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People will say Amazon based off the uneasy feeling that Google is getting too big. Then they will rationalize it accordingly.

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@towolie: On principle, since you didn't pay for the game (or don't have enough for the game) doesn't mean you can pirate the game. Having no money is not an excuse to steal. Or rather, it shouldn't be. Especially for luxury items like games.

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I don't know where to put this but I go.

Now I know that Giant Bomb has only so many people doing things for the site. But as a user of the site I would love to see a better search for video. Especially since there are multiple endurance run series, and RPGs and LOLs and Thursday Night Throwdowns. Maybe more categories for the videos?

I feel that it would encourage rewatching some of the old content that would generate more views rather then let it hide in the archives. It's good content that could be re-exposed to your newer audience. I love this site and would love to see success in it's ventures, I also feel like you guys could do a lot more with the youtube uploads as well including links to other videos at the end for continued viewing. It certainly has that effect on me when I watch game videos on youtube.

This is just an outsiders opinion, but it seems to do well with some of the more popular youtube videos and you should see similar success. Thanks for the attention!

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What an embarrassing way to start off a new technology. Two companies publicly fighting with each other through headlines over who owns what. I guess I can't really expect a company owned by Facebook to take the high road.

Oculus sold out and it shows in the way that they're handling themselves. I wish they showed more integrity and never took Zuckerberg's monopoly money.

I think that's an unfair assessment on Oculus, mainly because there are a number of underlying reasons why Oculus could have sold to facebook that were beyond the control of the people and it's management. They've technically sold out but your presumptions of "I guess I can't really expect a company owned by Facebook to take the high road." and "Oculus sold out and it shows in the way that they're handling themselves." seem unjustified. I implore you to reassess your stance on Oculus, mainly because Oculus could do great things (and has done great things) and to see their product be tarnished because of pre-conceived notions of the masses would be a crying shame. They're still the same people there... but now their investors have changed and have become a little more financially stable. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy if you think the Oculus is going down now.

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Noooooo DAVE! You were my favourite duderr!!!! You were the chosen one!

Will miss your presence man, good luck with anything and hope Veronica grows up knowing how much of a cool dude you were.

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When you search for something like "Endurance Run: Deadly Premonition: Part BR-02", the last video on the query is the one that has the exact title match. Same goes for trying to search key terms such as "Part BR-02", know you guys are busy thought i'd do my part to point out some existing bugs.

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@Andorski: @mellotronrules:

Not so much mandatory but like a poll once a week that would be a tool for them to gauge what the community is interested at any one time. And it doesn't need to be all their content just something once in a while.

You guys are right though, the feel and statement of the site is to have an independent 'voice', but i've heard it from jeff that the community is also a very important aspect of the site. What better way to interact with the community than to have them look at a game that the community is interested in buying. For instance, i want to know what Town (steam) is about and there really isn't a way here on the site to let them know that it would be an interesting game to look at. I don't mean to say that they should bend to my will and look at the things only i want them to look at, but putting my vote into something (and hopefully other people's votes) would be something cool.

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Is there somewhere to submit a request for a quicklook or put a vote in for a community chosen quicklook? If not, any particular reason why it might be a bad idea?

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I'm sorry dude, but this is a badly worded and formed poll. Absolutely no useful information can come out of it. Was entertaining to think about though.

Also, GBombcast is at it's worst when jeff and/or vinny isn't there. I love me some jeff/vinny, ever since persona 4 ER.