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You are the single biggest fucking idiot on this site. You never ever make sense. Japan known for rape? Really?

nope, that was literally 75 years ago.

And it's still a politically and socially relevant (and a widely denied event) to this day. Son, you need to do some research. This "it was 75 year ago so who gives a shit" attitude is A) Stupid and B) dismissively offensive.

the turkish government denies the Armenian genocide. This is a bad thing. HOWEVER, this does not mean that the turkish people are known for their proclivities in ethnic cleansing. LOGIC Y'ALL

Nanking was not really ethnic cleansing. Nor did it have any real ideology beyond people taking advantage of the weak. Also, many Japanese (not just the goverment) deny it as it is considered shameful.

Again, it is relevant and frequently brought up modern society. This is not argument. It is a fact. So please, stop. You are wrong. End of story.

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@whyareyoucrouchingspock: Your point being? That has zero to do with modern japan

I'd recomend you read up on it before attempting to sound like you have a clue. As someone of Chinese origin, it is widely regarded as our "Pearl Harbour".

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You are the single biggest fucking idiot on this site. You never ever make sense. Japan known for rape? Really?

nope, that was literally 75 years ago.

And it's still a politically and socially relevant (and a widely denied event) to this day. Son, you need to do some research. This "it was 75 year ago so who gives a shit" attitude is A) Stupid and B) dismissively offensive. Perhaps I was wrong in assuming the youth of today had wide knowledge of important historical events. I'll give you that. Still....

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You are the single biggest fucking idiot on this site. You never ever make sense. Japan known for rape? Really?

Yea, Nanking.

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I do think Hideo Kojima is overrated as all hell

Yep. Wouldn't occur to me to write a blog about it though.

You should. It's better to explain why than just make a blank statement. I hate when people do that. They do it all the time on gamespot user reviews. Very annoying.

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Japan is known for a lot in the Western world, especially on the internet, rape, being nuked, and cartoon drawings of girls of a questionable looking age. All these things resonate with the Western culture, indeed it is even difficult to go to a forum where teenage boys exist that don't have badly drawn anime girls, dressed like some sort of space prostitute. One such Japanese inspired creation also predominant with young adults, is Metal Gear Solid.

To many, Metal Gear Solid represents the pinnacle of gaming, unrivaled story, that is expertly crafting by Hideo Kojima, the creative mastermind behind the series. Indeed these young adults tend to be quite passionate about it, obnoxiously so.


I have taken it upon myself to create this blog, demonstrating a small part of the depth, the complexity of writing and thought put into Metal Gear Solid, my ultimate hope through this, is that we all gain a better insight not only into Metal Gear Solid but the thought provoking Hideo Kojima himself. Given this is a huge undertaking and due to his genius, which is very, very large in nature.I will put it in comprehensible terms, for those who may not have necessarily played through the masterpieces like me by simply taking a segment, as opposed to attempting to examine it on a whole.

We will start off with Metal Gear Solid 3.

The selected clip is taken as the example.

Loading Video...

The opening explained We have ran into a few snags, these guys were after Sokolov too apparently they were taking orders from a grue colonel named Vulgin.

We have established people are after him, in particular someone named Volgin.

Boss walks out with two boxes, drops one and nearly knocks Sokolov off the bridge, she does this twice. We have established she is bad. She explains Sokolov comes with me.

We have established she wants Sokolov with ill intent.

She is surrounded by bee's. which proceed irritate snake and take Sokolov, she looks up at the helicopter explaining my friends, let us fight together again.

he has ill intent, not only wants Sokolov, but has now taken him by force with an unknown party she called friends who she will fight alongside.

She addresses colonel Volgin i.e. the bad fellow after him calmly retorting... Welcome to my country, and to my unit!

We have now established, ill intent, wanting and taking Sokolov by force with unknown comrades we now know is colonel Volgins unit (to which the boss and the Cobra unit are now apart of, obviously).

Boss, what is this? Snake retorts, while dribbling.

I'm defecting to the Soviet union you absolute fucking retard she replies explaining she is GIVING Volgin nuclear warheads.

After picking up the warheads Volgin asks Are we talking him with us? to Which she replies No.

Super secret well written non-retard logical man snake retorts What are you talking about?

She attacks him, breaks his gun then proceeded to break his arm.

Afterwords.... Volgin explains he's seen my face, we can't let him live... he must die to which The Boss explains she will take care of him.

She puts out her hand in friendship hoping Snake will be badly written enough to take it... Ignoring the fact she has defected, taken Sokolov forcefully without permission, joined Volgin, gave him nukes, broke his arm, and implied she will kill him for Volgan.

Thankfully, Snake realizes this is dumb and runs away, as he doesn't want thrown off a bridge, the game gets canceled due to obvious mediocrity, and Hideo Kojima shoots himself in the mouth.

Another example, Metal Gear Solid.


Revolver Ocelot (Revolver Ocelot)

1. We are introduced to Special Operations Fox Hound (REVOLVER) Ocelot. (REVOLVER) himself refers to himself as (REVOLVER).

2. (REVOLVER) has a gun, it's a (REVOLVER).

3. (REVOLVER) explains while skillfully flicking his (REVOLVER) around, that his (REVOLVER), is the greatest handgun ever made, Six Bullets, more than enough to Kill Anything that moves.

4. After (REVOLVER) introducing himself as (REVOLVER) Ocelot, waving around his (REVOLVER) and explaining why his (REVOLVER) is the greatest handgun ever made, (REVOLVER) explains... that he will show you why they call (REVOLVER), (REVOLVER).


A lot of games have terrible writing and story. Anybody who plays video games can tell you this fact. What annoys me personally (IMO) is just how smug the games are. How smug the fans are. How smug the gaming media are about without actually being objective (like me). As a young fellow I recall playing titles like Homeworld and Planescape Torment. Superior titles with superior writing and story-telling. Homeworld, sadly, has been all but forgotten. I have to sit on many gaming forums listening to 15 year olds and reading nonsense with IGN and gamespot claiming these games are masterpieces of the medium. When many aspects (particularly this Metal Gear Solid 4) are terrible. Encurage these younger gamers to ignore this nonsense and purchase Planescape Torment from GOG.com or hunt amazon for Homeworld I feel gaming would improve. Even if only for a little bit, it will be worth it.

True Masterpiece
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Is the civilian version good enough to still be considered a sim?

Nope. The game above (DSC) uses a simulator engine. The real one doesn't use a flight model. All they done was add a flight model to it for the most part with everything specifically remaining a simulator.

In Arma 2 as well the single player involves building RTS style bases and commanding men. You can magically heal men to full health and so fourth. It straddles between mainstream and simulator rather than actually being an outright simulator to the core. Regardless, it is a fucking tactical shooter. One of the last. Along with Red Orchestra 2. Everything else now is third person, wall cover, health regen shit doing a bad job at emulating a Hollywood movie.This is due to consoles and Ubisoft.

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Are you saying ARMA 2 is a bad game that is not worth 30 bucks?

Arma 2 is probably the last tactical shooter in existence (barring probably Red Orchestra). All have been turned into lame console action shooters. Including Operation Flashpoint (the game Arma is spiritual successor to).

No, it's not a shooter. It's a Sim.

Have you ever actually flown a plane or a helicopter? I have.

This is how you start up a helicopter.

Loading Video...

It's worth noting that I skipped tons of procedures. In Arma 2, you press "E" and push "UP". It's about as much a "simulator" as pacman is of eating. More like IL-2? Don't me make laugh son.

Arma 2 is a tactical shooter and your logic about any game being a tactical shooter is nonsense. Stop this. Stop this now.

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Daimn.. Ric Flair got old!

Dude is still fitter than most 30 year olds.

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Attempt to inspire older people much like how George Foreman did.