose of their job is to help sell and promote video games.

The real identity issue lies with them not with the "gamer". The press doesn't understand their own job responsibility and probably enjoy being referred to as journalists.

I thought I'd understood this idea but your post makes me consider it further, would there anything to be said for Sony, MS, Valve, Nintendo, EA and Ubisoft putting their respective proto Major Nelsons and Treehouse live streams together with the remnants of Kotaku and such and saying "This is our sort of official PR wing which is a tiny bit distinct of each of us"? Seems a drastic change of course but a monumental compromise will have to be reached one way or another.

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@hallic said:

The way GB has handled the whole gamergate discussion or more appropriately lack thereof (We have Patrick to thank for that I presume) has made me very disappointed in this site. And now having that google "pro journos" group being leaked , showing that there was collusion within the gaming press to silence/smear it's critics and organise the "Stop the Hate" petition that came out a little while ago, it's becoming very clear that the gaming press narrative of gamergate being nothing more than woman/minority/trans and also puppy(why not?) hating trolls is a shameless attempt to get their opponents to stand down and be quite.

Patrick and the mods here can have whatever opinion on the matter they wish but to outright silence most if not all discussion on this topic is just something that makes me scratch my head to be honest.

The sad thing I've been compelled to deduce is that as a whole they've acted with comparative civility, just the white wash along with the occasional (from my point of view) lazy, snide, biased criticism from what they perceive to be the moral high ground. My concern at this stage relates to this...

@afabs515 said:

I still don't know what GamerGate is and I don't care about it. What happens on Twitter doesn't really matter to me, especially considering I don't use my twitter account, on which I only follow the Giantbomb staff.

The lay offs at gamespot happened before the shit storm and the boycots are only going to exacerbate such things. The longer the bitterness continues the more friendly fire will occur. [Hash tag]GamerGate is too complicated for any one person to understand overnight but while it untangles I'd hate an undue consensus to form against giantbomb.

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I'm glad you choose to highlight Jim Sterling's conspiracy article it was one of my favourite peaces on the whole thing. I'm fully of the opinion that both sides have valid points but it's being burried by hate. If I'm honest, I can't wait for it to pass. I think that reflection on the whole issue is the last value it can bring because right now it's all too heated.


Thanks for another week of WR Patrick.

I found that and TBs video being highlighted very encouraging, for the record I do have criticisms of the piece as a whole but have learnt that I value keeping things civil above "winning". On reflection I'm lucky I can make that choice so comparatively easily.

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It's pronounced "Ankh". Just like it's spelt.

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@amyggen said:

@icyeyes said:

Holy shit! I can't believe the updated it. I'm getting a little concerned now. Why the sudden push to bring in more subscribers? I can think of only one reason... It's also interesting to note that Gamespot dropped its paid subscription service last year, and then laid off some people in July.

I don't see how that's interesting to note here. Subscription never worked for GS so they dropped, it clearly works for GB. Jeff has been saying for a while now that things are going better than ever in terms of traffic and subscriptions. My guess would be that the suits finally see that subscriptions can be a goldmine for this site. GB has done a terrible job at promoting Premium for years now, so it's good that they're finally promoting one of the big advantages they have over other gaming sites.

What's interesting to note is that GB hired two people while GS laid a bunch of people off. I don't think you have any reason to be worried :)

I love giantbomb so partly to promote this new ad I am trying to get #GerstmannGate to trend on Twitter.

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@memu: It's because this is a very difficult time for anyone in the industry to work out what they should do. Partly because I love giantbomb, I'm trying to promote this new video by getting #GerstmannGate to trend on twitter.

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I'm thinking of doing a very careful TLDR here, but more briefly before I finish reading the thread: What I want is what I've been getting from Giantbomb since it's founding until very very recently.

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I immediately judge anyone who self identifies themselves with any label. It just feels desperate like they're trying to cling to some perceived ideal of what that label is. If you are in fact that thing you say you are then you wouldn't need to proclaim it you would just be it.

Reading this prompted my eureka moment on why the articles bother me so, as discussed gamer tends to be used with qualifiers like "casual gamer", "core gamer" and Mountain Dew's "Gamer Fuel", the latter is a trope that has stuck in many peoples minds. My impression is it was very passé if not an outright fiction to sell such products from their inception, but it's this trope the writers are trying to allude to without getting into specifics (like me here, ironic?) by attacking the most general phrase, "gamer" unqualified, and thus avoid their guilt in the events of the week.

Also this...

@altairre said:

I think this is an excellent post by Ariel Connor regarding the topic and you should read it if you're interested.

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Much appreciated @mento and @def, now a fresh one.

Psygnosis Barbarian has a Palace Barbarian/Death Sword box art, I've moved it to right place so this (copy at Psygnosis Barbarian) should be deleted: http://www.giantbomb.com/images/1300-2420649. Oh, also I see what looks like US boxart for Death Sword which would be favourable to title screen looking screenshot on front page, is this right thread to request this for front page pic? http://www.giantbomb.com/images/1300-853342

I notice an imperfection in each games respective sequel, the amiga release for Psygnosis Barbarian 2 (link) has the boxart for Palace Barbarian 2/Axe of Rage (alias request already in BTW) but it's outside the usual Image system, should I save/reupload? It doesn't need a request to delete it but I can't bring myself to do it until I see it in right place.