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Same here. I really need to tell you guys what I think of the new David Jaffe game teaser.

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I'm pleased to see that there's a fairly low number of comments blaming Patrick for stupid clickbait articles that "aren't relevant to games". Good work guys, I think we're starting to grow up a bit.

Get well soon Iwata!

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@striderno9: Jeff got a similar question on his Tumblr and answered that he basically said what he was going to say on the podcast that they did.

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Happy Birthday Ryan! And a big, FUCK YOU! as well.

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Did anyone else have a ridiculously hard time reading this because the fucking company's name is "From Software"

Yes! I was like, what has Patrick been smoking?!?

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I miss you Ryan!

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Latex ;)

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I want it so bad!! Can't buy the game until next week and I need this guys! I need my inFamous fix!

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I think you might rather give this to the police

The police are definitely heavily involved in this case. We've got the dealership that the car was purchased from and the police say they are trying to get their records, but I figured a full or partial license plate would help the process a bit.

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So I know this isn't exactly the place for this type of thing but this is a community that I have come to love and trust and I know that there are some Photoshop wizards out there that can help me out. I need your skills!

So here's the story, my friend Kristin and I were sitting on a bench in a park in Savannah, GA drinking some coffee when a group of two males and two females walked passed us. People had been doing that all night so nothing seemed weird about it. They stopped a little ways down the sidewalk and the two females walked back our way and the males sort of hung back a little bit. The females approached us and appeared to be making friendly conversation when they asked us how we were and if we were just hanging out in the square. I responded that we were just hanging out, finding the situation a bit odd but not so odd that I thought anything bad was going to happen.

The next thing I knew one of the females was spraying us with what at first seemed like water and it seemed like sort of a playful thing almost and really caught me off guard. I think I put my hand up to block the spray and then I heard Kristin shout and then the group took off running. Kristin started running after them and then I took off after Kristin. I realized that they had taken her purse and we were chasing after them to get it back, it was all sort of a blur at that point, possibly due to the pepper spray that they had sprayed in our eyes.

We chased them to a car that they had waiting on the corner of Whitaker St. and McDonough St. As I ran I was unlocking my phone so I could get a picture of their car, I don’t remember even thinking about doing that, it was just instinct I guess.

Kristin’s instincts lead her in another direction however. The car couldn’t cross Whitaker immediately because of cross traffic so we had time to catch up with them. She noticed that they had left their drivers side window open so she ran up to the car and dove partway through the window, her thought was that if she could get the keys out of the ignition then they couldn’t get away.

I snapped a picture with my phone and unfortunately left the flash on so the license plate is too bright to see. Immediately after I took the picture the road had cleared so the driver of the car took off with Kristin still half in their window. They drove across Whitaker towards Orleans square and Kristin tumbled from the window and fell onto the street. I ran to Kristin to make sure she was relatively okay as the car sped away.

So we ended the night with pepper spray in our eyes, she lost her purse, wallet, phone, credit cards, keys, and broke a finger and severely injured her knee. It was not a great night but I’m hoping we can catch the people that did this with all the information we have on them.

So here's where you lovely people come in. I have a photo of the vehicle but need help getting the license plate information. I've been able to do some photoshopping to get some possible letters and numbers in the reflection above and below the plate but it's not complete and I figured the more people working on this the better. All I know is that it's a newer model Chevrolet Equinox and it had Georgia plates on it. Thank you guys so much for your help. We've got a lot of information and we just need a few more numbers and letters from this plate to catch these cowards.

The picture with too much flash.

Some edits revealing possible letters/numbers: