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Posted by fisk0

The inclusion of Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds is understandable. The game wasn't exactly good, at least not without the patch, which was never released - but there are so many things in it that could've made it fantastic. As for the other games, I haven't played many of them, I do love Oblivion, but that's a game which I understand perfectly why someone wouldn't like it ... and Burnout Paradise is kinda my MGS2. Is it really good, other than it's pretty much been given away for free on PSN, Origin and Steam a couple of times, which of course makes it hard to say it's not great for the price of admission?

Posted by WholeFunShow

I actually revisited Oblivion during all the Skyrim hype and have decided to cull it from here, but I burned out in a hurry again because of another long term min max issue in addition to new games. I'm just incapable of sitting back and letting it wash over me like I assume the idea is. Also picked up Morrowind and modding that was a comparative breeze, just got the 3/4 gig compendium of mods and was set :)

The tone and music of Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds was always right up my alley and didn't disappoint, and I admire the attempt to make the non combat strategy moar complicated than outright turn based. I might just dig it out set it to lowest difficulty and reattempt, but even saying that reminds me how irritates I was I couldn't NOCD it without red book choons...

I had no friends w Burnout, but I have a deeper resentment which... I guess I should just right up beside it in my list.

Tx for dropping by, I don't tend towards the hubs of these places so I appreciate you coming all the way out :p